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Chapter 9

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Two hours and five Screwdrivers later we were still sitting at the bar talking to each other. I couldn't really remember what we had talked about. It was just a bunch of random things. I was so invested in the conversation that I didn't even notice that I was drinking so much. I didn't feel any different even through I had consumed a large amount of alcohol. I knew I would regret it later when all the alcohol finally reached my blood stream. I was sure five drinks would be too much for my one hundred and fifteen pound body to handle.

I was able to sneak a glance across the room to where Zero and Wade were standing. Zero was staring off in space with a bored expression on his face. Wade was staring at Remy and I but I was trying not to make it obvious. When he met my eyes, he tapped his wrist where a watch would be if he ever worn one. Hurry up.

Now came the hard part, getting Remy to leave with me through the back door. I was sure I could get him to leave with me. That wasn't the hard part. The hard part was the back door. He might find it odd if I insisted on leaving through the back door. At least I would find it odd if I was him. I glance at the front door. The front of the casino was much more crowded than the back part. There was numerous table placed by the door. Most of chairs were occupied. I also saw people standing on the small flight of stairs that separated the sitting area from the rest of the casino. I remembered how I had to slowly guide my feet down the steps. I would never be able to go back up them with the shoes I had on and the five drinks I had in me. At least I wouldn't be able to without falling a couple times, which I was something I was not interested in doing.

My mind was spinning as I tried to think of an useful excuse. I was starting to get a headache when one came to me. One that I was sure would work. One that I hoped would work. "You wouldn't happen to know what time it is?" I said in the most sweet and mature voice I could muser. I was fully aware of what time it was.

Remy looked up at the small clock above the bar that I had spotted when I first entered the casino. "1:23. Don't tell me you have to go?" His voice was full of disappointment.

I smiled sadly. "My flight leaves at ten and I still have to pack." I told Remy that I was on vacation in New Orleans from Boston. It was the truth. Basically.

"I don't supposed I could talk you into missing you flight and staying with me." He said casually.

My heart was about to beat out of my chest. A wide smiled made its way on to my face. "Sorry." I said. My voice was full sincere regretfulness.

Remy appeared to have expected my answer. "Well, can I at least walk you to your hotel?"

"Sure." I said almost too eagerly. I carefully stood up, for I was unsure of how much balance I had. To my surprise I felt nothing. No dizziness. My legs were a little numb from sitting so long, but that was it. Remy stood up next to me. I was shocked by how tall he was. Even with heels on, he was still a good five inches taller than me.

Remy casually put his arm around my shoulders. I wasn't sure if I should have felt uncomfortable with his boldness but I didn't say anything. As he started to walked towards the front door, pulling me lightly beside him, I said, "Um. Would you mind if we went through the back?" I said innocently. His only response was a curious look. "I not good with stairs, especially in heels."

He laughed softly. "Sure. No problem." He said as he switched his direction. I exhaled quietly. I risked a glance back to where Wade and Zero were. Zero was no longer staring into space. He was on the phone, speaking quickly to the person on the other end. Wade gave me a broad comical smile and the thumbs up. That was the last thing I saw as we walked out of the casino in the warm night air.
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