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July 9, 1979

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Joe fills in on what he has been for the past couple months.

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July 9, 1979
Joes POV

I've been WAY too busy with working on the album and going on tour. I'm not so busy now. I'm relaxing in my hotel room, reading a book I just got. It's about war and stuff. My dad was in the war. I don't want to into detail about it but I've seen pictures of him in his uniform and him in a jet. It's really interesting learning about what my parents did when they were my age. They got married at a young age, like me. I got married at age 23. I'm still married to Elissa. She's taking a shower right now. This would be a great opportunity to go see Steven but Elissa should be getting out any minute. I need to go and apologize for the other night. 

What happened the other night was I got really drunk and high before a concert. During the concert, Steven and I fought on stage. He'd swing his microphone stand at me and hit him with my guitar. After the concert was over we fought off stage which led to me saying "hurtful" words to him. Joey told me what happened because I passed out after I said those words. Should I go and apologize to Steven or should I wait tomorrow? The bathroom door opened and Elissa stepped out. Yeah, I'm gonna apologize tomorrow. 

I know I skipped a lot of months and you know what? You can bitch about it when you review this story. Well that's if you review the story. The next chapter is going to be the last chapter of this story, okay?! Ok.

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