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Cookies From My Cookie

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Frank's party is going well until they play the game...

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I heard cluttering in the kitchen when I arrived home. "Who's there?" I called. It wasn't my parents because they were out of town for the weekend, leaving the entire weekend for Frank's birthday.
"Your brother Mikey! Remember me?" He called back and I smiled with relief.
I skipped into the kitchen, dumping the white box on the stairs and forgetting all about it. I looked at Mikey who was running around the kitchen making food.
"What are you doing?"
"Saving your butt! I'm making sushi!"
"I didn't know you could cook."
"There's a lot of things you don't know brother."
"I said I was going to do that."
"Yeah, and Mom said she saw you dashing about like a headless chicken trying to get a game so I thought I'd help out!"
"Look, shut up and go get ready! Everyone will be here soon!"
I wanted to stay and talk to him, but I knew he was right. I ignored the box as I ran up the stairs. I put on my black skinny jeans and black short-short sleeved tee shirt. The clothes that Frank said looked good on me. Everyone always said I gave into Frank too much, even Mikey said it. But I didn't care. Afterall, I love Frank.
The doorbell rang loudly downstairs "Could you get that!?" I yelled to Mikey.
"NO!" He yelled back.
I groaned and ran down the stairs. I opened the door and saw Ray and Bob had arrived togethor, holding hands and smiling at me cutely.
"Hey guys." I greeted the happy couple.
"I got Frank a present!" Ray said, throwing a parcel into my arms, letting go of Bob's hand and walking into the house.
"So did I." Bob did like-wise.
"What's that?" Ray asked, pointing towards the white box.
"Our entertainment for the evening." I told him, even though I had no clue what was in the box.
"What is it though?" Ray wanted to know so badly that he was jumping up and down.
"A surprise." I said, with a wink "Mikey's in the kitchen."
They both walked into the kitchen and I heard Ray say "You could eat twice your own body weight in Sushi, couldn't you Micheal?"
I smiled and put both presents on the stairs, next to the white box. I was going to take a look inside, just one peep...
The door bell rang again. I smiled. There was only one more person to arrive...
I opened the door and saw the face of my lover. Frank with his short black hair, lip ring and scorpion tattoo just above his neck, making him look all the more cuter.
I smiled at him and he smiled back "Hi Gee."
"Hi Frankie." I took his hand and pulled him inside tenderly.
"You okay?" He asked, giggiling.
"I wanted to talk to you." I glanced towards the kitchen "In private."
He laughed "Come on babe, it's my birthday!" He looked into the kitchen "Come on guys, into the living room! I want my presents!" Frank look so cute and excited, how could I not forgive him?
Ray and Bob came running out of the kitchen and followed Frank into my living room. I grabbed all of Franks presents, forced a smile and entered the living room, followed by Mikey who was holding several plates of sushi.
Ray gave Frank his present first. Frank opened it and smiled. Donkey Kong for his GameCube! Frank thanked Ray and gave him a big hug.
Next came Bob's present. Frank excitedly began ripping off the paper. He was left holding a new tee-shirt saying HOMOPHOBIA IS GAY. Frank thought it was rally cool and gave Bob a hug aswell.
Mikey gave his parcel to Frank and in seconds, Frank had torn it to shreds. He had given Frank a new guitar strap for his guitar. Ofcourse, Frank loved it and gave Mikey a huge hug.
I hoped Frank would understand my present as I gave it to him. He opened it and was left holding a giant pile of cookies.
Lucky for me he understood and said exactly what I had hoped he would say "Cookie's from my Cookie." That was his nickname for me. Frank smiled at me and I just about melted.
Then suddenly, he jumped on top of me and knocked me backwards. He started kissing me and I kissed him back, never happier.
"Get a room!" Mikey squeled, laughing.
"NO!" Frank yelled, then kissed me again. That was a fail because we were laughing so much!
"You ruined their moment Mikey." But Bob was smiling aswell.
"It was gross." Mikey giggled "I'm okay with you all being gay and all so long as I don't see you guys making love or anything!"
"Gerard! Are you gonna tell us what's in the box now!?" Ray asked me, helping himself to some sushi.
Frank got off me and helped me sit up "What white box?"
