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Not who he says

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Someone has been lying and Roxy gets a little scare.

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I was paranoid all of the next day. I stayed locked up in my room, and when my Mom went to the shops I didn't even go to use the bathroom. I just stayed online all day.

FOBGeek - 'sup 'sup MCRNerd? (:
MCRGirl - Hi.
FOBGeek - Damn, what got into you?

I told him about what MCRBoy aka. Gerard had said.

FOBGeek - He's bluffing. Next time he comes online say 'Oh, where do I live then?' and I bet he doesn't answer.

I relaxed a little then.

MCRGirl - Thank you (: I feel so much better now!
FOBGeek - That's what's friends are for ;D
MCRGirl - Yay! So whatcha been up to?

Then we had another long conversation that I will not even begin to explain because half of the time I was confused myself.

FOBGeek - Uhh, my sister wants to come on the computer now. Better go.
MCRGirl - Buy your own laptop.
FOBGeek - I did, it broke.
MCRGirl - Idiot (:
FOBGeek - Whatevs (: Byeee
MCRGirl - Byeee ;D

Dear god, MCRBoy is online.

MCRGirl - Where do I live?
MCRBoy - I have a confession to make.
MCRGirl - Hit me.
MCRBoy - I'm not Gerard Way.
MCRBoy - I'm not actually Gerard Way.
MCRGirl - You... You asshole!
MCRBoy - I wouldn't talk to me like that if I were you.
MCRGirl - I'm not TALKING to you, I'm typing. And I'm not afraid of you.
MCRBoy - I still know where you live.
MCRGirl - Oh yeah? Where do I live then?
MCRBoy - 12 Cornfield Road, Hillsneds.

I practically crapped myself. He had just typed out MY address. But how the hell does...

MCRGirl - Look, how do you know where I live?
MCRBoy - It was pretty easy actually.
MCRGirl - Look, just piss off and leave me alone.
MCRBoy - I told you not to talk to me like that. I'm gonna come round and get you.

ChickenLittle - Run.
MCRGirl - Eh?
ChickenLittle - You blind or what? BLOODY RUN! Out of your house and as far as you can.
MCRGirl - Why?
ChickenLittle - Not enough time, just go.

That was when I heard the loud bang downstairs.
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