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The dreams I dream the song I sing for you and they're coming from my heart is my message getting through?

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This is just a bunch of shots written about Natalie yeah

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The slopes in Sweden were about as beautiful as could be. Around the winter, the ski resort was packed to a certain extent, but if you were lucky, you could probably book a week where it was less crowded, and all you could hear was the pulse of your erratic heart.
The crystal snow flakes fell upon Natalie’s bright red cheeks, melting at the surface. She sipped from her steamy cup of hot chocolate, pulling off her beanie, letting her brunette locks free. The cool December wind blew, drying her sweaty hair follicles, sending the girl into shivers.
“Its beautiful out there.” She said, looking out onto the white mountains. They were at the highest point in the resort. It was so grey you could swear there was a blizzard, but the slow fell lightly. There was no sun to be seen. The mountains were flawless, somewhere so peaceful, you wouldn’t mind dying.
“Yeah I guess it is,” Gabe sighed, unwrapping the scarf from his now bare neck, “but they’re not nearly as beautiful as you.”
She chuckled, fingering through her icicle kissed hair.
“You know, it wouldn’t kill you get a little more original with your sweet talking.” She joked, taking hits at the one thing that he was always proud of; his charm.
“Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Gabriel smirked, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Yes, I would.” She played along, placed her hot chocolate in front of her on the table.
“Fine.” He stood up, his snowboarding pants making a swishing some ever move he made. He made two steps, until he was towering over her sitting self. Gabe bent down to meet her height. He stroked her cheek with the finger pads of his long, smooth fingers. His deep, deep chocolate eyes sunk into her soul, capturing her thoughts, controlling them.
The mixture of his touch and his grasp sent her heart crazy. She stood still. He stood up a bit, itching closer and closer to her lips. He bit his lip, a few inches from her face, looking into her eyes for some kind of permission, like that ever mattered to him. He brought himself closer, closer to him, so that their lips were barely touching.
“Is this sweet enough for you, princess?” He whispered seductively against her lips. He knew what he did to her. He knew that she wanted him almost as much as he wanted her. She begged for that little inch that would bring their two worlds to one. Before she could move forward, he stepped back from her, laughing, going back to his chair.
Natalie composed herself regardless of what her raging hormones were telling her.
“Nice try, but you haven’t exactly proved that you can sweet talk. Just that you can seduce, which I will admit, you are good at.” She poked some more fun at him, secretly hoping to get to him.
“Well, I guess we can’t be good at everything, can we?” Any sign of happiness fled Gabe’s face, he had truly believe that he had lost.
“Oh, don’t get butt hurt, you’re still my favorite loser.” Natalie laughed, her pretty pearly teeth glistened in the light, or lack there of.
“As long as I’m yours….” He mumbled, majestically sipping off into the distance.
“Hey, guess what.” Natalie leaned forwards dramatically, grabbing his attention instantly.
“WHAT!” He shot back, just as excited.
“I love you.” She softened her gaze, with a perfect heavenly face that could melt through Satan. All he did was smile his cheeky, little kid smile. Her rosy red cheeks were brought out when she broke out into an oh so genuine smile. A smile only he could bring to her face.

It had been 15 months, 27 days, 10 minutes and 13 seconds that Gabe had loved Natalie. He lived for her. He lived to pleasure her in every humanly way possible. He would go to hell and back until she was satisfied.
Natalie loved him with a passion that burned brighter than hell’s deepest fires. All she wanted to see was him happy, and she would do anything for that, whether it be her staying forever or her never coming back.

“I love you too.” That’s all the sweet talk she needed to hear.
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