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The Beginning

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Once you get in, you never get out.

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A/N: Some of the text is Spanish. Just a heads up if you don't know any of the words I wrote in this story. By the way, this is dedicated to my sister, Desiree. The chola. Viva la Raza!

Once you get in, you never get out. That’s why I’m running. My lungs burning, and my legs. Mi hermano Armando got into some shit back a week ago. He stole some vato’s girl. He knew who’s girl it was, Limon’s, and now Limon wants him dead. When Armando told me that I knew I had to get him out of Santa Monica and out of the streets of LA. I sent him to my dad’s in Lancaster. Far from Limon and his gang of traviesos.
I came to visit Cesar, mi novio, and I went out to get us some dinner. But once I got out of my car at the McDonald’s, Limon spotted me and started chasing after me. I dropped my purse and ran. I hated LA.
The dark streets were lit with the luzes coming from the lampposts in the street. I didn’t know where I was going. I didn’t know this part of town at all. Not in the dark.
I took a sharp turn and ended up in an alley. I couldn’t hear footsteps no more. Lo perdi esos locos. I thought. I started walking down the alley trying to catch my breath. After a few minutes I headed back out of the alley. There was no one. So I jogged back to the McDonald’s.
I got there and my car was gone. “Shit!” I yelled. I just wiped my face and walked back to Cesar’s.
“What happened?” Cesar asked once I came into the house.
“Limon chased me towards downtown. I think. I couldn‘t tell in the dark.” I breathed.
“That vato needs to be taught a lesson. Y sus vatos locos. Or whatever they call themselves.” Cesar yelled. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah.” I nodded. “Can I stay here? I’m scared to leave now.” He was the only one I will admit that I’m scared.
“C’mon.” He took mi mano and led me upstairs. “Duermate en mi cama y yo en la sofa.” His Spanish was perfect. I loved when he spoke Spanish to me.
“Te amo, Elio.” I said. Elio is his nickname I gave him. It means the sun. He shines down upon me like the sun. His rays soft and warm.
“Duermate, Cruzita.” My nickname. “There’s some shorts in the cajon if you want some. Buenas noches, mi amante.” Cerro la puerta and I heard him shout down the hall. “Good night, Abuelita.” I laughed and headed toward the cajon for some shorts.
“Good night, mijo! Night, Cruzita!”

The next day I woke up to gunshots. “Adalira!” I heard Cesar scream. I heard footsteps corriendo up the stairs.
“Cesar! Cesar!” I screamed. He burst into the room.
“Are you okay?” He ran to the cama and checked me for any shots.
“Yeah. Who was that? Did anyone get hurt?” I asked.
“I don’t know.” Then we heard someone scream from outside.
“Cesar! Cesar!” I recognized that voice as Eliseo’s voice. We both ran downstairs. Afuera nos encontramos Cesar’s abuelita in the driveway. Blood leaking down to the street.
“Abuelita!” Cesar ran. Eliseo was kneeled by her body. “Abuelita! No! Ay, Dios! Porque a mi, Dios? Porque mi abuelita?” Cesar screamed to the clouds. He hugged his abuelita and cried. Inside I felt like I was the reason she died.
Limon wanted me and knew I would be here. By killing Cesar’s grandma, quien es como un abuela para mi, he knew I would leave. That it would hurt me, and Cesar, and Armando.
I cried. For the first time since my mom's death, I really cried. But also, I had a lot of odio. Never had I had this much hate in my body. Limon Carsa was going to die by my bare hands.

A week after Abuelita’s death, Cesar held a funeral. Half of the barrio came in her honor. She had either helped or healed them with their problems and misery. She gave them hope again. Lifted their spirits when they were down, and seen most in their worst. She was our mortal Virgen. Para salvar a todos. Para salvar a mi.
I dressed in my finest and stood by Cesar’s side through the whole funeral. Once it came to throw tierra on the casket, we did it juntos. “Te amo, Abuelita.” He whispered as he kissed his hand that held the dirt in and let it fall from his hand onto the casket. “Ya no tengo nada pero a ti.” He looked at me. Los ojos de mi amante llorando por su familia. Por su sangre.
“Perdoname, mi amor. Por su Abuelita. Es mi culpa por que paso.” I cried and leaned my forehead on his shoulder.
“Ere la culpa de Limon. No tu.” He whispered.
“But he knew that I was there. He knew it would hurt me.”
“Yo se. That’s why it’s not your fault. You didn’t know.” He kissed my cheek and we walked to his truck. He opened the door for me and then he got in the truck. The clouds were gray, and then it started to rain.
“But I feel like it’s my fault. I should have known better than to go back to your house. I didn’t know what I was thinking.” I said. “Now what are you going to do? Where are you going to live?” I asked.
“In her will, she wrote that she wanted me to keep the house, and everything was issued to me. I own everything now. You don’t need to worry about anything but keeping your brother safe until things clear up.” He took my hand and kissed it.
“Okay.” I nodded. It was all I could say or do.

