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I'm coming Frankie

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The boys all wake up and are pretty scared.

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I opened my eyes slowly. Nobody else was awake yet which worried me. I began to sit up slowly, and gasped.
"Frankie! Mikey! Bob! Ray! Get up! Now!" I cried, standing up quickly. Too quickly, I felt a little dizzy.
Frank stood up next to me "W-We can't be!"
We were standing in the doll-house parlour. It was impossible but it was real.
I crept forward and touched the brown table, expecting it to be made of cardboard. But it was as real as our situation.
"It's made of wood." I said plainly.
"Impossible." Frank scoffed, coming and touching it for himself and gasped as he felt the wood "Impossible." He repeated, but in a totally different tone this time.
"Only for humans." A voice came from a corner of the room. We all turned to look and saw a guy. He had long black hair and amazing blue eyes...
"The shadow man!" Ray cried.
"It's you!" I said, ignoring Ray "The guy who sold me the game!"
"I would re-phrase that actually." The boy said, the strange smile he gave me in the shop appearing on his face "I'm the handsome guy who sold you this game."
"You... You mean we're in the game?" Mikey asked, shaking.
"Well done little boy." He smiled at Mikey and I felt like punching him in the face.
"Look, what is-"
The stranger winked and suddenly there was a bright flash of light. I closed my eyes quickly. As soon as I sensed the light was gone, I opened them... And saw that my friends were gone.
But the stranger was still standing infront of me.
"Who are you?" I asked "Where are my friends?"
"For now, my name is Bert." His smile increased "And your friends are hidden around my house."
"Let them go!" I cried.
"You have two choices." Bert stepped closer "You can either my play my game until the end... Or you can stay with my forever and I'll let your friends go."
I was completely shocked "Why do you want me?"
"I've been watching you for a long time Gerard. I've just been waiting for the right time. I want to keep you here with me forever, because... Because I've fallen in love with you."
"You've... Fallen in love with me?" Still shocked.
"I believe you have a choice to make, COOKIE!" Bert sneered at Frank's nickname for me.
"I'll play your game." I replied angrily "Tell me the rules though first."
"Your friends are hidden in different areas of the house, waiting for you. You're the main player. Remember those nightmares I asked you to draw? Well you and all your little friends have to face them. If you face them, you can go... But if you can't, well, you die."
"You wouldn't dare!"
"Wouldn't I?"
"I don't think your rules are very fair."
"I could make it even more unfair." His smile disappeared "I could force you to stay with me, anybody else would... But I'm giving you a chance."
"None of us agreed to this."
"Yes you did. You all swore, remember?"
I blushed and looked away, because I could rememeber too well "We didn't know that the game was going to come to life."
"It did say the game was life-threatening."
"We thought... We thought..."
"Exactly. Are you ready to play my game or not?"
"Where are my friends then?" I asked, glancing up to look at him. But he was gone. And I heard a clock strike. I didn't know how much time I had, but I knew that I did have a limit.
I decided before I did anything to look out the window. It wouldn't be that bad if I was still in my living room...
I pulled back the curtains and my stomach tightened. I wouldn't serve five seconds out there. It was snowing and raining hard, with large un-recognasible creatures walking around.
There was no use me staying in the parlour. I ran for the door, pulled it open and stepped into the large and narrow hallway.
"I'm coming Frankie." I whispered as I set off down the hall.
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