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Holy War

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Jeffery and his generals face off against the angels, but who will come out on top.

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-"Six of them, four of us," Jade said confidently. She drew her own sword and her sisters followed suit. She stepped forward and spread her wings. "I'll take the two in the middle, Hellen; you have the two on the right. Kikki you take the one you were playing with earlier."

-Her sisters faced their opponents without protest. They were all eager to put these upstarts in their place. But Jeffery didn't want to be left out of the fun. "There are five of us," He said stepping forward and joining his generals with his sword drawn. "And I'll take the two in the middle, you and Hellen will just have to share, Jade."

-Jade smiled and lowered her head submissively, "of course, master." She turned her attention towards her new intended target. They all looked pretty much the same, short cut hair, white robes with golden trim, all with white feathery wings and swords.

-"...take'em," Jeffery ordered. Jade flapped her wings and took to the air, her sisters leapt up at their opponents. The angels flapped their wings and took to the air, but that wasn't about to stop Jade's sisters. They kicked off of the rooftops and went after the angels.

-Jade went high into the air after her dance partner. The two of them circled each other like birds. Then they dove at each other and their blades connected. Again and again they attacked each other in an aerial ballet. Jade was used to fighting planes, but not other winged combatants like herself.

-Hellen took a less elegant approach. She jumped up at her angel and grabbed him by the ankle. Before he could strike her hand away Hellen yanked him out of the sky and threw him back towards the earth. The angel slammed into the building's rooftop and Hellen landed on his chest, knocking him down through the building all the way to the ground floor.

-Kikki used her staff to once again pole vault up after her new friend. The added spring brought her higher than her target and she brought her staff down across the angel's back. The holy warrior was sent plummeting to earth and crashed into a small water tower. "Hey, a pool party!" Kikki cheered with laughter as she dropped back down to the building. The second she landed the angel erupted from tower and slammed into her. They both went off of the rooftop, falling to the street where they continued their battle.

-Scylla didn't jump up after her opponent; instead she pulled out her whip and swung it up at him. It lashed around his leg and with one strong pull she brought him down to her. The whip came loose and she twirled it around while the angel stood up and readied his sword. Scylla smiled at him with vicious intent, "That was just to get your attention," she said, "Now it's time to bleed."

-She squeezed the handle of the whip and curved blades protruded along its entire length. "Every rose has its thorns," she said as the angel rushed at her. She laughed as she side stepped his attack and lashed at him with her whip again.

-While all of this went on Jeffery and his two victims had not moved a muscle. Jeffery felt no rush to kill them, and it seemed they were hesitant to come after him, even though they outnumbered him. Jeffery chuckled to himself and rolled his head to loosen up his neck. It had been a long time since he had had a real fight.

-"If you're coming for me then bring it if you've got it, I don't have all day." Jeffery said. The two angels descended down to him but stayed their attack. The one on the right stepped forward and addressed Jeffery, his voice full of contempt.

-"Our master has sent us to punish you and your bastard children for your crimes on this earth," he said, "prepare for divine judgment." The angel and his companion drew their weapons and took up positions on both sides of Jeffery.

-"Oh really?" Jeffery asked, "What the fuck took you so long?" The angels dived at him with their swords posed to attack. Jeffery jumped and spun out of the way almost making his attackers strike each other. Jeffery landed away from them with a cocky grin on his face.

-The two angels lunged at him together but to no avail. Jeffery easily dodged their every attack and laughed while doing it. He was simply toying with them, not once did he strike back or take any offensive action.

-Finally, out of boredom, Jeffery took the fight to the angels. He picked his moment and when one of the angels stabbed at him Jeffery grabbed his arm and threw him against a wall. Jeffery also threw his sword at the same time and the blade pierced the angel's shoulder and pinned him to the building.

-The other angel attempted to strike Jeffery but he easily turned and backhanded the angel and sent him tumbling away. He picked himself up while his companion tried to free himself. Despite his attempts Jeffery's sword would not be removed. Jeffery watched as the angel freed himself the only way possible. He slowly moved down letting the blade cut through his shoulder until he was free.

-"I take it you guys don't' feel pain," Jeffery said as he watched the angel's wound heal on its own. The two angels approached Jeffery thinking he was defenseless. They stood between him and his weapon, no doubt feeling they had an advantage.

-"Your efforts are futile," one of the angels said, "we cannot be killed." Jeffery smiled at that declaration, he would enjoy putting it to the test. "I've already seen you bastards bleed," Jeffery said, "and if you bleed, you can die."

