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Get ready for excitement (:

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No journal entry in this one, so it’s the next day - Wednesday, November 11th! Smile haha, I didn’t take so long this time (:

Oh, and I'm sorry for the semi-cheesy ending- and no, don't skip to the end to see what it is! It'll ruin the surprise :D


“AMY!” Taylor screams in my ear, tackling me to the ground. I groan, shove her off, and crawl back into bed where it’s warm and soft and wonderful.

“Leave me alone,” I grumble, pulling the covers up and over my head, trying to go back to my happy place. Taylor, obviously, doesn’t let me. With a giggle she yanks the blankets right off of me, and a rush of cold air hits my legs. “Damn it, Taylor!” I yell, sitting up furiously. She grins at me like an innocent child and then skips into the bathroom. Now that I’m waking up the rest of the way, I huff and puff and then stand up.

“Are you up?” Taylor calls from the bathroom. I roll my eyes and knock a glass (that just so happens to be hers) off of the night stand in response. “Hey, that better not have been my Green Day cup!” I smirk.

“Green Day is for fags,” I say sweetly, glancing down at the remaining pieces. Taylor flushes the toilet and walks out into the room, sees the broken glass, and shrugs.

“Yeah, you’re right. Well, now that you’re up, you can get dressed. I’m hungry, and nobody else is awake,” she says, smiling. I sigh and walk over to where my suitcase is. She’s lying, by the way. Everyone knows that Taylor, Jeremy, Sarah and I are the sleepiest people on this trip. She just doesn’t want to do anything alone.

“Why can’t you ever do anything by yourself?” I ask, crossing my arms. She walks over to me and places her hand on my shoulder.

“Oh Amy, you’re so silly! I would never do anything without my best friend,” she says, patting me on the back. I raise a brow at her.

“Okay, what’d I do now?” She shrugs and opens my suitcase. “Come on, Taylor, tell me. What’d I do?”

“You didn’t do anything,” she says cheerfully, pulling out a purple tank top with a silver unicorn on it (don’t ask me, I don’t even remember buying it). “You should wear this today,” she says, then pulls out a pair of normal jeans. “Ooh and these, too. You haven’t worn anything but those stupid skinny jeans since freshman year- well not stupid, because I wear them, but yeah. Stupid.” I blink at her, still waiting. “What?”

“Never mind. Why are you picking out my clothes?” She smiles very, very slowly, and then holds the clothes out to me. A little hesitantly, I take them. “Uh, okay. Never mind- again.” Without another word I stick my tongue out at her and walk into the bathroom. I reach into the bathtub and start to turn on the faucet, then stop. I just took a shower yesterday.. I think, biting my lip. But.. It would piss Taylor off if I make her wait.. Yeah, I’m totally taking a shower.

About ten minutes later, Taylor starts pounding on the bathroom door. “Amy! Damn it, Amy, I’m hungry! Ah!” I giggle and finish drying off, then open up the door. “Amy-“

“You really want me to hurry?” I interrupt, smiling.


“Then hand me my bra and a pair of-“ Before I can finish talking, Taylor’s already throwing my undergarments at my face. Needless to say, they hit me right on target.

“There you go!” I roll my eyes and shut the door. “Now hurry up!” As fast as I feel like going, I pull on my stuff, brush my hair, and walk out of the bathroom. “Are you ready?” I nod and slip into my shoes. “Okay, let’s go, go, go!” Before I can say another word, Taylor grabs the key card and pulls me out the door, down the hall, and into the food area of the hotel. And just like I thought, everyone else is pretty much awake and eating.

“Holy crap, this place is huge,” I whisper, looking around. Okay, call me weird, but I’ve never actually stayed in a big hotel like this before. Okay, so technically it’s a “Holiday Inn,” but I think that falls underneath the hotel label. Am I right? Of course I am. But as I was saying, I’ve never stayed in a place this big before and actually had a look around. So far I’ve seen that we have a huge pool, a tennis court, and lots and lots of rooms (with lots and lots of annoying brats). Plus the business room, where we were last night.

