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Seed of Destruction

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Jeffery sets his sights on heaven; the only question is how to get there. There may be one person who knows, all Jeffery has to do is get him to talk.

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-Jeffery looked down at the city with purpose in his eyes. Somewhere down there was the answer to his question. The way to his enemy, the way to the kingdom of heaven, someone down there must know. And when he got there he would burn it to the ground and cast its ruin at god's feet.

-Jade descended from the sky and landed kneeling behind Jeffery as he looked over his next target. Kikki, Hellen and even Siren stood at the head of his army awaiting his command but Scylla was busy with another task.

-"So how's the view?" Jeffery finally asked his general. "They are ill-equipped to stave off our attack master," Jade answered. "The one you want is in the large church as you suspected, I encountered no more winged enemies."

-"You know what to do," Jeffery said looking over his shoulder, "and remember, I want prisoners, so send the bugs in with the front line." Jade stood up and drew her sword. The master had given the command and now the fun was about to begin. She raised her sword above her heard, and then pointed it towards the city.

-The demon horde raced forward, eager for the taste of human flesh and blood. The first wave was mostly made up of scrawnier, human looking demons. They were meant to overwhelm any defenses of the city and were expendable. Their roughly human shaped bodies were not sturdy but their savage and fearless nature made them good, cheap, cannon fauder.

-The few soldiers that defended the city were quickly ripped to shreds by the creatures and Jade sent in the bugs. They were large spider like creatures the size of a car. The black twisted arachnids scurried into the town followed by the rest of the demon scourge.

-The spiders' bulbous bodies did little to slow them down as they crawled over houses and cars. Their long legs easily ripped doors off of their hinges exposing the helpless humans within. The spiders pointed their abdomens forward and sprayed the helpless victims with sticky webbing.

-The people were instantly cocooned in place, alive and screaming. The adhesive webbing kept the victims pinned to the ground or walls where they were enveloped. The demons that swarmed in after the spiders left the packages alone. They knew that they were not to be touched.

-However the spiders only took a few humans each before the demons surpassed them and began ripping people to pieces. Jeffery didn't mind, he only needed a few prisoners and calling the demons off without them getting to eat would be just plain mean.

-Jeffery walked through the streets, looking at the cocooned humans and the bloody remains of those the demons had gotten to first. His generals had their fun while the demons ripped the place apart but they weren't just killing humans. They were on guard against any possible angel attack that would more than likely come given Jeffery's target.

-Jeffery made it all the way to the outer perimeter of his goal without so much as a bird getting in his way. He looked in at the church and spotted several old style guards standing ready to fight of the demon scourge that threatened their precious leader. They would be no trouble.

-Jeffery drew his sword and stepped forward with determination in his eyes. The holy guards came at him all at once, their swords drawn, their out of date armor shining. All around the demons left the building alone; they swarmed around it like water around a large rock. And Jeffery stormed the Vatican church alone.

-Inside the church, the pope sat on his chair surrounded by his bishops and cardinals. The blood curdling screams of their noble protectors could be heard from just outside the large double doors, along with the roars of a horrible beast from hell. And then there was silence.

-The religious leaders looked to each other in confusion, unsure whether their knights had been victorious, or the demon. The silence seemed to last forever, becoming more and more deafening until finally it was broken.

-The large doors blew apart as if destroyed by a bomb. Dust and debris flew through the air and blanketed the room. The old men in their elaborate robes huddled together in a panic as Jeffery slowly walked into the room. Through the dust they could only see his silhouette, but even Jeffery's shadow promised death.

-Jeffery made every foot step echo through the large room as he approached the old men. He had already sheathed his blade; his bare hands were more than enough to handle these walking corpses. He flexed his claws and focused his eyes on the man with the pointy hat.

-Several of the men put their hands together and started to pray. Jeffery looked at them and laughed out loud. Did they really think that could save them? Jeffery ignored the pathetic weaklings and approached the pope.

