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The Kill...Literally

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Lilli-anna's P.O.V

I froze in place, Fiona's grin stretched across her stupid rat features. A growl ripped from the back of my throat. I locked eyes with her, determined to find out why she was spreading such lies.

I saw her going to the Elders, jealously rippling through her.
I saw her telling them everything, including where to find us.
I saw them tracking Gerard first, I felt her smug attitude
I saw them catch up with him, his beautiful face contorted with fear.
I saw him flinch as they dragged him to the floor.
I watched as he fought and briefly locked eyes with Fiona.
I felt as a zolt of electricity zapped through me. Shocking me from head to toe.
I couldn't believe as felt Gerard's thoughts once more connect with mine.

Lilli, I know Fiona's gonna gloat. Fucck knows if this will work. But I really fucking love you, look after Rachel. I know she's got some news. I'm so scared sugar, I don't wanna die. I need you. Please hear this...I love you...
I heard his voice fade away.
I saw the lightning flash as Roscov once more clapped his hands.
I saw the light fade from Gerard's eyes, he fell backwards.
I heard the sickening crack as his head hit the floor.


I watched almost in slow motion as Lilli began to sway slightly. Her eyes wouldn't stop swirling. Faster and faster they swirled until the turned steel grey. I quickly ran forward to catch her. She shivered slightly as tears of crimson red blood flowed over her ivory cheeks. I was so freaked out, I'd never heard of a vampire crying blood tears before.
Not once did a sound escape her lips. Rachel stood well back, one hand resting protectivly on her stomach. I loved her so damn much but that...thing that was growing inside her...I'd never such venom such, such hatred. I'd never do anything to hurt her but it was getting harder to pretend I was okay when really I was falling apart inside
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