“Hey, there you two are!” Connor calls, waving at us from a table. Taylor and I wave back and head towards where the food is. Faster than I’ve ever seen her move, Taylor grabs a plate and practically dives into the table. I giggle and stand back a little, just in case food starts to magically fly at me. Almost as quickly as she started she’s all done and sitting down next to Connor, and I grab a plate and start grabbing assorted fruits and such. By the time I sit down, Connor and Taylor are just about finished eating and are already going in for seconds.

“Wow, they must be hungry,” Jimmy says, sitting down next to me. I nod look over at him, flash a quick smile, and he returns it.

“Yeah, I guess they are,” I say, taking a big bite of a pancake. Even though it’s cold it’s really delicious, and I can’t help but moan a little. Jimmy chuckles and takes a sip out of the cup he’s holding. “Oops, sorry,” I apologize, wiping my mouth with a napkin. “It’s kind of something that just happens.”

“That’s cool. So uh, is this everyone?” He looks around the room at the various people, and after I do a quick glance around the room I shake my head.

“Nope, not even close. That big bunch of people over there? I don’t even know who they are.” Then I point out everyone who I do know. “That’s Taylor, Connor, Jeremy, Sarah, Leah, Laura, Maggie, and of course you know the Romance boys,” I say, gulping down my orange juice.

“Yup, I do. When do I meet everyone?”

“Whenever you want to, I guess.” Jimmy nods and then sips from his cup again, and I smile. “How ‘bout when I’m finished eating, I’ll go around and introduce you to everyone, m’kay?” He grins like a child who’s just won something and I giggle, then continue to stuff cold pancakes into my choppers.

It’s kind of funny, really, that Jimmy is nervous. Last night at the airport, he acted so cool about meeting Gerard. At least he did at first. Somewhere between the airport and the hotel, he started chewing on his bottom lip and his hands started shaking a little. Not to mention he started asking a lot of questions about everybody, which Gerard and I kindly answered.

“Alright, are you ready?” I ask, standing up. Jimmy nods enthusiastically and stands up with me, grabbing my plate and carrying it to the trash while I re-fill my glass up with orange juice. I thank him and he smiles, and then we walk over to the table where Sarah, Laura, Connor and Leah are all sitting. “Hey guys,” I say, smiling. “Everyone, this is Jimmy. Jimmy, this is your new band.” I let Sarah introduce Jimmy to the rest of ETL, and Connor shakes his hand, man-style. After Sarah starts talking to him about the band and filling him in on the things that are going on later, I walk over to where Mikey and Ray are sitting and plop down, almost spilling my juice on me.

“Good morning,” Ray says, taking a bite of toast. I nod hello at him and down my juice, then turn so that I’m facing him.

“Good morning, Raymond,” I say, raising my voice. He flinches. “Drink a lot last night?” He shakes his head and I grin.

“Not a lot, no. According to Mikey, I’m a fucking lightweight,” he says, standing up and tossing his plate away. I look over at Mikey, who’s nodding silently while texting on his phone. I lean across the table, trying to get a look at it, and he sees me and scoots away.

“Mind your business, Amy,” he chides, smiling. I smirk.

“I’ll mind it after you tell me who you’re texting,” I giggle, leaning on my elbows. “Come on, Mikes, tell me!” He grins and shakes his head, so I toss a piece of bread at him.


“That’s what you get,” I say, blowing a raspberry at him. He rolls his eyes and texts away. After Ray comes and sits back down, I pat his head and stand up, then walk over to the doorway and lean against it, surveying the room. It seems like just about everyone is eating now, except..

“Morning, Amy,” a voice coos in my ear. I try to keep the smirk off of my face as I slowly turn around to face Gerard, who’s leaning against the doorway right behind me.

“Good morning, Mister,” I say, smirking only slightly. He glances down at what could only be my mouth before smirking back. “How’d you sleep?” He twitches his nose and sighs in a way that tells me he probably didn’t sleep at all.

“Pretty crappy,” he says, running his hand through his hair. “Mikey kept me up most of the night talking about that girl, Alicia.” So that’s who he’s texting! “Apparently, she’s the first girl to ‘capture his heart completely.’ Isn’t that lovely?” He shakes his head and lets it lean against the doorway as well. Without really thinking about it, I lean forward and kiss his forehead. His eyes, which were starting to close, open wide and study my face. It makes me blush, and I turn away.

