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ChickenLittle, you little liar ;D

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MCRGirl - Tell me, just tell me quick!

I lept off my bed and ran to the window. I climbed out and jumped onto the ledge below, the ledge that was a sort of roof above and the frontdoor. I jumped off the door and onto our wheely bin and onto the pavement. I heard more banging inside my house and didn't even wait. I began running down the road to town, as fast as I possibly could.
I pulled my mobile out of my pocket and sent a quick text to my Mum meeting toz at shakeaway, be home l8er will txt u
I shoved it back in my pocket and concentrated on running.
I arrived at Shakeaway, ordered a Colin Milkshake and sat at one of the small tables, waiting for ChickenLittle aka. Frank to show up.
A shortish guy walked in with his hood pulled up. Even though he was short, you could tell he was an adult. I just about heard him mummur that he wanted a Dave milkshake. He turned and noticed me. He pulled his head down and who did I see other than Frank Fuckin' Iero.
"Roxy," He greeted, with a smile "You made it!"
"You're ChickenLittle?" I asked, smiling bravely at him.
"Yep." He said, taking a seat opposite me "You look surprised."
"You told me you were 13!" I laughed "Atleast you told the truth about your name."
"I was hoping you would pick up on the fact it was me." Frank took a sip of his milkshake "But oh well."
"I didn't know you had anger issues."
"I don't, I lied."
"Well, why were you so mean to me?"
"I was just checking. Checking that you were still being safe on the internet."
I was really confused "Well, why did you tell me to run?"
"I got talking to MCRBoy." He said, suddenly turning serious "And I asked who he was and he started spouting all this stuff about being Gerard Way... And I looked at Gerard and he was drawing so obviously it couldn't be him."
"So what did you say?"
"I played it cool and I was like 'Wow, really?' and stuff like that. Then suddenly he said 'Get this, I'm talking to this chick called Roxy.' so I asked what their Chatname was and they said MCRGirl. And obviously I knew it was you. So I started talking to you, checking you were definantly being safe on the internet."
"Shuttup! Anyway, suddenly he told me he wasn't Gerard Way. And I was like DUH, but I didn't tell him that. I just pretended to be shocked. Then he said he was a hacker..."
"Oh my god!"
"He said he had tried to hack me but it didn't work so he had hacked you. And he said he was going to do bad things to you..."
"Like what?"
"I'm not gonna say, but he told me he was on his way to get you. So I warned you to run."
"Did you tell Gerard or anyone?"
"No, I kept it to myself." Frank smiled at me "And then when MCRBoy told me all that crazy crap, my biggest concern was your safety."
"Awww!" Then I remembered "But my Mom is gonna go home to that crazy freak!"
"He'll have realised that you're not there by now and have buggered off. I hope!"
We both finished our shakes and threw them in the bin "What now?"
"Well, wanna go see the other members of the band to play some Guitar Hero?"
"Sure!" We got off and began to walk "One thing still confuses me... How did MCRBoy know I had met up with you guys, played Guitar Hero with you and beat Gerard at Guitar Hero?"
Frank thought about it for a moment "I don't know, I really don't know."
We decided to shut up about it for a while and started talking about cool bands we liked, then we got to the bus.
The guys were surprised to see me when I got on. I got a hug off Gerard. As we began to play Guitar Hero, Frank started to tell everyone about what had happened with MCRBoy.
"Man, you always have bad expierences on the internet, huh?" Gerard asked, laughing a little.
"It's not funny!" I said, playing Guitar Hero "That physco may have come to my house today while I was out, but he'll come back and I won't always be out! And neither will my Mum!"
"We'll figure something out." Mikey reassured me.
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