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Gerard's Nightmare

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Gerard faces his nightmare.

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I didn't wait for Mikey and Bob to come back. This was something I needed to do on my own.
I opened the strange door and stepped inside. I didn't like it, I knew I didn't. It was scary without me knowing why. I mean, it was just my Grandfather's basement.
Oh yeah, one small detail. He's dead.
I stood still, waiting for something to happen. And after a few seconds, something did happen. A small child started calling out "Grandad! Grandad!" The small boy's voice came closer and close to the basement door "Grandad, are you down there?"
The small boy opened the door and started walking down the basement stairs. I gasped as I realised... The boy was me.
I suddenly remembered how the day had gone... Mum had dropped me off at Grandad's because she had yoga, Dad was away for work and Mikey was at a friends.
But I couldn't find Grandad... So I went down to the basement.
I saw myself look around, still calling for my Grandad. I saw my eyes widen as I realised I was in the forbidden room all by myself. If Grandad wasn't in there, I wasn't allowed in there.
I was touching things, flicking through Grandad's diarys. Not much use to me then seeing as I couldn't read, but I could now.
I laughed at myself as I began to skip around the room. I wasn't doing anything very intresting, it just felt good to know I was breaking a rule. You know what small children are like after-all.
Then I noticed the door, the closet door. It was forbidden and I knew that, but I wanted to know WHY. So what else was a small boy supposed to do? What do you think I did?
Well ofcourse, I opened it.
It took me a while, because I was so scared. I put my pale white hand on the door and pulled it open slowly. "Gerard!" I heard Grandad cry from upstairs. He hobbled down the stairs, trying to keep up in his old age.
But the door was already open and I had seen the worst of it. Dark, hungry eyes were staring back at me. The cold ice was breezing in, making me shiver. Grandad ran over and pulled me away from the door quickly. He did it to save me, but with the force of the pull I was sent into the book-case. Books landed on top of me and I got several large paper-cuts that began to bleed.
"We want him!" I heard a strange, eerie voice coming from the closet "We want him! We're so hungry! He is ours now!"
"Grandpa, what are they?" I asked, getting up and heading to the door.
Claws snatched out, ripping my shirt and making me cry out in pain. I began to bleed even more. I was scared they'd drag me right into the closet, but Grandad grabbed me and pulled me back again.
"You can't have him!" He cried, trying to shut the door.
"But he belongs to us now! And we are so hungry!" The cries and shrills were getting louder and louder.
"Then take me, in his place!" Too scared to cry out, I did nothing. Well, the seven year old me did nothing. But I went mental.
"NO!" I screamed, trying to grab at my Grandad's shirt. But as if he or I were a ghost, my fingers slipped through the material.
The claws grabbed him and dragged him into the closet, the door swinging shut behind him. The five-year old version of me began to cry. I stood there staring at him, watching him cry for a while. Then he began to fade away and I heard a small voice from behind me "Gerard, are you okay?"
I turned to see Mikey and Bob standing there "How... How much did you see?" I asked.
"Nothing." Mikey replied, stepping closer "We only just got here."
I nodded, happy that they hadn't seen anything. Espiecally Mikey.
"I don't think we can leave." I replied sadly "I-I didn't save him... I didn't face my nightmare..."
"But there's a door at the top of the stairs." Bob said in a shakey voice "And it wasn't here when we first stepped into the room."
I took my friends hand's and we walked to the top of the stairs. Mikey pushed the door open and we found ourselves back in the large corridor.
But we couldn't just go and find Frank, no, that would've been too easy for Bert. Instead, taped on the wall infront of us was a large piece of white paper saying...
"Bonus round?" Mikey asked, looking puzzled.
"GUYS!" Bob cried and we turned to look at him. We got the shock of our lives. Something like green moss was growing all over Bob's body before our eyes.
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