“Sorry,” I mumble, crossing my arms. He chuckles and pulls me to him, wrapping his arms around me in one of his hugs that can make anyone feel safe. I breathe in deeply, leaning into him.

“Don’t be sorry,” he whispers in my ear. I shiver slightly and he hugs a little harder. I squeeze back just as hard and nuzzle into the crook of his neck, and he leans down a little and kisses my neck.

“Um, if you two are finished..?” Gerard tightens his grip a little when I try to move, and whoever’s behind me chuckles. “Well when you are finished, come on in and eat.”

“Sure thing,” Gerard says, and whoever it is walks away. I smile and lean into Gerard again for a few more seconds before managing to pull away. We share a smile and then I look behind me.

“Who was that?”

“Bob,” he says, rubbing his face. I frown.

“That didn’t sound like Bob..”

“Well, that’s probably because Bob sounds a lot different when it comes to him interrupting couples. Not that we’re a couple,” he says quickly, blushing. “I was just, you know, making an example.”

“I got what you meant, Gee,” I say, poking his nose. “Now come on, you need food.”

“Who says I’m hungry?” he counters, raising a brow. I roll my eyes.

“It’s a proven man fact,” I say, taking a hold of his hand. “Besides, your stomach is growling.” He sighs in defeat and allows me to pull him inside, and then watches as I pile fruit and pancakes onto a plate. After I lead him to a table and practically force the first bite of pancake down his throat, I go and pour him a cup of poison and set it down next to him, then take a seat myself.

“Gee, thanks Amy,” he says, mouth full. I roll my eyes.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” I say, taking a sip of his coffee. He starts to protest, then decides against it after I shoot him a glare. As soon as I set the cup back down, he grabs it and downs it, flinches because of how hot it is, and continues eating. Bob walks over as soon as he’s done and standing to throwing away his trash, and sits down across from me. I follow Gerard with my eyes watch as he tosses his trash and sits down with his brother and Ray.

“Have you seen Brian today?” I shake my head and slowly turn back to facing Bob. “Yeah, me neither. So uh, you and Gerard are, uh, you know?” I shake my head, smiling.

“No.” He frowns.

“Then why were you so.. um.. wrapped around each other?” I roll my eyes.

“It’s called hugging, Bob. Maybe you should try it more often. It’s rather quite nice,” I say, and he snorts. “Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you try it.”

“I’ll take my chances, Amy,” he says jokingly, standing up. “Well if you see Brian, tell him that I’m looking for him.” I smile.

“Will do, Bobert.” He rolls his eyes at the nickname and walks away, leaving me alone. I take a deep breath and let it out, then get up and walk over to where Sarah and Laura are sitting. “Hey y’all,” I giggle, poking Sarah. She giggles and pokes me back, then goes back to talking with Laura.

“..all I’m saying is that right now, we need to think about all the pros of touring with this ‘Kill Hannah’ band. Laura, why is it so hard for you to think about?” Laura, who looks close to tears, wipes at her eyes and then looks over at Connor, who’s seated with the My Chem boys, along with Jeremy and Jimmy. “Laura?”

“Sarah, just let me think about it, okay? I mean.. I don’t want to leave C-“

“I know, Laura, believe me. I know,” Sarah interrupts smoothly, reaching across the table to grab Laura’s hands. “I’m leaving behind the exact same thing you are. How do you think I feel? I know it’s not what you may want to hear right now, but you have to think about the band. This could mean a lot for us. And I’m sure Connor will call you..” When she looks over at me, I blink and look away. As much as I’d like to say that yes, Connor will most definitely call her, I can’t. The truth is, I don’t even know if Connor does long distance relationships. He’s never really had one.

“Amy?” I look up at Laura, who’s officially crying now, and feel myself start to tear up as well.


“Will he?” I open my mouth to say something and then shut it when nothing comes to mind. All I can do is shrug and tell her that I don’t know, and then I stand up and walk away, towards the back doors of the hotel, clenching and unclenching my fists.

