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Chapter 7

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"I can't believe I'm doing this. This is so degrading." I mumbled to myself as I sat in the back of the large black SUV. I was wearing a pair of dark jeans, a white halter top, and my hair was dyed blond and was pushed back into a styled pony tail. The black high heels felt odd on my feet. I sighed heavily, "This isn't going to work."

"Well, it won't with an attitudes like that." John said from the seat behind me.

"Yeah, Lorna. Lighten up. At least pretend to have fun. Who's know, you may have some." Wade said. He made it clear that he found this whole situation hilarious. I ignored him, which caused him to keep talking. "You look good as a blond. It's sexy. But your make up makes you look like a total prostitute." I continued to stare out the car window at downtown New Orleans, but I flipped Wade the bird without saying a word. I knew he was joking about my make up because I barely had any on. I was never a big fan of make up.

"That's not a very lady like thing to do, Lorna." Victor said from the seat next to me. I was unlucky in the fact that I was the last in the car so I had no choice in where I sat.

"I blame you guys." I said, still looking out the window.

The car pulled up to the curb. Zero, Wade and I quickly jumped out. Both Wade and Zero wore dressed as civilians. They were there to blend in and help if something went wrong, which I knew something would. Due to my inexperience with heels, I tripped taking my first step. I would have fell on my face if I didn't fall into Zero first. I groaned loudly. "I shouldn't have worn these shoes."

The Louisiana air was warm and humid. I walked behind Wade, while Zero walked besides me. The only thing I seemed to be able to focus on was how slow Wade was walking. "Can you walk any slower?" I said coldly as I walked around him.

"Maybe if you ask nicer."

The sidewalk became more crowed as we got nearer to the casino. I didn't bother to see if Wade or Zero were keeping up with me. I didn't care. I just wanted to get this thing over with. The casino was located in an older building in the middle of New Orleans. There was a small group of guys standing outside smoking. I ignored their curious glares as I handed the doorman my fake I.D. The man looked from me to the piece of plastic in hands and then back to me. The man smiled as he handed back my I.D. He then moved out of the way, so I could enter.

In the back of my mind I hoped that the doorman would see through the fake I.D. It would have saved me from this difficult and slightly humiliating task that I was forced to deal with. But a part of me wanted to do this. To prove to everyone that I wasn't just a kid. That I was capable of dealing with things. That I was an important asset to the group. Maybe if I did this, the others would see me as their equal.
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