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Knowledge is Power

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Jeffery and his forces encounter the angels again. But with his new found knowledge, their presence may be a blessing in disguise.

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-Jeffery stepped out of the building, tossing his apple up and down in one hand with a smile on his face. Outside his girls stood ready for another fight with the rest of his army backing them up. This time there were over a dozen angels challenging them.

- Every angel looked basically the same; they all wore white robes, feathery wings and swords on their hips. They all had short cut hair and blank, emotionless faces. The only real difference between them was their hair color.

- "Prepare to be judged, demons." One of the angels announced. He appeared to be the leader though there were no distinguishable differences between him and the others. He drew his sword and the rest of his companions did the same.

- "Come here little angel, I'll clip your wings." Jade said sweetly as she and her sisters drew their weapons. Jeffery walked up beside them as he looked over the enemy. He smiled at the angels and took a big bite out of his black little apple. Instantly the collective knowledge of the tree's victims entered his mind.

-It took him a few moments to sort it all out. There were so many memories and thoughts, so much knowledge that it was overwhelming. But after a second Jeffery regained control and sifted through the knowledge until he found what he wanted. It all happened in a matter of seconds and to any observer, Jeffery looked as if nothing had happened.

-"Girls," Jeffery said, "bring me one of them alive, and kill the rest." Jade and the others nodded in acknowledgment of their orders and turned to face their enemy. Jade pointed her blade at the angel that had spoken. "I'll take that one alive, have fun with the rest," she said. Her sisters nodded with smiles on their faces and charged forward.

-Jeffery crossed his arms and leaned against the church's wall as his demons took on the greatly outnumbered angels. The angels took to the air and fought for their lives. One on one they seemed to dispatch the lesser demons easily but they were quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies.

- The demons bit and ripped and clawed and tore the angels to pieces but through it all the angels never stopped fighting, nor did they cry out in pain or fear. To the demons it made no difference but for Jeffery it made for a rather boring show.

-Jade's fight was different however; she had an angel all to herself. This angel was different from the last one she had killed. He was faster, stronger and far more skilled than the last. And Jade could not have been happier.

-Their swords clashed together again and again as they flew through the air. The angel managed to keep pace with Jade through all of her aerial maneuvering but despite Jade's taunting laughs the angel made no sound. No glairs of anger, no taunts or remarks, not even so much as a twitch of his eyebrow.

-Bellow them the demons finished off the remaining angels. They swarmed over the last of them and ripped them to pieces. Bloody feathers flew through the air like chickens being thrown to wolves. Once they were done, all eyes were on Jade.

-She continued to fight the last remaining angel in the sky. The two of them flew circles around each other and struck at each other until finally the angel deflected Jade's blade and kicked her down onto a building's rooftop. Jade hit the concrete roof hard and did not rise.

-The angel slowly descended down to her, landing a few feet away. He stepped toward Jade with confidence but with no expression of pleasure on his face. Jade looked up at him with weary eyes as he raised his sword above his head and said, "Go with God."

-" hell!" Jade yelled as she turned and threw her sword at the angel. The blade pierced through his right wrist and wing and pinned him to the brick wall he had been standing in front of. Jade stood up and smiled at the angel who had fallen into her trap. "The pretty ones are never very bright," she said shaking her head.

-She took a step forward and the angel reached up to take the sword out of his arm to release himself. Jade wasn't about to let that happen. "Siren!" She called out and her sister jumped onto the roof and hurled her trident at the angel, pinning his other hand and wing to the wall. Jade walked over to him and took his chin in her hand looking him over.

-"You're cute enough to eat," Jade said. She slowly stuck out her tongue and licked his neck. She then dragged her it up under his chin and over his cheek, "you taste good to, I would like nothing better than to enjoy you some more. Sadly the master has other plans for you."

-The angel did not react at all to Jade's seductions or taunts. Without saying a word he started to pull himself down through the blades like the one Jeffery fought had done. Jade stepped back and called and wagged a finger at him before she looked over her shoulder and called for another sister.

-"Hellen!" Jade said. Her larger sister marched up to the angel and punched him in the face so hard the back of his head left an imprint in the wall. "Sweet dreams," Jade whispered to her captive as his head hung in silence.

-"If I'm lucky, the master might let me keep you," jade said as she wiped some blood from the angel's nose and put her bloody finger into her mouth, tasting it. "We'll see," Jeffery said. Jade and her sisters turned to see their master standing at the edge of the rooftop with his hands behind his back and a big smile on his face.

-He walked up to the prize his girls had won for him. Kikki and Scylla followed close behind and they all looked over the broken angel. He was alive just as Jeffery had instructed and now his plan could go forward.

-"Scylla, bind our friend here and prepare him for transport," Jeffery said. "Yes master," Scylla said as she bowed and called forth two spiders that began to wrap the angel in their silk while Jeffery turned away and walked to the building's edge.

-He looked out across the torn landscape. The city lay in ruins, its people either killed or mutated into demons for his army. The dark territory would continue to spread on its own across the rest of the continent and Jeffery had sent independent forces to Japan and Africa. Soon the world would be dead, and so it no longer held any interest for him.

-He now had the means to go where he wanted, but first he would have to make a detour. His army was the largest force on earth, but not necessarily in heaven. Jeffery would need some reinforcements and thanks to the tree of knowledge he knew just where to get them.

-He held out his hand and a small glowing orb appeared. It showed a number of random images until finally Jeffery saw Marrow resting on his throne room floor. She appeared to be fast asleep, probably tired after a day of expanding his land in America.

-"Good morning, marrow," Jeffery said in a loud voice, startling the giant wolf awake. She looked into the orb that floated in front of her and saw Jeffery smiling down at her. She quickly stood up, her tail wagging happily at the sight of her master after so long.

-"Master, I am yours to command," she said. Jeffery flashed her a warm smile. "Role out the welcome mat," Jeffery said, "we're coming home."
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