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Chapter 3

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Bradley quickly reopened the elevator doors. There was about six bodies laying on the ground. There was a lot bullets holes in the cerement walls. When the elevator doors closed, I noticed that there was also holes in it too. The room we stood in was not very big. There were a few tables lining the walls and one at the very end, facing the elevator. Sitting at that table was a very rattled but calm man. Stryker said, "If you didn't have that mouth on you, Wade, you'd be the perfect solider." Wade just rolled his eyes.

I noticed the man at the table was slowly moving his hand under it. John must have noticed it too, because he pointed his large gun at him and said, "I wouldn't do that, brother." The man brought his hand back up into view.

"Take the diamonds." The man said in a heavily accented form of English. He rested his hands on the arms of his chair. "They're your's."

"I don't want your diamonds." Stryker picked up a large black rock that was set on the man's desk. "I want this."

"That? That is nothing. A souvenir." The man said, flustered.

"Where did you find it? I want the source." Stryker said in a very ominous voice.

"A small village. Far inland. Three days from here." The man said.


I found the journey to the small village very irritating. Wade would not quit talking the entire way. I don't think I would have minded it that much if he hadn't been talking to me most of the time.

"Hey, Lorna. How old are you?" Wade asked after his maximum 15 seconds of silence. I was slightly taken aback by his question that it took me a second to answer.

"....16. Why?" I said apathetically.

"You're lying. You're 16? Isn't that illegal?" Wade said turning to the guys around him. No one seemed particularly surprised at the new information.

"What, Wade? Are you disappointed?" I heard Victor say from behind Wade. Wade didn't respond.

"Wow. For once you're speechless." I said sarcastically.


Stryker made all the villagers gather in the center of the village. None of them spoke any English so Wade had to translate. "Tell him this is more valuable to me than his life. And ask him where he found it." Stryker said, showing the black rock to the village leader. Wade translated.

"He said it came from the sky." Wade said, slightly baffled by the man's answer.

"He's telling the truth." James said, abruptly.

"You don't know the language, Logan." Stryker said using James' last name.

"It's a meteor fragment." James said.

"I know what it is, I'm asking him where he found it." Stryker said. "Tell him, everyone here will die unless he tells me where he found the rock." He said to Wade.

"Uh, sir." I said. Everyone turned to look at me. They all seemed shocked every time I spoke. "I can find it. There's no point in killing all these people." I said. I could find. The rock had bits of metal in it.

"It'll be faster if he tells us." Stryker said, not bothering to look at me.

Wade asked the leader the question. "He says that's it's sacred." Wade said slightly disappointed.

"Okay, fine. Victor." Stryker said as he turned his back on the situation. He looked up at the sky not really seeing anything. With a smile, Victor grabbed the village's leader by the throat and twisted. I could hear the snap of his neck. After that, chaos ensued. I couldn't take my eyes off the dead man's body as the rest of the villagers were killed in multiple ways. I didn't even see James tackle Zero to the ground. I only saw him keep Victor from killing another person. I was too far to hear what they were saying but clearly they were arguing. I was only able to hear two words that James said, "I'm done." He walked off towards the edge of the village.

"Jimmy," Victor yelled. James stopped walking and turned back around. "We can't just let you walk away." In responds James tore his dog tags off and threw them on the ground. He then walked into the jungle and disappeared.

There was a small part of me that wanted to follow him. But I kept my place. Wade must have seen the uncertainty on face because he asked me, "Are you leaving too?" Everyone else turned to hear my answer.

It took me a few seconds to decide on my answer, "No. Running into the jungle at night alone doesn't seem like a smart thing to me. Especially in the rain." I added the last part as small droplets of water started to fall from the dark sky.
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