Friggin’ hell! I scream mentally, gritting my teeth. Why’d Connor have to go and meet Laura, and then fucking fall for her? And, for that matter, why did Bob have to choose now, of all times, to get attached to a girl? It doesn’t make sense! Stupid friggin’ people.. Choosing the wrong friggin’ people.. At the wrong friggin’ time.. Ugh! Because I can, I sit down (or rather plop down on it) on a lounge chair thing that’s in the shade and kick a rock into the pool, which barely misses a six year old. One of the ladies sees me do it and glares at me, so I glare back until she looks away. Then I recline the chair all the way so that I’m glaring up at the sky. Well, squinting at it is more what it is, but for my angry sake we’ll call it glaring.

“God..” I mutter, closing my eyes. Some kid that’s splashing around in the pool screams at his mom to ‘look at what he found,’ and I assume she does because he stops screaming and throws the rock. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, and I honestly don’t care either way, but the rock hits me square in the shin and for a second I consider bitching the kid out. Oh dear, I’m turning into Taylor, I groan inwardly, shaking my head slowly. So instead of making a scene, I decide to take a nap- even though it’s got to be close to one hundred degrees outside and I should be inside. Right as I’m dozing off, already starting to dream of ice cubes and snow, somebody shakes my shoulder and wakes me right up out of it.

“Dude, Amy, come on. You’re going to die out here.” I stretch and roll over, ignoring him. Of course. It has be Gerard who comes and disturbs me.

“Go away,” I grumble, curling up. I don’t know how long I’ve been out here, but the shade is no longer in my favor and I can feel my skin practically boiling. However, because I’m so close to the brink of sleep, this doesn’t really cause me any concern, and I tell Gerard to go away again.

“Amy, come on. I’ll pick you up, I swear.” I take a deep breath and let it out, loudly.

“Gerard, seriously, go away. I wanna sleep..” Before I even start to see the snow again, Gerard’s arms dig their way beneath my sides and scoop me up so that I’m being squished against his chest. “Come on, dude!” I whine, covering my eyes. “Put me down!” As soon as the words are out of my mouth, I regret them. Remember, boys (and men, obviously) love it when a girl says that. Needless to say, Gerard stops walking and looks down at me.

“Put you down?” I shake my head.

“No no, I was kid-“

Bon voyage!

“Gerard!” I shriek, trying to grab a hold of his shirt. I barely manage to grab his collar as he lets go of me, and he falls in as well. The water is so cold and feels so good that instead of coming right back up to the top like Gerard, I stay under until all my breath is gone. “You dick!” I exclaim as I come up, rubbing away the water that’s in my eyes. Gerard chuckles and splashes me a little.

“Lighten up, Amy,” he says, shaking his head. I don’t know how, but most of the water lands on me.

“Gerard, this isn’t funny!” I try to say it seriously, but I end up giggling and splashing Gerard in the face. “You’re just lucky I don’t have my phone on me.”

“Ah shit,” Gerard groans, and I look over and watch as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone, keys, and a piece of paper. “Shit!” I stifle my laughter and swim over to him.

“That sucks, dude,” I say, taking the phone from him. I flip it open to see if it’s still on, and it isn’t. “Well, don’t worry. It’ll work in a day or two.” Gerard looks at me like I’m an idiot. “What?”

“My phone is broken, Amy. Look, it doesn’t even turn on!” This time I laugh for a few seconds before shaking my head.

“Dude, haven’t you ever had a phone before?” The look on his face tells me that he hasn’t. “Okay, what you do is take the phone apart like this,” I say, taking it apart, “and then you stick it in a bag of rice and leave it alone for a couple days. Trust me, I’ve done this before.”

“How many times has it worked?” he asks, taking the phone pieces from me and setting them on the edge of the pool. I have to think about it for a second.

“Um.. like twice.”

“Out of?”

“Four, I think.” He raises a brow. “The first time I tried it, it was too late because not only did I get it wet, I dropped it down a mountain, pretty much. The second time it worked, same as the third, and the last time was.. Oh, wait, never mind. There wasn’t a last time,” I say, smiling. He rolls his eyes and looks once more at his phone before turning back to me.

“I’ll do it in a sec.” I shrug and start to swim off, but Gerard grabs my hand and stops me.

