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Divine Intervention

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Jeffery is better than ever and ready to work, but it seems that someone upstairs isn't too happy with him.

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-Jeffery stood with his arms across his chest and a smile on his face as he watched. Jade, Kikki and Scylla had long since finished with their toys but Hellen's was special. He was built to last.

-"This is my way of thanking you," Hellen whispered into the man's ear with a wicked grin as the thrust her hips forward. The men let out a scream, not so much from the pain, but from the indignation of being violated. Again and again Hellen thrust her phallus into the man with enthusiastic vigor. The man held back his tears as he tried to hold on to what little dignity he had left.

-The former soldier had thought that being stuck in a constant state of dying had been the worst torture possible. But to add insult to injury he was now being anally raped by a female demon that he had tried to kill. And she couldn't have been enjoying it more.

-Hellen laughed with glee as she thrust into the man again and again. The man was bleeding but Hellen couldn't be sure if it was due to her own efforts or the perpetual injuries that the man suffered from. She took hold of one of the man's shoulders and dug her claws into his flesh as she thrust into him even harder.

-"How do you like my bazooka?" Hellen asked as she lifted the man off the ground and forced him down onto her penis with a roar. The man's mangled body was in no condition to fight her off; all he could do was scream and yell. He clenched his jaw and shut his eyes while praying for death.

-Hellen picked up her pace and clenched her teeth as she came. The soldier let out a groan as he felt the liquid filling him up. He suffered the involuntary suppository until it forced its way out of the holes that already existed in his colon and soon the white cum was oozing out of the cuts in his stomach.

-"Was it good for you?" Hellen asked with a grin as she lifted the man off of her phallus and tossed him aside. She smiled down at the broken man with satisfaction as he twitched on the ground like a dying animal. The serum he had been injected with went to work and healed the wounds she had caused. Every time she raped him it would be like the first.

-Finally finished with her fun she joined her sisters in front of the master. Several demons dragged the human away, they would not eat him but they would keep him occupied until Hellen wanted him again. But for now it was back to business.

-Jeffery looked at the eager desires in the eyes of his four generals. Siren had reported from the sea, she was finding less and less victims on the open water. To keep her from getting bored, and to replenish her forces, Jeffery had given her permission to raid the seaside towns and harbors. It had proven useful in cutting off the escape plans of the local populace.

-Now Jeffery was ready for the final push through Europe. Afterwards he would take a breather before going through Africa and Japan. He had sent word back to Raven and Marrow for them to continue the campaign in America. Hopefully by the time he came home the world would be his.

-"You all know what to do," Jeffery said with confidence, "now go forth and mutilate." His generals grinned with wide eyes filled with excitement at the promise of chaos and carnage. Jade looked over her shoulder and nodded to the demon horde behind her and the beasts charged forward with a roar.

-"Master?" Kikki said while cautiously approaching Jeffery like a child about to ask its parent for a favor. "...yes?" Jeffery responded, curious as to what she wanted. "well...since we are about to destroy the world and there won't be many humans left, could we each pick one human to give the serum to like Hellen's so we will always have one?"

-"Hmm...I don't see why not." Jeffery answered, it was clear that Kikki had thought it through and he couldn't argue her logic. "During this final battle you may each pick out one human to capture for yourselves. I will inform Siren to do the same. Happy hunting."

-"Thank you master!" Kikki cheered as she turned and ran after the demons to join in the battle. She only made it a few steps when a large sword dropped from the sky and planted itself right in front of her. Kikki stopped herself before running into it. She blinked with surprise and looked at the weapon as if it were a strange bug.

-"Now where did that come from?" Kikki asked herself. Jeffery looked to the sky and saw the silhouette of a winged being standing on the roof of a building. Jeffery's eyes quickly filtered out the glair and he saw what appeared to be an angel.

-The creature descended from the building and landed in front of Kikki with the sword separating the two. Her childish naïveté showing itself, Kikki did not have the sense to be afraid or recognize the danger. She simply stared at the being before her with her head tilted like a puppy that was trying to understand something new.

-The being appeared to be male with short blond hair. He wore a brilliant white robe with golden trim. He had two large, feathery wings and a scabbard at his hip. His eyes looked down at Kikki with judgment and a stern expression on his face.

-The angel reached out and slowly lifted up the sword from the ground and held it high above its head. From Kikki's expression it was clear that she still did not see the danger, but Jeffery did. He saw the decision to kill in the angel's eyes and called out a warning to his little demon.

-"Kikki, watch out!" He shouted as the angel brought its weapon down. The tip of the blade cut into the concrete where Kikki had been standing. The angel looked up and watched as Kikki landed kneeling down in front of her master still facing the angel.

-Jeffery wondered if Kikki would have moved if he had not warned her. It still amazed him that she had no concept of danger. Even after the attack she was smiling at the promise of some fun. She took out her staff and faced off against the angel.

-"Nice toy," Kikki said, "do you want to play with me?" The angel raised his blade and pointed it at her. It was all the answer that she required. Her sisters readied themselves but one look from Jeffery made them hold their ground. This was Kikki's fight.

-Kikki rushed at her playmate and leapt up into the air. She came down and brought her staff towards the angel's face but he blocked it with his blade without saying a word. The two exchanged several blows back and forth without either gaining the advantage.

-As Jeffery suspected, the newcomer was holding his own. It was something no human could have done. Seeing that her opponent was keeping up with her, Kikki changed her tactics. She moved like a snake slipping back and forth in an unnatural manner, striking with her staff at any perceived opening.

-The angel for his part moved with short, fast and direct movements. He almost seemed to float back and forth as he dodged Kikki's attacks and when he struck it was just as direct and efficient. His expression remained blank and never made a noise.

-Finally the angel swung horizontally at Kikki's neck and she ducked under it and leapt backwards. The moment her feet touched the ground however she kicked off and launched herself at her opponent. Kikki used her staff as a pole vault and connected both of her feet with the angel's chest.

-The winged warrior was kicked back and into a brick wall which collapsed from the impact. He was buried in rubble and Kikki smiled, twirling her staff above her head and resting it on her shoulders in victory. That was until the angel emerged from his grave.

-With a backwards flap of his wings he cast off the dust and Jeffery's eyes narrowed as he watched a cut on the side of the angel's neck heal on its own. The angel popped its neck side to side before rushing at Kikki. She swung her staff at him but the angel parried it away and knocked it out of her hands. He then brought the blade down towards her but Kikki leapt backwards and landed once again kneeling before her master facing the angel.

-Kikki ran at the angel again without her weapon but before she reached him she suddenly leapt away and spun in the air. She landed where her staff had, picked up the weapon and leapt back at the angel.

-The strange maneuver had confused the angel just enough for her to catch him off guard. Once he realized what she had done he tried to bring his sword up to defend himself but it was too late. The angel spun away just in time to avoid the blow from Kikki's staff which cracked the concrete street when it struck.

-Kikki pushed her offensive, keeping the angel off balance until he was forced to retreat. With one flap of his wings he ascended into the air and came to rest on the edge of a building's rooftop, where several others stood waiting for him. Kikki started to run towards the building but Jeffery had no desire to see her take on that many at once.

-"Kikki!" Jeffery shouted. His general froze in place without so much as a questioning glace, though it was clear that she desired to continue the battle. Jeffery looked up at the six angels that stared down at them. He smiled baring his teeth and said with a chuckle, "this is going to get bloody."
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