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Snakes, Spiders and Bumble Bee's

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Find the next person and the next nightmare begins.

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"Now what do we do?" Ray cried, as he began to sob. I'd never seen Ray like that before. In an emergency, Ray was always the calm one who never cried, who never got scared. But that was all different now.
I looked around "It- He said, we have to complete your nightmare."
Suddenly I glanced up. At the top of the tree, clinging to the night sky, was a wooden door.
"A door!" I stood up "Ray, we have to get out of the door!" I began to climb.
But Ray just sat there as the large dog got closer "I-I can't."
"Ray! You have to! If you die in the nightmare, you die for real!" I held my hand down to him "Take it, I'll help you through this!"
Panicked and scared, he grabbed my hand. I pulled him onto his feet and he began to climb next to me.
The dog was gaining on us. "Faster!" I cried. We were nearly at the top but we could hear the beast's jaws snapping just below us.
I reached the door, Ray just two branches below me. I pushed it open the jumped inside. Well, I climbed in but I was clambering onto the wall... Then I fell over onto the floor. "Well that was weird." I muttered.
Ray jumped up behind me and fell on top of me. "What just happened?" He asked me.
"We survived." I replied, shoving him off me. I laughed with relief "WE SURVIVED!"
"Right..." Ray shuddered "Now what?"
"What's this?" I asked, bending down to pick up a piece of paper. I turned it over and saw a drawing of some tree's and a large dog drawn in Mikey's crayons.
"Okay, so maybe I did draw a forest. But whatever." Ray took it off me and ripped it into pieces "That's that taken care of."
"RAY! Is that you?" We heard a cry from down the hall.
"BOB!" Ray cried dramatically. Well I suppose we could let him off for being dramatic in certain circumstances but...
"Ray! My love!" They were running down the hall towards each other. When they met each other they hugged cutely, like you see in the movies.
I ran after them and as soon as I got there, a door appeared next to us.
"So the rules are, find the door and escape?" Ray asked.
"I guess." I reached for the door handle "Bob, are you ready to face your nightmare?"
"What kind of question is that?" Bob laughed. "Bring it on!"
I quickly pulled open the door and we stepped inside. I half expected to stand in Bob's bedroom but we didn't. We were in a room with a bunch of glass cages. "Are we... In a zoo?" Ray looked confused.
"Bob, what exactly did you draw?" I asked him.
We heard a strange laughing behind us and turned to see Bert, holding an axe. "Time to face Bob's nightmare." He said, then swung the axe against the glass.
He walked around the room, smashing each of the glass cages. When he was done, he simply faded away.
"Now what?" I asked. Then I spotted the door on the other side of the room "There's the exit!"
We took one step, then tripped over. We all turned to see what we had tripped over and saw... A snake. A large, thick, yellow snake.
Bob screamed. Before that moment, I had never heard Bob scream. He was the tough one, the one that nobody messed with. But entering the doll house changed everything.
I heard scuffling infront of us and turned to see spiders, lots of them. There was about fifty of them, with hairy legs. They weren't like normal spiders either, they were as big as beach balls. And it scared me.
I quickly stood up, pulling up Ray and Bob with me. As soon as Bob saw the spiders, he began to scream again. "Bob, honey! You have to calm down!" Ray put his arm round Bob. I knew Ray had been panicked in his situation, but Bob looked just about ready to have a panic attack.
"Bob! Just ignore them!" I took his hand "We have to get out of this room, otherwise... Bad things will happen."
I heard a clock strike somewhere, and I knew we were running out of time.
"We don't have time for this!" I cried "Ray, carry Bob!"
But Ray couldn't carry Bob's weight. We sighed, and both grabbed one of Bob's hands. We started to pull him towards the door. The spiders and snakes scuttled around our feet, making Bob shriek.
Suddenly we heard loud buzzing from behind us. "Don't look Bob!" I cried and turned around... I saw bumble bee's, bigger than footballs coming towards us.
"We can't let them sting us!" Ray cried, pulling us towards the door. We finally got there. Ray let go of Bob's hand to open the door. He swung it open and stepped into the hallway, but Bob froze.
"The worst is yet to come." Bob whispered, tears dripping down his cheeks.
"Then step into the hall, so it won't get you!" I was nearly in tears myself. I stepped into the hallway next to Ray and tried to pull Bob in but he fell. The bee's began to swarm around him, the spiders crawled on him, the snakes began to wrap around his feet...
"BOB!" Ray screamed, trying to run back into the room. But as Ray screamed, the bee's heard. They flew away from Bob, ready to fly into the hall. I couldn't let that happen. I pulled Ray away from the door and swung the door shut. I had planned to wait for the bee's to hit it, die, and then go back in to save Bob. We heard the hit. I carefully opened the door again to see Bob had struggled out of it a little. He had stopped crying, he was pulling himself togethor. I reached out my hand and greatfully he took it. I pulled, and just like that the spiders and snakes slid off him.
He was in the corridor, we all were. Before the snakes and spiders could get into the hall, I swung the door shut.
"I'm okay!" Bob cried, falling into Ray's arms "I thought I was going to die! But I survived!"
I reached down and picked up a piece of paper. Drawn in Mikey's crayons was a drawing of large bee's, snake's and spider's. Attacking a small blonde boy in the middle.
Bob took it off me and ripped the drawing as Ray had done to his.
"We only have Mikey and Frankie left to find now." I told them as we set off down the corridor. But I knew deep inside me that even when we found them, we wouldn't be done... We still had MY nightmare to face.
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