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Chapter 6

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"Feet off the table, Lorna." Stryker said as he entered the room we were all gathered in. The room was bare. Four concrete walls kept us from the rest of the fort. The only furniture in the room was the long metal table we were sitting at. It took me a moment to realize that he was talking to me. I slowly put my feet on the floor and straightened up. Stryker passed each of us a vanilla colored folder. The folder wasn't really thick seeing how it only contained a few pages.

I quickly flipped the folder open. I disregarded the writing because my eyes instantly went to the picture. The man in the picture was no older than 23. His eyes were an unnatural amber color. His bronze hair reached pass his chin to his neck. I heard John say from across the "Remy LeBeau?"

"Mr.LeBeau is a very dangerous mutant. Your mission is to capture him." Stryker said standing at the head of the table.

"What's going to happen to him after we get him?" I asked, curious.

"That's not important, right now." Stryker said. I was beginning to get really annoyed with Stryker and his unwillingness to tell us things.

"...uses the bio-kinetic energy his body produces to convert the potential energy of non-organic matter into kinetic energy. The conversion process often results in a violent and powerful explosion. Sounds fun." Wade said, smiling. He continued to read. " .....also possesses a hypnotic charm that allows him to exert a subtle influence over sentient beings, leading them to believe what he says and agree with his suggestions. Don't let him near, Lorna." Wade laughed.

"Screw you." I said, not bothering to look at him.

"Is that an offer?" Wade said. I could hear the longing in his voice. My only response was to pull Wade's chair out from under him. The metal chair hit the wall as Wade hit the ground.

"Oops. My bad." I said sarcastically as Wade pulled himself back up.

"No offense, Lorna. But this does sound like a job for you." Zero said. I could tell that he was trying not to smile.

"What's the suppose to mean?" I said, not liking the way they were thinking.

"It say he hangs out at a casino in New Orleans. All you have to do is lead him into the ally behind and well take it from there." Zero said carefully. He didn't really want to offend me.

"What do you mean 'lead'?" I said slowly. The answer was clearly written on Zero's face. "No. There's no way in hell I am doing that." I yelled across the table at him. "I don't even know how to do that." I added.

"Hell, Lorna. It's not that hard to seduce a guy. Besides he'll probably be the one doing to the seducing." Wade said. I would have hit him it I could have reached him.
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