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"Angelica is pregnant." I smiled.

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"Did you here?" I asked.
"Que?" Cesar asked while he was putting away his ropa in his drawers.
"Angelica is pregnant." I smiled.
"Really? I always thought Armando would keep it in his pants, or in a condom even." He laughed.
"Don't laugh! This is serious, man!"
"Fine. Okay. I won't laugh. It just doesn't seem like him." He explained.
"It...doesn't." I realized. "What if it's not his baby? What if it's somebody else's? Like Limon's?" I got thinking.
"That can't be. I know Angelica. She wouldn't do that to Armando. She really loves him."
"Fine, but that doesn't mean I won't do some digging. No hyna of Limon's is getting away with shit on my brother." I said.
"Okay, just calm down. I know how protective you are of your brother, just calm down." Cesar smiled and put his hand on my shoulder. "Just don't take anything too far that will get into more trouble." I nodded. "Que quieres comer?"
"No tengo ambre. No mas tengo sueno." I yawned.
"Why don't you stay home tomorrow? I can call Celestine to skip with you and you can take some stress off. Si?" He suggested.
"Yeah." I nodded and laid down.
"I'm gonna go eat. Tomorrow's a new day." He kissed me on the head and left downstairs.
"Good night, Elio." I smiled before sleeping.

In the morning Cesar woke me up at seven to tell me he was leaving to school and staying late for some individual practice with Coach Stephens to get some new training in before the big game on Friday. And that Celestine was on her way. "Try to stay out of trouble today. I can't worry about you during school or practice. And if you're gonna do some digging, do it safetly. I'll be back by seven at the latest. If you need anything just text me. Okay?" He turned before he left out the door.
"Yes, Cesar. I'm not a morra anymore. I know how to take care of myself in this barrio. You just make sure you score some goals for me today in practice." I kissed him and let him go then Celestine came over.
"Que onda, hyna?" I laughed at her hello to me.
"Nothing much, bitch."
"So, what kinda digging are we going to be doing on Angelica today?" She asked.
"How the fuck did you find out about that?"
"Cesar called me last night and told me everything. He thinks you're gonna get into some shit, or get hurt. He just wants you safe." She explained going to the kitchen and opening the fridge.
"Why does he do that?" I asked mad.
"He just cares about you. He just wants to make sure you're safe and in his sweaty arms by the end of that day." She took the carton of milk out and drank straight out of the carton. "He called me to protect you from doing anything stupid while he's gone." She shurgged her shoulders and put the carton back. "So, are we gonna do some digging or what?" She wiped her mouth.
"Let me get dressed." I ran upstairs.

"So, what kinda digging are we doing?" We were driving in her car.
"Go see Limon." I said.
"Okay, this is why Cesar called me to come with you on this digging mission cause you would do some stupid shit he wouldn't want you to do. Like going to see Limon. I'm not taking you to see Limon."
"Well then stop the fuckin car! No puta is gonna fuck over my hermano! I don't care if my life depends on it! I'm going!" I yelled at Celestine.
"Fine. But you can't let Cesar know I let you do this or else he will kill me."
"Why? He's not gonna do anything. He can't stop you from being my friend or from me seeing you, or hanging out with you. Just chill your balls. Chill 'em." The rest of the car ride was quiet. Celestine knew I was mad so she didn't want to bother me and get bit.
"Where exactly does Limon live, Ada?"
"In that shit white house on the corner." I nodded to the house.
"Okay." She parked infront of the house and we both got out. A cuete at her side and a cuete at mine on the inside of my leather jacket.
"Ready?" I asked her. She nodded and we went up the concrete stairs to knock on his door. One of his 'homies' answered it.
"Que quieres?" He asked.
"Quien es, jotolin?" Someone asked from inside the house. It was Limon.
"Adalita! Necesitamos hablar!"
"De que?"
"De Angelica." I smiled.

"Gracias, Limon. You gave me all the information I needed. And I didn't need to pull my cuete on you." I smiled and shook his hand.
"I'm happy to help a hyna in need." He smiled.
"I ain't nobody's hyna. Recuerdate eso." With that Celestine and me left and went back to the house.
"What exactly did you and Limon talk about?" Celestine asked when we were in the car driving back to Cesar's house.
"Angelica." I looked out the window.
"Es todo? No mas?" I had to lie to her.
"Yes. Nothing more." I answered.
"And what did he say?" She asked.
"That puta is dead, Chicana." I smiled.
"This is not good, is it?"
"What do you think?" I smiled again. Celestine just shook her head.

"You went where?!" Cesar yelled.
"I went to Limon's." I said.
"Para que, Ada!?"
"Just to get some answers." I shrugged.
"Yeah! Wrong answers he probably made up on the spot, Ada! He just wants Angelica for himself! That's all he cares about! He could have killed you for all I know!" He paced in the living room.
"He gave me his word. Gangsters never give you there word unless they're really serious. It was just us. No homies, no one. It was private."
"How much did he want?" Cesar already knew how this worked.
"Nothing. He doesn't want Angelica no more. Just his baby." I said. Cesar stopped and looked at me.
"Es de el?" He asked.
"Yeah. Before Angelica left for Armando, Limon and her went to a party and they had sex. They were both drunk and had some hits. Some sniffs. She was fucked up, and so was he. It's amazing he remembers anything."
"Yes, it's such a convinience he remmbers!" Cesar started yelling again.
"The body can remember everything, it's just to problem or bringing the memories back up again." I explained.
"Save it, Ada. Don't screw me with your school shit! I know that! Yo soy inteligente tambien!"
"Calmate, Elio. I had a cuete on me, Celestine was right in the living room." I said.
"I told Celestine not to let you do any stupid shit either! And she let you do it anyway! But what pisses me off is she didn't even try and stop you! She went with you instead!"
"She knew she couldn't stop me anyway!" I got up from the couch this time. "At least she came with me! To protect me if anything went wrong! She had a cuete too! Does that bother you too!?" I shouted. He didn't say no more. "Quiet now, huh?! I can yell too, puto! I'm not quiet!"
"Sientate!" He demanded.
"No! You do not demand me!"
"Shut up and sit down!" Cesar said.
"I'm out. This is bullshit." I went to the door.
"A donde vas, Ada?" He followed me to the door.
"Tu no tienes saber lo que ase oh a donde voy." I slammed the door and took a train to my Jefe's house to crash and tell Armando. Tomorrow was Friday anyway.
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