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Chapter 8

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The inside of the casino was not what I expected. While the exterior was slightly worn down the inside was practically new. Dark wood paneling reached halfway up the red walls. The dark floor appeared to be stain free. A few shiny slot machine lined the east wall while couple pool table were by the west wall. Against the back was the bar. And in the middle of the large room was an arrangement of poker, blackjack and craps tables.

I stood by the door for a few minutes just taking in my surroundings. I noticed that room had a strange fog and smell in it. I realized that it was cigarette smoke. I watched some of it float up to the dim lights and I thought to myself If I get cancer, I'm sueing.

"You're man is the one walking to the bar in the brown jacket." Wade whispered in my ear. "We'll be by the poker table if you need any help. Remember, be yourself." He said as he patted my on the shoulder and then walked further into the smoke filled room.

"Good luck." Zero said as he followed Wade . I carefully maneuvered through maze of people on my way to the bar. As I moved pass a crowed craps table, the smoke got denser and it caused me to gag. I wasn't use to cigarette smoke, for neither of my parents or friends ever smoked. I all but ran from the table to the slightly less crowded bar.

There wasn't very many open seats left at the bar but I was able to get one next to Remy LeBeau. I quietly sat down on the metal stool. The bartender just gave me a questioning look while he waited from me to order. I knew he was trying to decide if I had been carded at the front door. When I opened my mouth to order my mind went blank for a second. I wasn't sure what to order. I had never drank alcohol aside from a few slips of my mom's wine at New Year's. "....I'll just have a Screwdriver." I said the first thing that came to mind. The bartender must have been satisfied by my answer because he placed the orange colored drink in front of me and then walked away.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Remy glance at me when I ordered. "How'd you get in?" His asked.

"Excuse me?" I asked, really confused by his question. For some reason my heart beat quicken when I looked at him and even more when he returned the look.

"You look a little young to have come in through the front door." He said with a smile on his face. Apparently everyone but the doorman thought I too young.

I took a drink to buy me some time to think of a response. I was surprised that the screwdriver didn't taste that bad. "I came in through the back door but don't tell anyone." It wasn't until after I said that I realized how stupid that comment sounded. I could have punched myself.

If Remy felt the same way he didn't let on. He continued to smile as he said, "Do you do that often?"

I shook my head. "No. I don't get out much." Which was the truth. Even back before I joined the team, I was a slightly antisocial person. I preferred to spend most of my time alone.

"I'm Remy LeBeau." He held out his hand.

"Lorna Dane." Remy took my hand and kiss it. If I wasn't sitting down I probably would have collapsed.
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