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Chapter 6

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After a couple of weeks, Frank became quite comfortable in Belleville. He, Mikey, Gerard, Bob, and Ray all became very close friends, as if he had known the four for years. With the exception of a couple of teachers, Frank began to enjoy going to school again. He didn’t even get hassled for the way he looked. Even when he did hear someone make a comment, it was easy to ignore. It didn’t matter to Frank what people thought. As long as they didn’t give him a hard time constantly, it did not faze him. For once, Frank felt like he belonged.

Sitting at their usual spot at lunch, the boys discussed their favourite movies. Since it was Friday, they would immediately go to the Way house and cram as many movies as they could into one night.

“'Jaws.’” Mikey stated. “Hands down, best movie ever.”

“Psshhh. You’re delusional.” Gerard retorted (A/N: Isn’t that a fantastic word?!?!?!) “That was the dumbest movie ever. I like powerful movies! Y’know, ones with intense plots and heavy emotion. Hows about we watch ‘The Pianist’?”

Ray snorted, “First of all, that sounds like penis. I wouldn’t be able to take it seriously even though it’s about the Holocaust. Second of all, I don’t really feel like killing myself tonight, thankyouverymuch.”

“You have no taste.”

“At least I’m not emo.”

“I’m not emo! That movie is beautiful. At one part, it’s just him playing piano for, like, five whole minutes! It made me cry!”

“EMO.” Mikey piped in.

“Shattup, Mikey.”

As the three argued, they became increasingly loud. Frank quietly watched as Bob blew the seeds off of dandelion puffs, not really paying any attention.

“Oh, hey.” Frank said to them. They just continued fighting.

“Hey.” He repeated. No answer. Pissed off, Frank jumped into the middle of the little circle they had created during their…”discussion” and shoved the rest of his half eaten sandwich into Mikeys face to make him shut up.

“WWHHTFF?!” Mikey said with his full mouth. His question was meant to sound more like “What the fuck?”, but with fake veggie meat (eww) in your mouth, it has proven to be quite difficult.

“Quiet, boy!” Frank commanded him. “I demand attention!” He suspiciously looked at all of them, making sure they weren’t talking. “NOW! I have a request for tonights movie marathon! ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’!!!”

The three just kinda stared at hi for a second before Mikey burst out “ILOVETHATMOVIE!”

Ray and Gerard agreed that it was possibly the most amazing thing ever created. When they agreed it was going to be watched, Frank broke out into a smile so bright, it put the sun to shame. Gerard looked away. With further discussion, they also decided on the SpongeBob movie (requested by Bob) and ‘Akira’ which was insisted (more like forced) by Gerard because apparently it will “blow your face off and stuff”.

As Gerard said how amazing the drawings were and mentioned how may times the name “Tetsuo” was yelled and blah blah blah, Mikey got tired of his ranting. He wrestled his older brother down, which earned a fit of laughter from Frank. Ray tried to get Mikey off Gerard, but just ended up pulling the skinny boy’s pants down. Frank laughed harder. Mikey didn’t bother pulling his jeans back up and just pouted instead. Bob, who was still blowing dandelion puffs, accidentally inhaled them and began having a coughing fit. Mikey, still with his jeans around his ankles, pointed at him and said “HA!” which just made Bob run away with his pants.

For the rest of the period, Mikey sat in his Batman boxers and sulked, even when Bob threw his pants back at his face.

Homeroom couldn’t have been longer. Gerard and Frank sat and watched the clock in anticipation, which only made it seem to go slower. Impatient, Frank scowled at the minute hand.

“You!” He stated, pointing at the device. “Move! I command you! In the name of Mikey Way’s holy Batman underpants, I command you to move faster!”

The two studied the clock.

“It did not seem to change…” Observed Gerard. “DO YOU DARE GO AGAINST THE KING, PEASANT!??!?”

“Yes! Do you dare go against me?” Frank repeated triumphantly.

