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When I watch you, wanna do you, right where you're standing…yeah.

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One night me and Natalie were extremely sexually frustrated and just wanted to be devastated, so I wrote this to comfort her bleeding vagina, and because she asked me to yup. H8RS GON H8.

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And the snow continued to fall as hearts continued to race.
They only needed each other’s presence to live and be happy. Nobody knew what kept them out and about everyday, considering their bedroom was the cheapest and the most entertaining place to them. It was love that revolved around something more than sex- although there was definitely some pleasure in that area too.

After a long day of snowboarding, Gabe Saporta and his girl crashed on their bed. They laid facedown, their muscles slowly relaxing. The sky shed no light, but you could hear the blizzard cultivating outside their resort window. It was oh so cold outside, but they radiated warmth.
“Shit bro.” Natalie mumbled, slowly turning over onto her back, he mirrored her actions.
“We should assess.” Gabe offered, pointing down at the snow-covered boots that were still tied down to his feet, getting snow on the bed spread.
“Probably.” They stripped from their heavy winter clothing; snow pants, snow jackets, gloves, boots, scarves. Gabe slumped over to the fireplace, igniting a frame from a match, and starting a toasty fire. He stripped from his cold cotton t-shirt, setting it next to the fire to let it warm up.
Natalie scooted back onto their queen sized bed, left in her grey fleece leggings that elongated her legs, and a large red flannel shirt. Gabe rolled onto the side beside her, draping his arm loosely around her neck. She got the message, and scooted closer to him, letting her head fall on top of his chest, wrapping her arms around his thin body. She felt a light kiss to the forehead, the pressure lasted a few seconds with the tingling sensation that always followed after he touched her.
“You enjoying yourself here, baby?” Gabe spoke, his musical voice so familiar to her.
“Of course I am.” She looked up at him, arching an eyebrow. ‘Why wouldn’t I be enjoying myself?’ her thoughts rang loudly.
“I’m just checking, looks can be deceiving.” He playfully answered back, running his thumb down her tanned chest, down her jaw, holding it in place.
“Well, I wouldn’t want us to get lost in translation, would I?” Natalie smirked, her tone laced in seduction.
Gabe brought her lips to his, they melted together, two pieces of a puzzle that were perfect for each other. His tongue smoothly gliding into the inside of cheek, massaging the inside of her mouth. A cool shock ran throughout her body. Her heart beat raced, and her hormones became more apparent. She playfully bit at this lower lip, making him chuckle. He pulled away from her for only a second, and just looked at her, admiring her beauty. He rolled over onto his side more, tucking her bangs behind her ear. He bent down, bringing them together for tender kiss. His fingers trailed down the V on her flannel, playing the buttons. He felt a light bulb go off in her head, her kisses became a little more aggressive, her hand met the side of his cheek.
Gabe’s fingers ran down her shirt, unbuttoning her shirt, revealing her flat, olive stomach and her lacy black 40-DD bra. They lips paused for a second, until he rolled onto his back. She straddled his body, grabbing at his short dark hair. His lips ran up and down her neck, pulling at the skin. The fabric of her shirt annoyingly rubbed against her chest. Natalie abruptly pulled away from Gabe’s lips, leaving him confused. She pulled off the already unbuttoned shirt from her back, tossing it to where ever. She looked back at him, Gabe’s face somewhat shocked. She smirked, bringing her hand around to her back, unclasping her bra, throwing it off their bed. His face was wiped completely expressionless, as she felt something poke at her thigh.
“Are you turned on yet?” Natalie whispered into his ear, her breasts smothering him.
“Yesss.” He panted beneath her, playing with the band of her leggings.
“Are you?” She chuckled, her hands ran down the front of his pants, her fingered toyed with his member.
“I ammm.” He slurred back, pulling harder at the elastic around her waist.
She then pulled the fabric off of her legs that he had messed with for so long, leaving her in her g-string. She returned to his lips, keeping him in the edge of his seat, wondering what she would do next. She rolled over, his weight was on her.
“How bad do you want me, Gabe?” Her lips were at his ear as she whispered into her ear, biting at his lobe. His hands squeezed her bare ass, making her moan loudly into his ear.
“You can’t even imagine.” He moaned hungrily back into her ear. He pulled off his sweats from on top of her, leaving his in briefs.
“Why don’t you show me then, big boy?” She challenged. He chuckled, his fingers traveled by her panties, separating and entering her wet lips. She writhed, wrapping her arms around his neck.
“I don’t think you can handle it, mamacita.” He perused farther and farther inside of her, her yelps getting louder and louder each pulse.
“Fuckyes.” Natalie thrusted towards his fingers.
“Well then baby, you’ll have a very enjoyable stay here”
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