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In Love And Death

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Im trying something new here so bare with me :D

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Okay.. so where do I start? Basically I'm just your average story. Girl 19, drops out of high school with ZERO qualifications, gets kicked out of her home by her 'stick up the ass' mother, moves in with her supposed boyfriend who actually turns out to be a total douche, gets stuck in a stupid crappy dead-end job in a stupid crappy dead-end area of L.A. Don't be fooled by the glamourous stories of this place, in reality it's pretty bad. That's why I'm here. Curled up in the doorstep of this dump of a motel because I came back late SLIGHTLY drunk and my stupid landlady locked me out. And it's cold. Goddamm it.

A car comes screeching down the street with a police car sirens wailing, lights flashing right on it's tail. As it passes me it splashes the world's biggest puddle over me, which a few seconds later is splashed over me again by the police car.
"Motherfuckers watch where you're going!" I scream at the quickly dissapearing vehicles. I miserably pull the sleeping bag back over my head and curl back up in a ball. I sigh long and loud then shudder as some of the ice cold water drips down from my hair down my neck. I groan as it quickly makes it way down my back into my underwear. I pull my sleeping bag tighter around me as a big gust of wind rushes at me full force, whistling through the cracks in the porch around me.
At least I came prepared I thought to myself. This wasn't the first time I'd been locked out for coming home at 2am totally wasted. As you've probably guessed, no I'm not over the legal drinking age, but I have certain "friends". Just as I manage to almost fall asleep again after my rude and very cold awakening my cell vibrates right next to my ear and starts blasting out some Escape The Fate song. I groan loudly again and snap my cell open.
"WHAT?!" I demand.
"Jeez kiddo chill out will ya?" My best friend Blake cries, his voice amusingly quite high.
"I'm cold and I'm wet and you just woke me up after I'd finally managed to fall asleep" I snapped less angrily.
"Babe where are you?" Another voice asked. Robbie.
"Locked out cos my bitch of a landlady hates me and the entire world is out to screw me over and I can't feel my fingers and my mom's a bitch and my ex boyfriend messed my life up and im stressed and over worked and..and.."
"Completley wasted"
"Yes and that" I nodded even though they couldn't see me. I heard them sigh.
"Dan's on his way over to pick you up now" Blake said.
"Thank you Blake. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" I cooed down the phone. I snapped my phone shut and popped my head out the bag to look for Dan. Sure enough a few minutes later his scruffy Lexus ES 300 pulled up next to me and I tripped over as I tried to scramble outta my bag towards him. He got up and picked me up giggling from the floor.
"Day-aam girl how drunk are you?" He asked. I just grinned stupidly at him and batted my eyelashes at him.
"C'mon. We're going to the studio. Band meeting" He said.
"But it's like... 4am!!" I cried flailing around at our surroundings.
"So?" He said simply and pushed me towards the passenger door. He opened it for me What a gentlemen! Chivalry is dead my ass! and bundled me inside. He got in next to me, started his rusty old car up and we sped off towards the studio.
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