-The angels went for Jeffery but he spun threw their blades and brought up his fists backhanding both of the angels in the face at the same time. The two warriors fell on their backs, one rolled onto his belly and Jeffery stomped on the back of his head, driving his face into the concrete.

-The other angel got to his feet and rushed at Jeffery but Jeffery reached out and grabbed its face with one hand. He dug his claws into the angel's flesh and lifted him off of the ground. Jeffery's eyes went wide with sadistic glee as he squeezed until he ripped the angel's face off.

-Jeffery shook the gore from his had and pushed down on his foot one more time to make sure the other angel was also dead. He held out his hand and his sword flew out of the wall and returned to its master. Just to be safe, Jeffery swiped down and removed the angel's crushed head from its body. He then looked to see how the girls were doing.

-Jade continued her aerial battle with the angel. The two continued to dive at each other through the sky, going higher and higher. The angel dove at jade and slashed at her but Jade spun upwards over the angel, reached down and ripped off both of his wings.

-As the angel plummeted back to earth Jade threw her sword down at him with all her might. The blade found its target and the angel hit the ground with so much force that it made a small crater. "You may come from heaven, but I rule these skies," Jade said in triumph.

-Hellen for her part was continued to use brute force. She shoulder tackled her opponent through a wall and knocked him out of the building taking the fight to the street. Her halberd kept the angel at a distance so he could not reach her. Finally the angel parried her halberd and moved in, slashing at Hellen's face. Hellen tried to avoid the blow but the sword did cut her across the face.

-"You son of a bitch!" Hellen growled as the cut healed itself, "If that had been permanent I would be very upset." She thrust her halberd at the angels face and he dodged to the side and the second he did Hellen moved in and connected with a right hand uppercut under his jaw that nearly ripped the angle's head off. While the angel was stunned Hellen drove her right elbow into his chest and sent him flying into another brick wall.

-To finish the job Hellen threw her halberd like a spear and it pierced through the angel's throat vertically. Hellen walked over to her pinned victim, grabbed the sides of his head and ripped it from his shoulders.

-Scylla's battle was just as one sided as her sister's. The angel circled her as she kept him at bay with her whip. The angel was covered in cuts that were being created faster than they could heal. The angel tried to move in and Scylla punished his pretentiousness with two lashes across the face. The angel finally accepted that his tactics would not work against her.

-He attempted to fly away but Scylla took it as an insult. "Leaving without saying goodbye? How rude!" She said as she lashed out with her whip again. This time it wrapped around the angel's neck. The sharp thorns dug into the angel's flesh as he tried to grab at it. Scylla pulled hard and the whip ripped through the angel like a chain saw and removed his head. His lifeless corpse fell to earth, and Scylla walked away with a smirk on her face.

-Kikki was the only one still fighting with her angel. The two fought through the street, weaving in and out of alleys, diving behind cars. Kikki flipped a car at the angel with her staff only to have the angel slice the vehicle in two. Kikki chuckled as the angel pursued her through the city.

-Kikki was enjoying herself immensely. No human had ever provided her with such sport and she had no desire to end it. She would play with the angel until he tired, and then she would finish him. But before that happened she planned to get as much use out of him as she could.

-Again and again the angel struck at her but she leapt away every time. Despite his inability to land a blow the angel showed no sign of frustration. His face remained calm and emotionless. His lack of reaction began to annoy Kikki.

-"Catch me if you can," she said as she zigzagged up the side of a building. The angel flew up after her and cut her off at the top. He slashed at her with his sword and Kikki was knocked off of the building. She fell towards the ground and the angel dived after her.

-As she fell Kikki launched her staff back up towards the angel. There wasn't enough time for him to block or dodge it and the weapon hit its mark as Kikki hit the street. She slammed through the pavement and was nearly knocked out from the impact. After a few seconds she picked herself up and grabbed a hold of her broken left arm, snapping it back into place.

-She looked up and laughed out loud. "You look funny!" Kikki said pointing up at the angel who was pinned to the building with Kikki's staff sticking out of his mouth and through the back of his head. Kikki shook the dust off of herself like a dog shaking off water before she jumped up and grabbed a hold of her staff.

-She hung from it with on arm like an ape for a moment, staring at the angel to make sure he was dead before removing it and dropping back down to earth. The angel's corpse dropped into a dumpster and Kikki returned to join the master and her sisters, whistling to herself.

-Jeffery stood tall as his generals returned to him. It had been the first real battle in a long time; in fact it had been the only real battle they had ever fought. And they had come out on top, walking over the broken bodies of god's warriors. And since this was proof that there truly was a heaven and hell, it meant that Jeffery had more to conquer than just the earth.
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