"I don't know what's in it..." I said awkwardly "I brought it without looking in it... If it's lame, we'll play Monopoly."
"Yeah, Monopoly." Mikey smile "The king of fun!"
I rolled my eyes and fetched the white box. I put it in the middle of the circle we were all sitting in and we just sat there and stared.
"Shall we open it?" Bob asked.
"Yeah." Frank replied, reaching for it.
He pulled the lid off the box and we all peered inside.
"A cardboard doll house?" Ray giggled.
"LET'S BUILD IT!" Frank squeled like a little girl "Gee my love, fetch me some scissors and glue please!"
I knwe this game was dumb, but I smiled and said "Fine, you baby!"
I retrieved the scissors and glue and we all began to build the house, eating sushi as we went. Bob began reading the rules out to us.
"Wecome to the house where nightmares come to life. The rule's are simple. Take the paperdoll's and draw your face on them. Then take a piece of cardboard and draw your worse nightmare on it. Then slot it under one of the rooms. Take turns to take a card and face your nightmares but before of The Shadow Man and his friends, The Creeper and The Lurker."
"These rules sound... Intresting." Frank said with a smile, but I shivered.
"Have you put the house togethor?" Bob asked.
"Yeah." Mikey replied, leaning back to look at it "Where are the paper dolls? I'll go and fecth my felt-tips!"
When Mikey went to fetch them, I turned to the others and said "I don't think we should play this game."
"Why not?" Ray asked.
"I have a really bad feeling about all of this."
I was prepared to pack it all away but Frank wrapped his arms round me and said "Come on Cookie, it's only a little bit of fun!"
So ofcourse, I gave in.
Mikey brought down his crayons and we all began to draw our faces on the paperdolls. Once we were done with that, Bob handed out the piece's of cardboard.
"Draw your worse nightmare." He said and the others began to draw.
I was known for loving to draw but for once, I was stuck. I drew some vague black lines around the page, deciding to explain later when they looked at it.
Because I couldn't remember my worst nightmare while I was awake, but it handed me in my sleep. Cruel, cold, scary... But still hard to explain.
Bob collected them togethor and slotted them into different rooms. Then we all put our paper dolls into the paper house parlour.
"One more thing..." Bob said "The Shadow Man, The Lurker and The Creeper!"
"Let's see The Shadow Man!" Frank took it "Man, he's hot!"
I looked at the cardboard cutting and saw... The boy from the shop!
I considered telling the others but they would tell me I was crazy and that he probably looked nothing like this 'Shadow Man'
I HAD IT! This guy had played the game and thought The Shadow Man looked cool, so tried to look like him. That was it, it had to be.
We put them at the top of the house, and we were supposed to move them round later.
"Now we have to swear," Bob began to qoute the box "We know this game is life threatening and we may lose our lives. The game is real but we shall swear to play from start to end."
"I swear." Mikey swore.
"I swear." Bob swore.
"I swear." Ray swore.
"I swear." Frank swore.
Everyone looked at me and I knew I had to agree. After all, they were my guests...
"I swear." I tried to sound brave, but my voice cracked.
"Who's taking a card first?" Bob asked.
Everyone was silent.
"I will." I suddenly said, reaching for a card.
"You are about to play a game with your friends..." The card read.
"I'll take the next one." Frank said, putting on arm round me "You hear the clock strike nine."
"We don't have a cl-" Mikey was interupted by a loud clock sounding.
One, Two... Oh God. Three, Four... Don't strike nine! Five, Six... PLEASE! Seven, Eight, Nine.
"Coincidence." Frank shrugged, not looking scared at all.
"But we don't have a..."
"I'll pick up the next one." Ray interupted Mikey "You hear footsteps upstairs."
Mikey screamed as well heard fast, childrens footsteps above us.
Bob took the next card without a word "You get up to get some fresh air, but the door is stuck."
Frank took his arm from round me and stood up "Don't!" I cried. If he didn't try the door, we could pretend this wasn't really happening...
But Frank pulled the door and it didn't come "COME ON!"
"Frank!" I hugged my knees, because I was so scared.
"It! Has! To! Open!" Frank ignored me, giving a tug at the door with each word.
"FRANK!" I managed to cry again before the room went black.
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