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The Beast Within

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I won't give away spoilers!

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“Wait a minute!” Ray said loudly in the middle of the underground room. “You are telling me that in the next room, there is a guy who is changing into a vampire!” He demanded.

“Well, basically yes.” I said too calmly playing with the zipper on my hoodie.

“Why did you and Gerard bring the here!” He demanded.

“I…………” Gerard had been the one to show up in my time of need at the park, just a little late. He had decided we should take the two teenage boys with us, because stupid humans would never know what to do in this situation. I carried the smaller boy- he was such a light weight, and Gerard had carried the werewolf to be. He never told me who he knew where to find me either. “Ray! What else could we do!” I demanded. “He’s turning into a werewolf!”

“Exactly and they don’t belong here!” Ray growled.

“Ray?” Mikey came up from behind Ray, sliding his thin arms around Ray’s waist and laying his head on Ray’s shoulder. “Babe you know I don’t like it when you use that tone.”

Ray sighed. “I’m going out, coming with?” He asked Mikey, who nodded and they were both gone.

With Ray and Mikey gone, and Lindsey out of the picture, and Bob was here but I have no clue where. It was just Gerard and I with the humans. I walked down the hall and to the spare room that the two boys were in, we had them both lying on the bed, both motionless in sleep. Where was Gerard? I moved down the hall further, to see that his door was ajar.

“Gerard?” I asked, walking into the room. He was sitting on his bed, casually smoking a cigarette, but not looking very happy.

“She left because of you, you know that?” He asked me, his eyes staring right into me.

“Who, Lindsey?” I asked.

“Yes!” He finished his cigarette and tossed it in an ashtray.

“Gerard, I can assure you she didn’t leave because of me.” I sat down on the edge of his bed.

“She wanted you.” He whispered. “She really wanted you.”

“What!” I demanded.

He nodded. “I think I turned her gay.”

I couldn’t believe this! It was too much, and besides, no one wanted me! “Gerard I…………I’m sorry.”

He just laughed. “Har, it’s ok, I’m pissed though, but I never really loved her, but she was damn good in bed.”

Ew, I didn’t need to hear about that shit! “I can’t believe it though, that she would actually want me.” I whispered.

“Well believe it,” He said. Getting to his feet. “Because she’s not the only one who wanted y-”


Gerard was cut off by a scream- from one of the human boys. We ran out of the room and down the hall, into the room. It was the smaller one. He had just awoke and was literally shaking where he stood. He looked at both of us in terror.

My fangs shot out, damn this kid’s blood smelt so good. I could see that the werewolf to be was coated in cold sweat now, he would be changed before morning.

“Harley, get him out of here.” Gerard gestured to the smaller panicking boy. “I’ll stay with this one until he’s made the change.”

“But what if he hurts you?”

“Hurt me?” Gerard rolled his eyes. “That’s not going to happen sugar, just calm him down before I have to think my fangs into his pretty little neck.”

So I wasn’t the only one who thought the boy smelt delicious. “Come on,” I placed my hand on his shoulder and lead him out of the room, down the hall to the main room, on the sofa, I pulled out my cigarettes, offering him one.

“No, I don’t smoke.” He said shakily.

I lit it in my lips and handed it to him. “Just do it you’ll need it after I tell you what’s going to happen to your boyfriend in there.”

His big eyes got even bigger. “What’s going on and who the hell are you people!”

I gritted my teeth. “Could you please try to regulate your pounding heartbeat? I haven’t fed in three days!”

He still looked shocked but raised the cig to his lips, taking a drag and coughing, after a few more tries he had it down. “Ok, everything I’m about to tell you is very important, so listen carefully.”


“Motherfucker.” I cursed as I watched the boy began to change. His sweat was becoming worse, his body beginning to shake harshly. A ran to my bedroom to find the bondage straps under my bed, Lindsey had a thing with my tying me up though I never liked it much. I tied the boy to the bed, there that might work.

No, that didn’t work, his right arm broke free and a groan escaped him lips, his skin was literally trembling on the surface, than expanding, I could see the muscle growing from underneath, the boy let out a scream, I would feel bad for him, if it wasn’t for the nasty odor of dog he was beginning to feel the room with.

With a sickening crack his spine snapped and hair began to grow everywhere. Fuck! Tonight was full moon! Within seconds he was fully transformed, claws hair teeth and all, and he sprang from the bed easily breaking the straps and letting out a loud Rawr as his large brown eyes fixed on me. He was at least seven foot, probably about 300 hundred pounds and standing on two feet, a fully changed Werewolf. He sniffed the air, and I knew he smelt the human. You see, werewolves are very much like vampires, when were hungry of first created, all we want is blood.

“No!” I shouted, throwing myself at the door frame, our bodies collided, he bounced back off of me a few feet, and I shoved him back harder, I need to knock him unconscious.

Another Rawr echoed through the halls, and before I could move his claws dug into my face, the other smacking into my side, the force causing to be launched into the stone wall. I heard a snap and a crack from my body as everything around me became dark and silent.

hope you all liked it!
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