“Hey,” I pout, tugging at his grip. “I wanna swim.” He smiles and shakes his head. “Aw, why not?”

“Because I wanna tell you something,” he smirks, pulling me closer so that our chests are touching. A shiver runs down my spine and I bite my lip, suddenly nervous as I look into his eyes, which are slightly greener than usual. The butterflies that have long since inhabited my stomach return, and I find myself looking down at our feet, which are touching in a way that almost forms a diamond shape. I smile despite my nervousness. “Amy,” he murmurs, cupping my chin up so that I’m looking into his eyes again. His gaze travels from my eyes to my lips, linger a bit, and then travel back up again. A blush creeps up into my cheeks, and I fight the urge to look away. Instead, I reach up to stroke his cheek with one hand and place the other on his right arm.

“Gerard,” I say softly, smiling. He closes his eyes and leans into my touch, and I swear to God I hear him sigh. We stand like this for a little while until his eyes open again. He opens his mouth to say something, hesitates, and then closes it again. I smirk.

“What’s the matter, Gee? Cat got your tongue?” He stops cupping my face and switches to stroking it with a thumb.

“No, it’s just.. Shit, this is cheesy,” he chuckles, looking down at the bottom of the pool. Then he looks back up and into my eyes, and another shiver runs down my spine. “Amy..”

“Gerard?” I bite at my bottom lip, waiting. His gaze drops down to my lips again and he licks his, then bites his lip and says,

“Fuck it- come here.”


As soon as his lips crash into mine the fireworks go off behind my eyelids again, and just like last time we kissed a jolt of electricity shoots through my body, making my knees go weak. I lean into Gerard, snaking my hands up his chest and around his neck, and he wraps a strong arm around my waist and pulls me tighter against him. His stomach feels surprisingly hard against mine, and I resist the urge to grind up against him. Around us, the world is completely silent. I can’t hear the cars on the highway, and the kids have all gone inside- have been for a while. All I can hear is the sound of water splashing against the side of the pool and our breathing, which is slowly getting heavier. I can’t believe nobody’s come looking for us, I think as I give in slightly to my temptation and run a hand underneath his shirt. Gerard moans and bites my bottom lip, hard, and I part my lips and grant him access. His tongue feels hot and wet against mine, and the sensation of it sends little tiny sparks down through my chest and into my lower region. The arm that’s not wrapped around my waist slides down my side and up underneath my shirt. The feel of his hand on my back is warm and comforting and just the slightest bit arousing. It’s arousing enough that the feelings and thoughts that are swirling around in my brain cloud out all reasoning I’ve got at the moment except for one, and that reasoning is that whatever happens, sex in a public pool is highly frowned upon. And just like that my mind is made up, and I know that if I don’t stop now I’m going to get us both in trouble.

“Gerard,” I whisper, nipping at his throat.

“Mm what?” he groans, pulling my face back up for another kiss. I smile into it and place both my hands on his shoulders.

“If we go any farther, I’m going to rape you. Right here, right now, in this pool, where anyone can look out their window and see us.” This doesn’t seem to bother him any, and I almost giggle. “Gerard, come on. Do you really want to be the reason a child has to go into therapy?”

“Right now, I don’t give a fuck,” he murmurs, removing his hand from beneath my shirt and wrapping both arms around me. I smile and rest my head on his shoulder, knowing that he does, in fact, ‘give a fuck’.

“Do you think anyone’s noticed that we’re gone?” I ask quietly, opening my eyes a little. Everything feels calm around me, and for a silly moment I feel like Gerard and I are really the only people in the world. Gerard changes the position of his feet a little and reaches up to stroke my hair, and I close my eyes once again. The sun’s almost gone from the sky, and the heat is slowly disappearing to be replaced by the cool, night air. “We should probably go inside and change, Gee. And you should really put that phone in rice.” Gerard sighs and I feel him nod.

“Yeah, we should.” He drops his arms and I drop mine, and then we both look up at each other and neither one of us moves. His mouth twitches at the corner, and I smile.


“Would you..” I bite my lip, waiting for him to finish. When he doesn’t right away, I step a little closer and poke him.

“’Would I’ what?”