By now, a couple of the other kids began staring at them. Most just didn’t care. Gerard continued his assault towards the mechanism as Frank bounced around in his seat chanting “I am the king!” Suddenly, the bell rang.

“See to it that you obey orders more often.” Frank spat with his head held high.

“After you, my liege.” Gerard bowed.

“Great Knight Gerard,” Frank started, “Let us mount our steeds and banish this…” he gestured towards his school bag,”…filth.”

The two galloped out of the classroom, giving even Mr.A a chance to stare.

“FILTH BE GONE!” Gerard announced a little too loudly as he (literally) threw his bag to the rusty bottom of his locker. They hastily shoved their books into their regular backpacks slammed their lockers shut with purpose.

“Great Knight! A war is apon us! We battle against Ferocious Sir Mikey and Mad Lieutenant Ray!”

“Blasphemy!” Gerard raised his fist in the air. “But, your highness, they are no match for my sword and Sir Bobberts strength!”

“So let us go forth and rid our selves of the evil that has been bestowed apon us!” Frank pointed towards the doors. “CHARGE!”

Gerard and Frank ran, weaving in between bodies, to the exit. When they got outside and spotted Ray, Mikey and Bob they galloped towards them.

“Ferocious Sir Mikey! Mad Lieutenant Ray! How dare you underestimate the power of I, the King? This is war! Come Sir Bobbert! We must fight to the death!”

“Again we meet, King Franklin.” Ray said, making Frank scowl at the name.

“Are you prepared for my Kung Fu grip?!” Mikey challenged, taking a horribly stereotypical ninja stance. “And will you be able to handle Mad Ray’s skill of firearms?”

Frank narrowed his eyes “You have no idea.” He climbed on Bob’s shoulders.

Gerard raised an imaginary sword. “Then on guard! And let the battle for Narnia and Hogwarts BEGIN!”

All five boys dashed down the street making alarmingly fake sounds while dodging fake bullets and swinging at air. Ray hid behind a bush, and when Gerard wasn’t looking, leapt up and yelled “BANG!” Gerard froze. He clutched his heart and struggled to breath. When he fell to the ground, Frank gasped.

“You killed Gerard!”

“You bastard!” Bob piped up.

Mikey started making weird noises and thrust his fists into the air. “LEVEL UP!” he hollered. He then began to spin in circles and came to an abrupt stop.

“Kkkk…….Kkkkk…..” Mikey started breathing like Darth Vader.

“What world is this on?!” Gerard exclaimed from his place on the sidewalk.

Mikey went over to Ray and reached to grab his arm. “I have you now!”

“RETREAT!!” yelled Ray and he sprinted down the street.

“RETREAT!!” the other three boys repeated and followed him, Mikey hot on their heals, quoting Star Wars.

When the boys arrived at Mikey and Gerard’s house, they were all out of breath. When Donna saw them leaning against the wall, panting, the sighed. “What have you boys been doing?”

“We got attacked by ducks!” Mikey said.

“Yeah!” agreed Frank, “Big purple ones!”

“With green rain boots!” Ray added.

“And they stole my fried chicken!” Gerard complained. The boys nodded furiously then began making duck noises and stomping around.

“That’s lovely” Donna smiled, “Help yourselves to anything in the kitchen.”

As Ray travelled the couple of blocks to the movie store, the other four boys set up the living room to their standards, which was basically a table full of junk food. When Ray returned, they took their seats; Frank, Gerard, Ray and Bob crammed themselves onto the couch while Mikey decided to sit on the floor.

As ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ started, Frank became very nervous when he realized how close he and Gerard were. Their legs were touching and their arms would rub together whenever either of them would reach for the popcorn they shared between themselves. Taking silent but deep breaths, Frank focused on the singing skeleton on the screen instead of the mass of body heat sitting beside him.

