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The Forbidden Game - The Hunter

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Frank's birthday was meant to be great, but one board game ruined everything.

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I walked down row after row of board games, but didn't like any of them. And I had to pick something for Frank's birthday party which was tonight! And I hated disappointing Frank.
I stormed out of the shop angrily. I had to find a game, for five players and something that would keep everyone intrested.
I was supposed to be throwing a swimming party for Frank but the weather had suddenly decided to drop to freezing point so that only Polar Bears would go swimming.
At the last minute it was decided that we would have a board game evening instead. Everyone was counting on me to get the board game and prepare snacks. And stupidly I had just stood there and agreed.
I started walking down the street as fast as I could. I was on a dodgy street and I knew my friends would kill me if they found out I was walking down it. The street had always scared me, but it was starting to get darker so it scared me even more.
Suddenly, I heard footsteps behind me. I quickly twisted round and saw two boys about my age following me. I slowed my pace and so did they. As I began to speed up, they did aswell.
I needed somewhere to hide and I needed it soon.
I turend the next corner where there was usually nothing but a big, blank, black wall. There used to be shops there but they had all been covered up because of damaged property and the shop keepers couldn't cover the damage. So it was decided they'd just cover it up and pretend it had never happened. Shame.
I was walking down quickly, when suddenly my arm caught on something. I tured to see what it was... And found a door knob, a golden, round door knob.
I gasped. This street had no shops, houses or ANYTHING on it. Where had it come from? It hadn't been there before, that I was sure of.
I looked up and saw the two booys still following me. As soon as they noticed I had stopped, they smiled. They began walking closer and closer. I only had one choice.
I reached for the golden knob, turned it and stepped inside. I squinted in the sudden darkness. There was only one small candle in the corner of the tight room and the only thing I could see was a large sign above another door...


I was confused. From what I could see there no games around here, so how could I see more games?
But I decided it was fate. I was finally being rewarded for my hardwork. I had needed a game shop and I had somehow stumbled across one. So I decided to open the next door. It opened into a long, dark corridor. I swallowed and walked forwards. I carried on walking until I found another room, but bigger this time.
It smelt fusty inside and the only light was from a small window and another candle. They couldn't have had many customers because after all I was only here because I caught my arm on the doorknob. The door was too well hidden.
"Can I help you?" A sudden voice asked. I turned and saw a guy standing at the counter, around my age. He had long black hair falling past his shoulders but his hair wasn't what got me. It was his eyes. They were a beautiful sky blue, the colour you get on a perfect summer day.
I couldn't say a word, just stared into the strangers eyes. He raised his black eye-brows, sighing "Do you need a game?"
Somehow I finally managed to look away from his eyes and say "Yeah, I need a game that can be played with five people..."
"Your girlfriend gonna be there?" He asked, coming out from the counter. Why was he so intrested?
"I don't have a girlfriend." I replied. In truth, I was gya. I had a boyfriend, Frank. And he was the best thing that could ever happen to me. Even though sometimes I don't think he loves me as much as I love him.
"So you're single?" He asked, with a strange smile on my face and if I didn't know any better, it looked like he fancied me.
"Uhh, no. I've got a boyfriend." I looked him in the eyes again but managed to say "He's called Frank and he's the most amazing guy ev-"
"I get it." He replied, walking down a dusty aisle.
"You don't though." I whispered under my breath so that he couldn't hear me.
"What about this?" He asked, coming back round the aisle and holding what looked like a 100 year old board game.
"No thanks." I replied "I need something... Well EXCITING. That will keep people intrested."
"Exciting?" He smiled, repeating the word "Special? Scary? Sexy?" The scary smile returned.
"Yeah." I swallowed "Do you have anything like that?"
He nodded "Wait here, I'll go and find it for you." And he disappeared into a door marked 'Store Room'
I considered running out the shop. I had a really weird feeling about this place and that boy. I knew I had to get away.
I took one step towards the door, when the boy returned with a box. It was a pure, milk white with sharp corners.
"C-Can I see it?" I asked, but what I really wanted was to hold it. I wanted to feel it's weight, the sharp edges and the soft cardboard on my hands... And I couldn't explain why.
"Here." He held it out to me "Hold it."
I took the box with both hands and felt the soft weight on my finger-tips. As he gave it to me, whatever was inside made a soft bumping noise. Everything about the box seemed to have a soft effect... But there was still something about it I didn't like.
But I still found myself asking "So, how much is it?"
"£20." He replied, standing back behind the counter.
I handed him the money, trying to think of something to say "Thanks Man, you saved my butt. I hope to see you again soon."
He muttered something under his breath that sounded like 'At nine' but couldn't be. He'd have said 'That's fine'
I left the shop without another word. I glanced at my watch as I went into the corridor. Oh my god, it was eight! I hadn't been in the shoup a whole hour!? It was impossible! But it didn't matter, I just knew that I no longer had time to spare.
Sadly, the boys were still there though. And they were coming towards me at a fast speed.
I didn't turn around, just started feeling for the door-knob again... But it wasn't there. It had to be! But I couldn't find it with my hands.
They were coming closer. I lifted the box above my head, ready to hit them with it. But as soon as they spotted the box, they froze. They turned and ran away... Far away.
Ofcourse I wondered why they had ran so quickly... But I had no chance to stand around and try to find an answer. I had to get home and start preparing foor for tonight!

Hey! If any of you are thinking that title/story looks familiar that's because it probably is. It's based on The Forbidden Game by L. J. Smith so I want you all to know that before all the hater comments come in saying 'I heard this somewhere...' (: Hope you like it though xx
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