“Would you ever-“

There you are!” Both our heads snap to the left and we separate ourselves a little when we see Frank waltzing out onto the pool deck area. “I’ve been looking for you guys everywhere! Do you have any idea how worried Brian is?”

“Brian’s always worried- he worries enough to be my mother and my father and both of my grandparents,” I say, laughing a little. “Why’s he so worried?”

“Because he’s just called another meeting-type-thing and you two are the only ones not there!” As soon as he finishes he raises a brow and looks a little closer at both of us. “Speaking of which, what were you two doing and why are you still in your clothes?”

“What’d you expect us to do- swim naked?” Frank blushes and shakes his head, and Gerard blushes a little and starts wading towards the stairs. “Well go tell Brian that we’ll be there in a minute- and don’t add anything extra, got it?” Frank just giggles and waves at us as he turns and waltzes back inside.

“That was close,” Gerard says after we’ve both gotten out of the pool. I just nod silently and then turn to walk inside. Gerard practically has to jog to keep up with me, and I smile.

“Eh, not as close as it could’ve been,” I say, shrugging. When I pull open the doors I’m greeted with ice cold air that makes me shiver. “Holy hell, I never realised hotels were so friggin’ cold!” Gerard chuckles and I shoot him a look, which makes him chuckle even more. “Shut up, it isn’t funny!” This doesn’t help at all, and only makes him laugh. I roll my eyes and punch his shoulder.

“Ow, that hurt!” he exclaims, still laughing.

“Good, because your face hurts my brain,” I shoot back.

“That didn’t make any sense!”

“You know what else doesn’t make any sense? Why you two are both soaking wet,” Brian interrupts. Gerard completely stops laughing and I gulp a little. “Oh for God’ sake, don’t look so guilty! Hurry up and change so we can get this meeting over with. Trust me, you’re going to like it a little.” I don’t say anything, and Gerard doesn’t move. Brian smiles and waves us away. “Go on, hurry up!” He smiles at the end so we know we’re not in any trouble, and in complete unison Gerard and I run up the stairs and go our separate ways.

Once I’m in my room and the door is shut, I sprint to my suitcase and pull out a plain white shirt, black Levi’s, and a clean bra. I throw them on quickly, then run to the bathroom and brush through my wet hair, trying to make it look a little nicer. When that’s all done I pull it up into a pony-tail, grab my phone and keys, make sure my key card is still in my pocket, and then hurry out the door. Brian may have been all smiles before, but I still need to hurry up and get to that meeting before they have to wait much longer. Gerard meets me at the bottom of the stairs and together we walk into the big business room where we were last night.

“Okay, they’re here!” Taylor yells, excitedly. “Hurry up and sit down, you guys, so Brian can start!” I roll my eyes and take a seat next to Connor and Jeremy, and Brian clears his throat. Oh boy, this is probably going to be long..

“Sorry for calling you all here again,” he starts, looking at each and every one of us. I’m pretty sure none of us actually care, except for maybe Laura, who looks like she still isn’t done crying. “What I want to talk about tonight is something that I should have mentioned a long ass time ago.” After he says this, he looks pointedly at each of us in TIC. “Taylor has been talking to me a lot about it recently, and I’ve been thinking about it for a very long time as it is. I think you guys may be ready to get signed- officially, that is. You’re pretty much already there. You remember when I said that you didn’t have to sign right away? That still stands. If you don’t think you’re one hundred percent ready to make a full time commitment, you don’t have to. I want only what’s comfortable for all of you.” I look over at Taylor and smile. She’s got the biggest grin on her face and is practically bouncing in her seat. Beside me, Jeremy’s tapping his fingers around his face, thoughtfully, and Connor’s looking to me for a final say, I think. The look Maggie gives me confirms it. Without me agreeing to sign, this won’t happen. Brian finally clears his throat again and I look at him, smiling.

“I think the looks from my band mates pretty much say it all. Brian, we’d love to sign with Reprise Records.” Taylor whoops! and does a fist pump in the air, and I giggle. Maggie looks at Frank and squeezes his hand, Connor grins, and Jeremy continues to tap his fingers. I know he’s happy, though, because the rhythm of the tapping has changed.