Frank had been doing a great job of not getting too fidgety. But, during their second movie, SpongeBob, at the scene where Patrick and SpongeBob are having a bubble party in the mens washroom, something unexpected happened. Frank reached for a handful of popcorn, but unfortunately for him, so did Gerard. For a second, their hands brushed, just before they both pulled away. Gerard muttered a “Sorry” while Frank muttered back with and “It’s okay”. Frank mentally smacked himself for such a clichéd thing to happen. He was glad the lights were off and that Gerard didn’t look at him, or he would’ve noticed the boy’s red cheeks. Little did Frank know, Gerard was thinking the exact same thing.

Frank had to admit, ‘Akira’ was mind blasting, even though it didn’t make sense. Although no one wanted to give Gerard the pleasure of rubbing it in their faces and saying that he “told them so”, Frank gladly said that it was now one of his favourites. Gerard beamed.

When Frank announced that he was going to head home, the other four whined in unison.

“Why don’t you sleep over?” suggested Ray.

“Yeah! Ray and Bob are!” Mikey complained.

Frank sighed and explained how he had to visit his grandparents, who lived quite a ways away, so he had to leave early next morning. When Frank said “early” Ray, Mikey, Bob and Gerard shuddered as if the thought sickened them.

Frank said his goodbyes, and like the well raised boy he is, Gerard led him to the door to see him off while the others booted up the XBox

“I don’t mean to get all motherly on you or anything,” Gerard started as Frank pulled on his shoes, “But, y’know, be careful out there. I know it’s only, like, two blocks, but it’s still Jersey.” He smiled and Frank chuckled. “Even though it all seems really ugly, it’s still really beautiful. Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I sneak out and take a walk, and honestly, it’s the best. Maybe it’s just me. I dunno.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” Frank said. “I guess it all depends on how you look at it, right?”

Gerard looked at him and smiled, glad that his friend understood. “Yeah.”

“Well, goodnight.” Frank said as he turned away.

“Sleep well.” Gerard responded. He was about to shut the door when he stopped himself. “Oh, Frank?”

He turned back. “Yeah?”

“Ask your parents, if you want to that is, if you can sleep over this weekend. We can’t have the movie thing on Friday because some shit came up, but whatd’ya say about Saturday night?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.” Frank confirmed, “As long as candy and movies involved in that offer.”

Gerard looked at him as if he sprouted an extra arm. “What do you take me for? A mad man? My bloods practically made of Sour Brite Crawlers!”

Frank giggled, “And mines made out of Sour Watermelon Slices! G’night, Gerard.”

“Night.” Gerard smiled and shut the door.

Still grinning, Frank made his way down the walk. Thinking about what Gerard said, he looked up. The street lamps created curtains of light, dousing the sidewalk and street, and creating dark shapes against the brightness. The cool night air combed through Franks hair, making it tickle his face. As he gazed at the starless sky, he wondered if he would ever see them while he was still in town. Frank smiled to himself and began the five minute trip back home, finally finding the beauty in the dark.

He had spent the whole day with his grandparents, and honestly? Frank was exhausted. He loved them, but having to deal with nonstop questions, not to mention extreme acts of Italianess, just drained him.

Frank was now in the car with his parents, driving back home. He was too sleepy to properly function yet too awake to fall asleep. As he listened to Radiohead, he leaned out the window, letting the nippy Saturday night air chill his skin. Frank looked out at the black fields whipping past him, it being to dark to make much out. He looked up and was greeted by million apon millions of tiny silver dots. Up ahead, he could make out where the dots ended and father ahead, the glow of town lights on the horizon. His mother scolded him and told him to get his head back in the car. Falling against his seat, Frank thought of Gerard and how he was right. The world was beautiful.

A/N: HOLY BANANARAMA IM ALIVE. sorry this took so long. i moved houses (finally) so we didnt have internet for a while. i really hope that this makes up for it! thanks for sticking with me! if you are reading this, even if you dont really have much to say other than "why does this pizza taste like cats?", please comment anyways!

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