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July 10, 1979

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Joe gets in a fight.

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July 10, 1979
Joes POV

Today, Aerosmith is playing in Oakland,  California. I'm at the arena, getting ready. I already have my stage clothes on and all of my guitars are tuned and ready to go. Now, I'm at the buffet table, drinking a beer and eating a ham sandwich. I'm drunk and high. Just a few minutes ago, I snorted a few lines of coke and smoked a joint. Earlier today, I took Ecstasy and did heroin. I only did a little bit of heroin. That was like early in the morning. Elissa hogged most of the heroin though. I woke up around 7am and I really don't know why. I usually wake up around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Whatever though, who cares. 

I finished my sandwich and set my beer down when I saw Steven walk out of his dressing room. This is a perfect opportunity to apologize to him. He walked up towards the table and grabbed a beer. He popped it open and looked at me. 
"What?" He annoyily said before he brought the can up to his lips.  
I sighed "I wanna apologize."
"For what?" He said as he brought the can down.
"For the way I was acting the other day. I'm sorry. I was having a bad day and I didn't mean to take my anger out on you."
"Yeah." I walked up towards him and said in a low voice, "Baby, I want you. You fucking drive me crazy." 
He shoved me away and snarled "Well, I don't want you! After what you said, you can just forget out me sucking you off or any shit like that!" 
Okay, that shove was uncalled for! If he's going to shove me like that, I might as well shove him back! 
"Fuck you!" I snarled and shoved him back harder.

Steven stumbled back a few steps and glared at me. 
"I hate you!" He glared. 
"I hate you too! I regret having a relationship with you! Sometimes, You are insufferable!"
He covered his ears and yelled "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"  
"Steven, just shut up hell up!" I yelled back. He uncovered his ears and walked towards me. 
"You're making a big mistake, pal!" He said and shoved me again. Did he just say "pal"? What the fuck? Whatever, all I know is that after that shove, I became really angry. I shoved him back, 10 times harder. This time, he stumbled back and fell. He quickly scrambled back up and slapped me in the face. What kind of man slaps another man in the face? Seriously. That slap just made me angerier, so I closed my hand, making it into a fist and swung it. My fist landed on his temple. Then I held him up by his collar. Please note that I am drunk. If I was sober, I wouldn't be doing this. Anyway, I looked at the table beside me. A smirk appeared on my face as I pictured myself, throwing Steven onto this table. I was just to throw him when Joey, Brad, Tom and a bunch of security guards showed up. Joey managed to get me to let go of Steven. Brad, Tom and a security guard pulled Steven away from me as Joey and two of the security guard stood in front if me, making sure I wouldn't run off and attack Steven. Joey looked at me then at Steven and then back at me. 
"What the hell is going on!?" He asked. 
"What does it look like?" I growled.
I heard Steven yell "He attacked me!" 
I looked at him and scoffed "Oh shut up! You attacked me first. I only fought back in self defense." Man, he had a big ass bruise on his head. That punch really fucked him up. 
"Enough out of you two!" Joey said and looked at Steven, "Go cover that bruise up." Then Joey looked at me and ordered "Go get yourself ready. We're going to be on stage in a few minutes."
"I am ready, you ass clown!" I slurred and rolled my eyes. I'm really drunk. 
Joey scoffed at me, "Well then get your guitar and wait patiently on the ramp!"
I stepped back and slurred "Okay mom!" I walked up to my guitars and grabbed a black Les Paul. I am fucking ready to fucking rock!

After the concert
I walked down the ramp and threw my guitar onto the ground. It was fucked up and ugly anyway. I continued walking. I saw the guitar slide past me. I turned around and saw Steven. He had this big, ugly ass smirk on his face.
"What the hell?!" I yelled. 
"What?" He walked up towards me, shoved me back and smirked "You got a problem with me?"
"Yeah I do, you midget." I shoved him back. 
"Well then bring it on!" He said, kicking me. Oh hell no!

I began punching him in the face and stomach. I shoved him on the ground and felt someone pull me away. It was a security guard. Then I saw Elissa run up towards me. 
"She threw ice cubes at me!" She whined and pointed at Tom's wife, who had milk all over her face. Then Tom appeared. 
"Apologize, now!" He said to Elissa. 
"Don't talk to her that way!" I said and glared at Tom. 
"Man, well you need to watch your wife!" He said. 
"Yeah!" I heard Steven yell in the background. 
I turned around and told him to shut up. 
"Why don't you just leave? You and your wife are nothing but trouble!" Steven said as he got up. 
"Maybe I should!"
"Then do it!" Just then, the door opened. Cyrinda walked in and stood there.
"What's going on?" She asked. Everybody ignored her question and looked at me. 
I looked at her for second before looking back at Steven "Fine, I will! And you're going to regret saying that!" He will! I'm not stupid! 
"Whatever Joe, get over yourself!" Steven snarled. 
"Come on Elissa, let's go!" I said and began walking away. 
"Where are you going?" Cyrinda asked.
"Far away from your idiot husband!" I slurred. 
She got a confused look on her face "What?"
"Forget it." I said, before walking out the door.

A few hours later
I woke up and found myself in my hotel room with Elissa laying next to me, reading a book. 
"Oh god." I moaned. My head hurts so bad right now. 
"You made a good decision." Elissa mumbled, not looking up from her book. 
She looked at me "You quit Aerosmith."
I sat up "What?!" What the hell is she talking about?
She nodded her head "Yep. You beat the shit out of Steven."
"I did?" Say what?!
She raised her eyebrow "I thought you would remember."
It'll probably come back to me later. I just woke up and I was really drunk earlier so.... Yeah. 
She shrugged "Anyway, When do you wanna head back home?" 
I groaned and got out of bed "After I take a shower." Oh god...

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