-"Accursed monster!" the pope spat at Jeffery, "In the name of god, I damn thee back to the foul pits of hell!" Jeffery's eyes went wide and his hands came up to grasp at his neck as if he were choking. He opened his mouth and his tongue came out like he was gagging and for a moment the men's eyes showed a glimmer of hope.

-That was until Jeffery began to laugh out loud at his own cruel joke. His booming and malevolent laugh filled the room and sent chills down the spines of the men. He walked up to the pope and looked down upon the old and frail man.

-"What a coincidence, that's exactly where I need to go." Jeffery said as he reached out and took the small man by the neck. "And you're going to help. Scylla!" All eyes turned toward the doorway as Jeffery's one eyed general stepped inside with a self satisfied smile on her face.

-She walked up behind her master and dropped a black seed the size of an egg into his open hand. Jeffery looked over the small creation that she had made form him. "Made to my specifications?" Jeffery asked.

-"Of course, master." Scylla answered. Jeffery smiled, "good girl," he said, letting the pope go and patting her on the head. "Bring the prisoners." Scylla bowed and took her leave to carry out her master's orders as he turned his attention back to the pope and the other cowering old men.

-"I have a special treat for you impotent old fools," Jeffery mocked as the bugs dragged in their cocooned victims. Jeffery tossed the seed onto the ground as the spiders opened the cocoons and pulled out the occupants. Jeffery grabbed one of the young men and held him over the seed. He narrowed his eyes at the pope and smiled as he used his claws to rip the man's throat out, spilling his blood onto the seed.

-The pope and his friends looked on in horror as the seed rapidly sprouted and took root through the stone floor. It shot up to the ceiling, smashing through and sending out vines that sought out the nearest humans. Once found, the vines ensnared its victims and lifted them into the air.

-The vines ripped the humans' clothes off as they searched for someplace moist and warm, and they found it. The vines brutally forced their way into every orifice they could find, much to the discomfort of their prey. Women and men alike screamed as they were penetrated by the invasive plant.

-The men let out even louder shrieks as the vines found the opening at the tip of the penis and moved down the urethra. One by one the tree snatched up and brutalized every human until only the pope was left. With Jeffery standing between the two, the plant seemed reluctant to venture near its master.

-"Why...why are you doing this?" The pope asked in a pleading voice. He had seen enough suffering and it seemed he could bear no more. Jeffery flashed him a smug smile, "I want to know everything you know about heaven and hell so I can find my way to the underworld." Jeffery answered.

-"But what does that have to do with this carnage?" The pope asked. Jeffery pointed his thumb over his shoulder at the ravenous plant behind him. "This is my very own tree of knowledge," he explained, "soon it will absorb the knowledge of its victims and bare fruit for me, fruit that will contain that knowledge."

-The pope got on his knees before Jeffery, "I will tell you all that I know, just please stop this!" He pleaded. Jeffery thought the offer over and then shrugged. "Nah, this way is more fun," he said as he stepped aside and allowed the tree's vines to find the last human in the room.

-Like the others the pope was aggressively stripped and brutally rapped. He cried out as his old shriveled form was violated by the prodding plant. It entered every orifice it could find, the anus, the urethra and mouth. Even the ears and nostrils were not safe from the slithering vines.

-Jeffery watched with amusement as the humans were all abused by his new pet until finally it was ready to absorb them. One after another the vines extended thorny spines inside the humans' bodies. The spines dug in and spread roots throughout the internal organs, wrapping around the heart and lungs.

-At first the humans screamed in agony but they were quickly sedated as the plant slowed down their metabolisms. The vines secreted a sap like substance around the human bodies and soon they were all engulfed.

-Jeffery walked over to the pope, now frozen behind and amber glass wall. "Did I mention that the plant makes you a part of it so you don't actually die?" Jeffery asked with a smirk, "Instead it incorporates you into its own systems, feeding off your blood while keeping you alive, and in never ending agony...enjoy."

-After a few moments the tree grew a single fruit that looked like a black apple. Jeffery whistled happily as he walked over and plucked the forbidden fruit from the tree and just then Scylla came running back into the room.

-"Master, they're here!"
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