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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 of Accidents Can Happen

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The ally wasn't what I expected. What I expected was your typical big city ally, complete with some old smelly dumpsters, a homeless person and the occasional mugger. But the ally we had just walked into was practically the extract opposite. The black asphalt was free of trash. It was free of people, homeless and criminal alike. A small wooden bench was placed by the door. The only thing that made it an ally rather than a narrow street was the small dumpster half way down the ally.

Remy kept his arm around me as we walked away from the casino. I expected Wade and Zero to be right behind us but the door remained closed. Maybe Zero is still on the phone... I thought trying not to panic. I won't put it pass Wade to leave me alone to get Remy. He would probably think it would be the most hilarious thing that ever happened. Either way I had to buy them some time. We were moving towards the end of the ally to quickly.

I looked up at Remy and was slightly unsettled when I saw that he was looking at me too. His eyes were so......enchanting. I couldn't stop staring into them. I hadn't even noticed that we had stopped walking. We had only gotten ten feet from the door. Some how I mange to make a plan while I looked into Remy's eyes, which glowed like embers. If Zero and Wade didn't show up in five seconds, I would do this alone. How? I hadn't figured that part out yet.

I counted in my head. Five. I suddenly became extremely aware that Remy's arm was no longer around my shoulders. Instead it was placed around my waist. Four. I exhaled slowly. Three. Remy pulled me gently towards him. Two, He leaned into kiss. Our lips never met, for at that moment the back door to the casino slammed open. The sound of it filled the empty ally way.

"What the hell?" Remy said as he turned around. Over his shoulder, I saw Wade and Zero. Wade had slight look of frustration on his face while Zero looked clearly annoyed.
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