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Chapter 5

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As the night wore on the rain started stopped. I leaned against the rock as Stryker ordered Bradley to send for transportation. I allowed my fingers to trace the surface of the rock as I glared at the ground. I was able to ignored the sound that was around me until the only thing I heard was brief tinkles of water that fell occasionally. I concentrated on the sound of the droplets. This allowed me to keep from thinking. From remembering what had happened little more than a hour ago. I was broken out of my trance when I felt someone looking at me.

I lifted my head and glanced across the small clearing. I expected to see Wade but instead my eyes were met by the eyes of Victor. The meaning in his eyes sent shivers down my spine. When he noticed that I was looking at him, he smiled. His smile held the same emotion as his eyes. Being looked at as if I were his prey made me uneasy. Victor refused to avert his eyes from me. I barely noticed the silence that made fallen on the group. The seconds that ticked by felt like eons. Out of the corner of my eye I could tell that the others were tense and anxious. None of them knew what had brought this on or how it was going to end.

Victor was the one to break the silence. Even though he talked normally his voiced seemed to echo throughout the clearing. "Can I help you, Lorna?" This voice was kind but I could sense the malice in it.

I waited a few seconds before I replied. "I'd appreciate it if you'll stop looking at me like that." My voice was strong and unfaltering. "It makes me uncomfortable." I had no problem telling him that. He could already see it on my face. Before Victor could respond the sound of two helicopters announced the arrival of our transportation. I returned my eyes to the ground as the helicopters landed skillfully into to the clearing.


A few minutes later the two helicopters lifted off the ground. One carrying us and the other carrying the meteor. I chose to sit between Fred and Zero instead of my regular seat on the end. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I was asleep before we started to cross the Atlantic Ocean.


I awoke just as we were landing at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. I appeared to be the only one you fell asleep beside Fred, whose head was resting on my shoulder. As the helicopter landed, I shook him. "Fred." I whispered. He quickly opened his eyes and straightened up. Together we slowly got off the helicopter. I tired to avoid walking next Victor so walked next to Bradley. As we walked, he gave a small simple smile. The smile some how made me feel better about my choice of becoming part of his team.
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