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Chapter 12

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The end, for you (:

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"But he managed to forgive you."
"Yeah." I smile at the authour "Is that all you need to know?"
"Yeah, I've got enough information here to write my story. Don't worry, I won't use your names! Nobody will even know I got this information off of you."
"Thanks." I reply, but Mikey knows. He was in the room the whole time we were talking, sitting and remembering.
"You read my diary?" He askes, as soon as the interviewer has left.
"I had to." I glance at the floor "There was no other way of you forgiving me."

I guess things kind've went back to normal after that. I went back to being the fat loser who only had four friends. But I didn't care.
I wasn't fat. I had lost weight and went back to eating healthly and excercised regularly. And it helped. I wasn't a dangerous weight anymore and I wasn't a hippo either.
I may have only had four friends, but they were better than having no friends and just fans.
Bert got arrested for shop-lifting again. Pete got done for selling drugs at school. Alicia, well Alicia just transfered schools.
Lyn-z finally broke out of her shell. She ditched her stupid group of friends and started hanging round with us. And became my boyfriend again.
It was nearly my happy ending.

"We're going to be late!" Mikey says, without smiling "We have a concert."
"I can't do a concert," I tell him "With you mad at me."
"You're going to have to deal with it."
"Mikey! It happened ages ago!" I hug him, and hope the moment we shared in the bathroom years ago will come back... It doesn't.
"It was private Gerard. I thought you had more respect for my privacy than that."
"You nearly died!" I'm pracitacally cried "I saved your life and this is how you re-pay me?"
I remember how stubborn Mikey can be. Mum's right. Mikey has a secret side.
So I hug him again "You are stubborn Mikey. Just forgive me and I'll give you your pride."
Mikey smiles and hugs me back. Is everything okay? Yes.
We enter the stage and we begin to play our little hearts out like we did when we were kids. When we first formed our band. My Chemical Romance.

You may be wondering what happened to everyone...
Me and Lyn-z got married and now we have a beautiful baby girl called Bandit Lee Way. Lyn-z keeps saying sorry for everything that happened in our childhood, but it wasn't her fault. She was just a kid.
Bert got a band aswell, The Used. For a while we were friends but he crossed the line again. And we haven't been friends again since. I don't want to go into details though.
Even Pete got a band, Fall Out Boy. He's a good guy now, a kid and a wife. He's lucky and he knows it. He even told me he was sorry for acting like such a jerk. Like I forgave Bert and Lyn-z, I forgave Pete.
Mikey got his dream aswell and got married to Alicia. They aren't parents just yet, but we're all hoping.
So I guess, if my life was a story, this would be the ending. For you anyway. I can carry on living and loving my life.
But who knows what's in store... Guess I'll just have to live and find out.
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