Back at school, I’m hanging out with Celestine at lunch. I haven’t eaten anything yet. Just pensando en Cesar and his abuelita. Thinking about Armando. What he’s doing right now with my dad. “Ada, what are thinking about?” I heard Celestine ask. She always knew when I was on about something.
“Cesar. Armando. Abuelita. Everything.” I stared at the fence around the school that gated us in till 3:30.
“I’m pretty sure Cesar is doing fine. And Armando too. Just stop worrying. That shit’ll give you premature wrinkles.” Her accent made me laugh. “And I don’t think Cesar would like premature wrinkles all over your face.”
“He will still love me. I think.” She stared at me and we both started to laugh. There was a reason she was my best friend.
“Now eat. I don’t think Cesar likes very skinny girls with no meat he can chew on in bed. Nothing he can bite.”
After lunch, I skipped my last two periods to see Cesar. I took the bus, but it was worth it in my mind.
I got his casa and knocked on the door. “Cesar! It’s me!” I knocked again. Then I realized something. “Pendeja! He’s still in school!” I hit myself on the head. He’s still in school for another 4 to 5 hours. Maybe I can visit my bother and dad for a while. So I caught another bus all the way to Lancaster.
“Hermano!” I hugged Armando when he answered the door. “Como estas, guey? How’s Lancaster?” I sat down on the sofa.
“There’s a lot of fuckin’ Gringos here, man. And there’s no ocean to see.” He sat on the recliner across from me.
“Wait, why are you not in school?” I asked.
“I’m sick. And I got suspended. Some puto wanted to throw down, so I met him at lunch in the gym, and we got it on.” He still had his accent. Dad wants it gone cause he ain’t from Mexico.
“Ay, Armando. You shouldn’t be making enemies here. This is your safe place. If you start shit like that here, then where am I gonna put you when you get into some shit back home. Or worse, LA. What if that puto spreads that shit all over Lancaster and it reaches Limon in LA. What are you gonna do then? You know Tia Feliz won’t help you out if you carry shit like that to her house.” I explained. But I was curious to know. “Did you win?” I asked.
He laughed, then said, “Hell yeah! I took that motherfucker down. He ain’t messin’ with me no more.” I smiled.
“Pinchi animal! I taught you good, my friend.” I nodded.
“So, why are you not in school?” Armando asked after a while.
“I skipped to go see Cesar, but I forgot he wasn’t home, so I came here. I didn’t want to wait in Los Angeles. Fuckin’ Limon chased me the other day. Then he…” I didn’t go on.
“I heard.” Armando said. Just to let me know I didn’t need to say it out loud. “I’m gonna miss her when I get back.”
“Where’s Angelica?” I forgot she even lived here with Armando and my dad.
“She’s sleeping. She’s got a fever. She looks pretty bad. She’s been throwing up the last few days.”
“Are you sure she’s not pregnant? And don’t say you haven’t had sex yet, because, mijo, I know. She told Honora, who slipped it to Eliseo, who told Cesar, who got it to me.” I smiled.
“What did she say?” He asked panicked.
“Just that she finally lost her virginity to the one she loves. Which I’m pretty sure isn’t Limon. And it was after she broke up with him and got to you.”
“Okay, so we did. But I’m pretty sure she isn’t pregnant. She said she was on the pill.”
“When was the last time she got her period?” I asked. When he didn’t answer I got worried. “Armando, when was the last time you had sex?” This nino is going to give me a heart attack if he doesn’t answer. “Armando.” I warned.
“Oh my God. I don’t know, Ada. Shit! I don’t know. The last time we had sex was back in Santa Monica two days before we came to Lancaster. After that, I don’t know when she last was on the rag.”
“Armando, calmate. Just ask her when she wakes up. And if she doesn’t know, then go buy some tests.” I suggested.
“Will dad get mad?” He asked.
“I don’t think so. Him and mom had me when she was seventeen. I doubt he’ll be mad at you. You’re his only son anyway. He’ll probably congratulate you instead.” I shrugged. Just as I said that Angelica came into the living room. “Hey, Angelica. Feeling better?” Her hair was messy, her clothes were wrinkled, she just looked tired and sick.
“No.” She rubbed her head.
“Can I ask you something?” I asked. She nodded. “When was the last time you had your period?”
“Umm…that’s what I came out here to talk about.” She sat next to me. “Armando, I’m pregnant.” She just said it. After he didn’t say anything, she said, “I found out a week ago, but didn’t know how to tell you, or if you would even stay.”
“Are you sure it’s mine?” He asked.
“Armando, don’t be like that. I know it’s yours. The reason I broke up with Limon was because he kept on getting too sexual with me. But I never slept with him. Ever. I promise you.” I saw Angelica wanted to cry.
“Why didn’t you tell me before? Or even hinted that you were pregnant? I wouldn’t have left anyway. You’re too special for me to lose.” He got on his knees in front of her and held her hands.
“Because I was scared of what you would say or do. Or what your dad would do or say. He’s kinda scary. Me asusta, Armando.” Angelica cried.
“If he doesn’t want us here then we’ll go somewhere else. I’m working right now, and I’ve got some money put away for safe keeping. Emergency money. We could get a place of our own and raise the baby together.” He smiled and she laughed. “Now, I gotta shower and get to work. I can’t be late. We’ll tell my dad tonight. I promise he’ll be happy.” He kissed her forehead and left.
“Well, I gotta go. Take care, and tell me how everything goes.” I let myself out and got on the bus to go back to Cesar’s to give him some news.
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