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The First Nightmare

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Gerad finds one of his friends and they enter a nightmare togethor.

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I found a large staircase halfway across the corridor. The corridor was really big, dark and scary so I decided to take the stairs.
I walked upstairs and found something familiar. The wall-paper...


"Come on Gerard, you can do it!" Mikey had laughed. But I was laughing aswell.
"Only if you come with me!" I was laughing but I was pretty scared.
"Fine, fine..." Me and Mikey began to approach the supposed 'haunted' house "I bet it's not even scary!"
We walked in and the door swung shut behind us. We gasped and turned back. But we didn't try to open the door. "Gerard," Mikey whispered "Look at the wall-paper."
It was yellow, but parts had been torn off. There were claw marks everywhere. With blood-stains spludged everywhere.
We heard a creak upstairs...

Flashback End

That was exactly what the wall-paper in the doll house looked like, there was no difference at all. I shivered at the memory but I had to carry on. I stepped into another long corridor and stepped inside. As soon as I did, an extra wall showed up. It blocked me away from the staircase. I wasn't worried though. I turned to my right and there was Ray!
"Ray!" I cried, running towards him. Then I saw his expression. He was trying to push a door shut, but claws kept coming round the edges, trying to scratch him.
"HELP ME!" He yelled. I didn't waste any time. I quickly stood next to him and began to help him push the door shut.
"What's in there?" I asked, as it tried to push us off the door.
"I don't know!" He replied "I opened the door, saw big white teeth and shut it again. But whatever it is didn't like it!"
After a lot of pushing and struggling we managed to shut the door. We both flopped down against the door, and slid down to the floor."What's going on?" Ray asked me.
I told him everything that Bert had told me. Including that he was in love with me.
"You can't stay with him." Ray said firmly "No way."
"I don't want to." I told him "I want to be with Frankie... Oh, where is he?"
"We should find him!" Ray stood up.
"But we need to complete your nightmare." I stood up aswell "I don't think whatever was behind that door was your nightmare."
"What is my nightmare then?" A door suddenly appeared next to him.
"What did you draw?" I asked quickly.
But he ignored me and said "I think it's behind this door." He reached for the handle and I stood next to him.
He opened the door and we looked inside and saw... Ray's bedroom.
We both stepped inside. As we did, the door disappeared behind us. "How is this scary?" I asked him.
"It's..." He began, but was silenced by a flash of blinding light coming through the window. Then the entire room went black.
My eyes flickered open and we weren't in Rays bedroom anymore. We were lying flat on our backs under the stars. "Ray?" I whispered.
"Yeah?" His small reply sent relief through my body but something was still annoying me.
"Where are we?" I asked, sitting up gently. I took a good look around. We were in the middle of a forest...
"I-I don't know." He replied, sitting up next to me.
"What did you draw?" I asked again, but he just shook his head silently.
Suddenly, something big and black jumped out from the bushes. It growled loudly and Ray looked terrified.
"Ray," I repeated "What did you draw?"
The wolf edged closer, then bared it's teeth "WHAT DID YOU DRAW?" I yelled.
The wolf howled and then started to run at us. Ray jumped up and began running through the trees. I quickly got up and tried to follow him.
"RAY!" I yelled "Climb a tree! CLIMB A TREE!"
"Why?" He yelled back.
"Dog's can't climb trees!" I quickly grabbed a nearby tree and started to hitch myself up.
Ray hitched himself up the same tree. We sat on a high branch and began to laugh for the first time since entering the house. But to our surprise, when the dog looked up and saw us, it began to climb up the tree after us.
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