“That’s great! I’m glad you’ve all agreed on that. That was the easy part, though. The hard part is going to be actually recording it. We don’t have time to take you off the tour to record the album, so we’ll be doing it during the short breaks you’ve got on the road. If we have time, we might even do it over the very short winter break you’ll be having in a month or so.”

“Wow.. a whole month? Is it really going to take that long?” Maggie asks, and Frank giggles.

“Of course it is, Hun,” he says softly but loudly enough for us all to hear. “It’s very, very complicated. But don’t worry, we’ll all be there to help you along the way.”

“Yeesh, you make it sound like we’re having a baby or something,” Taylor says dramatically, which makes us all laugh. Well, almost everyone. “Brian, I have a question.” Brian smiles and motions for her to continue. “How long until we’re actually signed?”

“I’ve actually got the papers right here. All that needs to happen is you agree to all the terms and conditions, and sign on the dotted line. So uh, if you want to go ahead and just get it over with..?” Without another word, all five of us stand up and walk over to Brian. Taylor’s the first to sign, and right before I sign I hesitate.

“Wait, before I sign this, I have to-“

“You keep the rights to your own songs, names, and of course, your band name. All we take is a sum of the money you make, nothing else.” I bite my lip and look around at my band mates and the My Chem boys. Gerard smiles and nods, as do Ray and Bob, and I make my decision and sign the paper. I know that they’d never fuck me over, at least not on purpose. “Alrighty then, that’s all. I’ll let you know soon when you’ll start recording that album.” I don’t say anything as I walk back to my seat and sit down. For some reason, I feel like I just made a really bad mistake and I don’t know why. Brian pulls out a small brief case and puts the papers inside, then shuts it and sits back down.

“Okay. Sarah, have you and your band come to a decision?” Sarah nods once and blinks, and Brian nods slowly. “And what have you decided?” Sarah looks at Laura, who’s managed to compose herself from the ‘mess’ she was earlier, and says,

“We’ve decided that.. we’re going to go.” As soon as the words are out of her mouth, Laura bursts into tears and leaves the room. Brian frowns a little, and Sarah says, “Don’t worry about it, Brian. We’ve been talking about it all day, and she knows that it’s the right thing to do. She’s just having a few personal issues.”

“Maybe you should go help her with these ‘personal issues’ then. It looks like she could use you right now,” Brian says softly, nodding at the door. Sarah starts to get up, but Connor beats her to it. Before Sarah’s even halfway to the door, Connor’s already up and out.

“Laura!” Connor yells, and I hear him start running. After a very long silence, I stand up and move towards the door.

“I think we should call this meeting over,” I say softly, turning to look at Brian. He nods and stands up as well, and everyone leaves. I look around for a few seconds, trying to see if I can see Sarah or Laura or Connor anywhere, and when I don’t I start walking up the stairs. I’m about halfway up when I hear someone call my name, and Taylor comes running up to me.

“Dude, what’s going on?” Taylor asks, panting a little. “If they’re leaving, then what’s-“

“I’m pretty sure they’re breaking up,” I say slowly, looking behind me. “She wasn’t sure if Connor does long distance relationships, and I couldn’t tell her anything, so I’m pretty sure that it’s over.”

“Wow, that’s messed up,” Taylor says, shaking her head. “Well, I wish them luck. Think of it this way: if this is seriously happening right now, I guess maybe they weren’t meant to be.” I nod.

“Yup, well, whatever. I’m going to bed, so if you’re planning on staying up longer with Jackie or something, take the key card before you leave, okay?” She nods and follows me inside the room, then heads straight for the bathroom while I walk back over to my suitcase for some pajamas.

“Hey, dude, we need more toilet paper!” Taylor yells from the bathroom. I roll my eyes.

“And I suppose you want me to get some?”

“Yes!” I roll my eyes again and grab the key card, then walk out into the hallway and pull out my phone to text Jeremy.

Hey, are you in your room?
Nope. Try Maggie.

I sigh and text the same thing to Maggie, who tells me to try Bob (since he’s always in a bathroom, apparently). So I do, and he says that he’s not, and that I should ask Gerard or Mikey. I text back thanks(: and text Gerard.

