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The End.

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The end... Do they win or do they lose?

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I opened my eyes slowly, and recognised the room I was in. Back in my own living room.
"It... It was just a dream." I heard Mikey say next to me.
"No." Bob said, who was already sitting up "Ray's gone."
I sat up and looked at the cardboard house. All of our paper figures had gone... But so had the shadow-man, The Creeper and The Lurker.
Frank sat up opposite me and whispered "Let's put it away. And get rid of this game forever."
Bob stood up and started to walk into the hallway "Where are you going?" Mikey asked.
"To call the police."
"Oh yeah?" Frank snorted "To tell them what? That we got kidnapped by a shadow-man called Bert?"
"Well they're going to start asking questions about Ray, aren't they?" Bob snapped, picking up the telephone.
"I'm going to pack the game away." Mikey said, grabbing the white box.
I was about to help him, when Frank took my hand and pulled me out of the room. He was holding a white piece of paper in his hand.
"Frank, what is it?" I asked.
"I wanted to tell you, that I nearly did face my fear..." Frank sighed heavily and looked nervous. Something he isn't usually. "It's that... Well, look at this."
I took the piece of paper and saw an upset boy with black hair... With a thought bubble. And another boy with black hair in the thought bubble.
"I've never been that good at drawing." Frank laughed slightly "But... My nightmare... It was of losing you."
"T-That's your worst nightmare?" I asked, shocked. Frank never really showed his effection for me, it was mainly me trying to impress him. But his worst nightmare, was losing me?
"Yeah." Frank swallowed "While you were walking round the house, Bert showed me a mirror... It showed you and the others in the house."
"How much?" I asked, remembering me and Mikey kissing... Well, me and Bert kissing.
"Enough. And how brave you were and it made me think... You don't need me, I need you."
I took my hands and placed them on his cheeks "I will always need you." And then we kissed.
"HEY!" We heard Mikey yell from the living room, after a loud crash.
We ran to the living room and saw Mikey standing infront of the coffee table... Which was now empty. "They stole the box!"
I sped to the window and saw two figures running away... I could just make out the figures of the two boys who had followed me into the more games store. And they had the game!
"We need to tell the police." I said "If they play the game, they might let out Bert!"


"I think we lost them." Billie whispered.
"I don't think they were even chasing us." Tom replied.
"Well, we finally got it..." Billie said breathlessly.
"Yeah..." Tom smirked "Do you want to open it?"
"Yes." Billie smirked aswell, reaching forward for the box.
They both paused and tore off the lid togethor.

A/N - There will be a sequel called The Forbidden Game - The Chase ;D xoxoxo
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