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Bonus Round

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The Bonus Round and Mikey and Gerard have a heart-to-heart.

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"I-It's growing on me too!" Mikey cried, noticing the ugly green vines growing up his body.
"And you too Gerard!" He pointed at my wrist. It was growing on me aswell, but not as fast as the others.
"What's going on?" I asked.
"W-We're turning into plants!" And with that Mikey began to cry and scream hysterically.
It worried me and Bob. Mikey had managed to keep it togethor pretty well in his nightmare and when Ray had died. But now he looked like possessed.
"I'm guessing this bonus round is your fault Mikey?" Bob said moodily.
"Mikey! Mikey! CALM DOWN!" I tried hitting him, but it just made him cry harder.
"Hey!" Bob suddenly cried "I have an idea!" He managed to point his arm towards a candle "We could try burning off the plants!"
"Get them then!" Mikey cried "I would, but I'm rooted to the ground!" Then he carried on screaming.
"So am I." Bob said "It's up to you Gerard."
I knew I didn't have any time to waste, so I quickly ran for the candle. I grabbed it and began on Mikey first as he was the most scared. It didn't seem to have much effect.
"Try again at his ankles." Bob told me. I didn't waste my breath argueing, I just bent down and put the candle at Mikey's feet. The fire began to burn away the plant until Mikey was no longer green. We repeated the process on Bob and then on me.
"Well, so long as that doesn't happen again any time soon." Bob laughed "Atleast we're not living plants anymore!"
"Gee..." Mikey said, suddenly serious "I need to talk to you."
"Can't it wait?" I asked, wanting to go and find Frankie.
"No." Mikey said firmly.
"I'll go and find some more stairs." Bob said, walking off down the corridor.
Me and Mikey both sat next to each other "Gerard, you know all of our nightmares... What was yours?" He looked me in the eyes, but I looked away.
"I don't want to talk about it."
"Well I do!" Mikey snapped "You were in Grandpa's basement, so I'm going to have to assume the worst!"
I turned back to face him "What is the worst?"
"Well... When the police came to find you in the basement all those years ago... Mom said that Grandpa had attacked you."
"Well, you were covered in blood and crying. Grandpa was nowhere to be found. Mom said Grandpa had fled the country, because he knew he was going to get caught."}~
"Mikes," I was shocked "Grandpa saved me."
Mikey looked confused, so I sighed and told him the whole story. "But I didn't save him," I told him "So, I want to know how we managed to escape."
"Your nightmare wasn't to save him." Me and Mikey looked up to find Bert standing infront of us "It was to remember."
I stood up to face him properly "I gave you your answer to the riddle. Let Frank go."
"You didn't give me the answer." Bert smiled again "You gave it to Mikey technically."
"I-I didn't!" I frowned.
"Well, no, not really. But you THOUGHT you were giving it to Mikey."
"That is sick." I spat "You were the one who started it!"
"No, Mikey was."
"What are we talking about!?" Mikey was still really confused.
"Better hurry!" Bert smirked "Frankie is missing his COOKIE!"
I scowled as Bert faded away and Bob came running down the corridor. That asshole was NOT going to win.
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