Do you have TP?
For my bunhole? Lmfao yeah?
Hardy har-har. Can I have some?
Because I NEED some >.>
Oh. Right. Yeah, sure, come and get it –wink wink-
Kay. What room?
216. Hurry up lol

I roll my eyes and sip my phone into my back pocket and then head for the stairs. I’d take the elevator, since it’s available, but I always feel lazy and fat when I use technology instead of my feet. Except, of course, when it comes to driving and flying and whatnot. I take the stairs two and a time and reach Gerard’s floor in no time.

“Room two-sixteen,” I say under my breath, looking at each individual door as I pass it. Go figure, it’s the last one right next to the elevator. With a smile I knock on the door, and wait for him to open it. It takes a few seconds, and when he opens the door I literally have to bite my tongue to keep my jaw from dropping.

“Hey,” he says, leaning against the door frame, shirtless. I blink at him a few times, then let go of my tongue and smile, trying not to look anywhere else but his eyes.

“Hey yourself,” I say softly. He smirks and holds the door open, motioning for me to come in, and I don’t waste any time as I slide past him and walk straight over to one of the beds, taking a seat. “Where’s Mikey?”

“Uh, I don’t know, exactly. My best guess is that he’s downstairs or out with Alicia. You know how he gets with girls,” he chuckles, and I smile. I don’t actually know how Mikey is with the girls he likes, but either way I can imagine how he might be acting. After all, he is a lot like Gerard.

“So,” I say slowly, leaning back. “How ‘bout that toilet paper?” Gerard smiles and walks into the bathroom, and I sigh, closing my eyes. I open them just as Gerard walks back out and tosses me a couple of rolls.

“You’re welcome,” he says cheerfully, sitting down in a chair in front of me.

“Oh, that’s right. Aren’t I supposed to say ‘thank you’?” I giggle. He pretends to act hurt and places a hand over his heart. “Oh, don’t even start you big baby,” I tease, sticking my tongue out at him. He smiles and drops his hand, and I stand up. “Well, Taylor’s probably throwing a bitch fit over my taking so long. Thanks, Gerard.” He stands up as well and leads me to the door, and I stop a few feet in front of it.

“Amy?” I turn around and face him.


“Earlier in the pool.. I was going to ask you something..” I smile.

“Then ask it.” He sighs and runs a hand through his hair in that way that tells me he’s a little nervous, and I bite my lip. “Well?”

“Would you ever, um..”

“’Would I ever, um,’ what?”

“Would you ever- shit! I can’t believe I’m fucking nervous!” he exclaims, covering his face.

“Well maybe if you’d just-“

“Amy, I like you,” he says suddenly, stepping closer. I swallow and try to stand still as he continues. “I like you a lot, and I know you do too, and I want to take you out on a date.” My jaw almost drops, and my eyes widen.

“Gerard, I’d love to go on a date with you,” I say finally, smiling. He grins and hugs me, then kisses me on the lips. We kind of stand there, basically just touching lips until I pull away. “Taylor’s going to kill me for taking so long.”

“Yeah,” he says, sighing. “Well um.. I guess I’ll see you later?” I smile.

“Yeah, you definitely will. Or text,” I add, opening the door. He kisses me once more before shutting the door behind me, and I slowly walk back to my room. This time, though, I take the elevator. I’m too happy to feel fat or lazy.


Surprisingly, I didn’t listen to a lot of music while writing this. I don’t know if you could tell, but whatever. When I did listen to music, however, it was mostly Framing Hanley (album = A Promise To Burn) and some techno that my friend sent me. Oh and some Sublime and stuff (: I hope you liked it! There might only be like, one or two more actual chapters before I start a whole crap-load of journal entries. But don’t worry! I’m definitely going to write sequel (: I kind of have to, since my friend Connor’s writing “We’re All In This Together” (which you can check out if you feel like it, though it might give some stuff away?)

I love you ALL, and you know it (: At least you better know it, because if you don’t then I’ll have no choice but to go to each and every one of you and stand outside your windows, playing retarded love songs on a semi-retarded boom box!

Peace, Love, and Webs,
Revenge< 33
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