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Take It Away

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:) Just wanna point out the year in this story is 2004.

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We pulled up at Breakout Studios and i staggered out of the car. I stood shivering on the sidewalk as I waited for Dan to lock his piece of junk car.
"Dude shouldn't that thing be in a Natural History mueseum or something?" I asked sniffing at his car. He looked at me in horror.
"But it's an antique!! A classic!!"
"It's older than me"
"You're young. You just don't appreciate classic things"
"Sure I do. Ya know...old school stuff. Plus it stinks. Did something die in there?"
"Your virginity" He answered quickly and grinned at me. I wrinkled my nose at him and turned and flounced into the building.

We were greeted by a chorus of greetings as me and Dan walked into the studio. Blake stood up and hugged me, then began combing my hair with his fingers into at least a presentable state, and Robbie winked at me and handed a cup of steaming coffee to me. I blinked up at them both with love.
Our manager Pete walked into the room and beamed at us all.
"Hello all. I'm so glad you could make it" He said.
"Out with it Pete. Why'd you drag us all down here at this time?" Dan asked yawning.
"Yeah get on with it man" Robbie said in his English accent.
"Well it was definatley worth it. Im sure you'll all be delighted with this news"
"What news?!" I snapped impatiently.
"We are all going on tour with a MAJOR band! I just got a call from their manager and it's all settled. We start in a month"
Dan frowned. "And where you planning on telling us who we're touring with??"
Pete grinned like a Cheshire cat and looked at me. "Ria?"
"What?" I asked.
"Think about it"
"She's way too drunk man. We'll be here all night. Just tell us!" Blake whined.
"C'mon Ria. Who are your FAVOURITE band EVER?!" Pete asked excitedly. I frowned for a second and thought. Then I gasped in shock, spilling my coffee over the floor.
"NO WAY!" I screamed.
"Way" Pete grinned. I jumped up and started clapping.
"Pete what's going on?" Dan asked confused. I leapt into his lap.
"WE'RE GOING ON TOUR WITH THE USED!!!" I screamed. The guys all looked stunned.
"Really?!" Robbie asked. Pete nodded.
"No way!!"
"They just released their latest album and apparently, the band asked specifially for you guys to tour with them" He said proudly. I squealed and scrabbled in the backpack i'd brought with me when Dan picked me up, and pulled out a copy of their album. Blake took it from me and flipped it over to read the track listing.
"In Love and Death huh?" Robbie asked. I nodded happily.
"I waited 3 hours for the store to open so I could get this today" I grinned. Robbie stared at me and Dan rolled his eyes and ruffled my hair.
"3 hours?!" Robbie repeated. I grinned at him.
"Dedication" I said
"Americans are crazy" Robbie muttered shaking his head.
"Dedicated? Obssessed more like. Man I feel sorry for these guys. They don't know what they're letting themselves in for, taking Ria on tour with them" Dan said. I elbowed him hard in the side.
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