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Just Wrong

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Mikey, this is wrong.

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"I'm not kissing you." I pracitcally spat the words at him. He frowned but disappeared. I turned and saw Mikey open the door and close it again as he stood in the corridor. Bob swam up towards me.
"I can't find Ray! He could be anywhere!" Bob was nearly crying. I took his hand.
"Let's get to the door, then we'll be able to think straight." I began pulling him to the door. We heard Ray's screams below, but we could nothing to help him. Without a good plan we could go nowhere.
We swung open the door and stepped inside. But as we did, it began to fade away behind us.
"NO!" Bob cried, grabbing at the door. He turned to us "It waited for us! Why not him?"
Mikey swallowed "He died Bob."
Bob gasped "N-No! You're taking nonsense! He's still alive, he has to be!"
"I'm sorry Bob, but Mikey's right." I looked him in the eyes "Ray is gone, and there is nothing we can do. We have to keep playing."
"NO!" Bob yelled, running down the corridor.
"Stay here." Mikey said "I'll go and comfort him." And then Mikey ran after Bob down the corridor.
I leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor, hitting it with a small thump.
Why Ray? I mean, it wasn't even his nightmare. So why drag Ray down of all people? It wasn't fair how Ray had faced two nightmares alive, entered Mikey's and had to die. No doubt Mikey felt terrible for drawing up something that had killed Ray, but did it matter anymore?
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a piece of paper. I leant over to pick it up and saw in Mikey's excited scribble, a big pool of blue. Badly drawn Octupus's, sharks and sting rays were scatted over the page with Mikey swimming in the middle.
"I never was good at drawing." Mikey suddenly said, who had suddenly appeared next to me.
I jumped "I thought you were comforting Bob."
"He needs some alone time. He said he'll come and find us as soon as he's ready." Mikey suddenly put his arms round me and cuddled me close "You know Gerard, I really like your company."
"You too Mikes." I said, leaning against him "You're one of the best guys I know."
"Gerard," Mikey took a deep breath "I don't want to ask this... So I think I'll just do it." He took one of his fingers and put it under my chin. Then he drew my head up slowly, and began to kiss me.
After about ten seconds, I pulled back "Mikey, we're brothers... And Frank, and what about..."
But before I could finish, Mikey was kissing me again. This was wrong and I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't stop myself. His lips were amazing against mine and I felt sparks flying through my body, reminding me of the first time I had kissed Frank...
Then suddenly Mikey began to change. Not his attitude, or his mood... His appearance. His body just melted, leaving behind nothing but Bert smiling at me the way he had the first time I had met him.
"It was you?" I asked, and he nodded silently "How did you... How could you..."
"The shadow-men know how to change shape quite easily." Bert's smile faded as a door appeared infront of us "This is your nightmare Gerard and it isn't going to be pretty."
"I don't care." I replied "I'll face it."
I stood up, but as I did the door disappeared. Bert stood next to me "It doesn't know what to do. You weren't very clear with your drawing."
He bent down, scooped a piece of paper and handed it to me. I saw the black lines I had drawn around the edge, back when I was in my living room... I didn't know how long ago that had been...
"Do you have a pen?" I asked. Bert produced a pen out of thin air and handed it to me. I thought hard "It began in my Grandfathers basement..." I drew it on the piece of paper, roughly. Once I was done, I looked up. The door had appeared and Bert had disappeared.
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