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The Escape

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Bert tells them they can't leave... But does Gerard have a plan??

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We began walking down corridor after corridor after corridor of the same thing. It wasn't just annoying, it was pretty scary aswell. We walked in silence for a while until Bob finally broke it.
"This is stupid." Bob said "We're not getting anywhere."
"Well what do you suggest we do?" I asked him "There's nothing more we can do."
"We could stop, think and then carry on." Mikey said, standing still. So did Bob, so I had to give in. And it was a good thing Mikey suggested it because when we all stopped, the wall suddenly began to slide away revealing a staircase behind it.
"Well done Mikey!" I cried, hugging him.
He pushed me away, laughing "Save it for Frank, loser!"
We all followed the staircase to the top, expecting to find another corridor like the other ones... But instead we found ourselves in The More Games shop. I was confused until someone said my name.
"Gerard?" A small voice came from the corner of the room "Cookie?"
"FRANK!" I cried, running to him and giving him a huge hug. He hugged me back, leaning his head on my shoulder. He looked so small then, like a tiny baby. I wanted to hold onto him forever, but I was worried about Frank's nightmare.
"Frankie, what did you draw?" I asked him, but he didn't reply. He began to shiver though.
"It's the door!" Bob cried, pointing. I looked up and saw he was right. We could leave!
"Not so fast." Bert suddenly appeared.
"We won!" I yelled at him "You said you'd let us go!"
"No I didn't." He reminded me "I told you, that you could either stay forever and I'd free your friends... Or you could play until the end of the game. I said nothing about letting you go."
I gasped as I realised he was right. "B-But... You have to!"
"Fine, you can leave." He smiled "Only if you can get past my friends..."
Suddenly, a large snakey figure and a huge wolf appeared out of no-where and blocked the door-way. "The Creeper and The Lurker." Frank whispered.
"I want you Gerard." Bert smiled at me "If you stay with me, then I will let your friends go. Free of charge."
I glanced at my friends. Mikey who was trying to act care free was shaking, Bob was angryily staring at The Creeper and The Lurker like he wanted to beat them up and Frankie... Oh Frankie, who was shivering in my arms. He was terrified.
Then I knew what I had to do.
"I'll stay with you." I said, letting go of Frank and standing up.
"NO!" Frank cried, reaching for my ankles. But he missed, because I dived out of the way,
"Y-You want to stay with me?" asked Bert.
"Bert," I looked him in the eyes "Did you ever think that maybe, if you had just came to my house and asked me to stay with you, I would've said yes?"
Bert thought for a second "No, I never thought about that."
"That's because you think everything has to be taken by force." I shook my head "But not everything."
"Gee, you can't stay!" Mikey cried.
I turned to look at him "You don't understand. I'm staying because I WANT to."
They just shook their heads in disbelief. They'd understand soon enough.
"Gerard, please..." Frank whimpered.
"Too late COOKIE." Bert sneered "He's staying here." He gestured towards The Creeper and The Lurker to move "You three are free to go."
"We're not leaving without Gerard." Bob said firmly.
"Well you have ten minutes." Bert told him "But then the gate will close up and you'll be stuck here forever. And don't think I have any reason to keep you all alive."
"Let's go somewhere a little more private." I said, taking his hand and steering him down the staircase. I turned to face him. He smiled at me.
"I do love you, you know." He whispered, edging closer.
I just smiled at him and then kissed him. It went on for another couple of minutes before I pulled back. "I know where I want to go."
He laughed as I pulled him away. I found the right door and pulled him through. Back into my nightmare.
"You actually want to be in here?" He asked, looking confused.
"I like confined spaces." I told him, pulling him inside the wardrobe my Grandpa had been sucked into.
"It's not very... Comfy. Is it?" He asked.
"You're right, let me step out a second..." I edged out of the wardrobe. Bert turned to follow me, but I slammed the door shut in his face.
I found a pen and drew a rune on the door. One that would keep him in there until someone opened it... Like I had, all those years ago.
Then I turned and ran. I ran out of my nightmare, down the corridor and up the staircase until I found Frank, Mikey and Bob still waiting for me.
"Thank god!" Frank cried.
"COME ON!" I yelled, pulling Frank off the floor. We all ran through the door...

Then everything went dark.
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