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Hospital Food SUCKS

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Holy Franking Bob, I'm back. :)

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Well, I know it's damn crazy, but I'm back! Where did this muse come from, I wonder. I'm just getting back into this story so please feel free to offer so criticism. :) Enjoy.


So, I was really hungry, but, like the mean doctors they were, they wouldn't let me leave. Apparently I was under "surveillance" to make sure I've properly "repaired". Gosh, you'd think a week would be enough time to be repaired, right? But no.

Now instead of eating something totally yummy and delish, I'm sitting in my hospital bed and staring down at mashed potatoes that look like baby vomit, peas that look like baby food, and an itty bitty container of Jell-O.

Our God is a cruel God but did he really have to take it this far?

And if it wasn't bad enough, my "friend" Bob had gotten another ice cream cone and was devilishly gorging himself on it in front of me. I wish that ice cream would just start attacking his face.

As the image of a mint and chip ice cream attacking Bob and munching on him instead of the other way around flooded into my brain I couldn't help but giggle.

Bob looked up from his treat, "What's so funny, shorty?" I noticed that he had stained his beard green from the dairy treat in several places. He's about as clean as a piggy.

Since he now looked as if he just ate out the Grinch I burst into a heap of the giggles. "N-Nothing. W-what w-would b-b-b-," I couldn't get out my last word because at that moment I just let loose and all the laughter swept out of me. I couldn't even managed to stop when my side started to cramp.

Bob frowned, "Whaaat?"

Then the door opened and in walked, oh be still my aching heart, Gerard. He immediately stared at Bob, "Dude, did you shove your face in Frankie's peas or something?"

That sent me onto a whole new level of laughter and I could hardly breathe.

Gerard grinned over at me, "I see you're feeling back to yourself," He said as he sauntered up and pulled up a chair to the right of my bed.

I managed to control myself a bit and caught my breath, "How would you know who I am? Technically you've really only known me for a day."

He smirked, "I guess I just feel like I've known you all my life."

"Well, since you're older than me it wouldn't make much sense..." I smirked back, being fully aware at how bad I was flirting, but not really caring anymore. I was thankfully free of my lie and I was gonna soak in every minute of it. At the moment, flirting with smokin' hot Gerard was a numero uno priority.

"Duuudes, how 'bout not getting all mushy in front of poor ole Bob?" Bob begged like a child. He stared at us from his chair at the foot of my bed with eyes like dinner plates.

"At least he hasn't lost all control and practically pounced the kid yet," said a new voice. I turned to the doorway and there stood, in his tall and skinny glory, none other than Mikey. Curse Gerard for leaving that door open.

Gerard blushed and opened his mouth to rebuttal but Mikey continued before he could, "So, the doctors changed their minds and you can leave now. How about we go get you some REAL food?"

I grinned and hopped out of the God-awful bed, "Let's go!" I looked down and realized I was in nothing but a flowy hospital gown, "Uh, clothes?"

Gerard's 'I have an evil plan' smirk showed up at this point. I felt my stomach drop, "What, Gerard...?"

"Well, since little shorty here decided to hide his homosexuality from us, I say we take him out for lunch. But in the absolute gayest attire possible."

Oh, here we go...


Sooo?I know my comeback was rather short, but things'll get better. Cross my heart! R&R,pleash. :)
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