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Marrow prepares the dark castle for Jeffery's return, but what has Raven been up to while he was gone?

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-As soon as the orb with the master's face vanished Marrow ran out on the terrace and bellowed an unearthly howl. A few moments later she heard several other howls answering from the darkness. Her wolves had heard her and on their way home. Soon they would all be ready to great the master home, all except one.

-Marrow wasn't sure what Raven had been up to in the dungeon. She suspected that without the master to control her, the human had given in to her lustful urges and had been enjoying the human prisoners. Or perhaps she was planning a revolt with them, to take over the stronghold while the master was gone and most of its defenders were out expanding their territory.

-Either way, Raven had been neglecting her duties. The only order she had given to the demons was to capture as many humans as they could and bring them to her. After that she had disappeared into the dungeon and Marrow hadn't seen or heard from her since. No one had for weeks on end.

-Marrow hadn't cared before; in fact she had been relieved. With the human busying herself with her silly pleasures Marrow had been spared her presence. No more tedious reports, no more human stench, no more Raven for several weeks. But now she had to go find the little human and give her the good news of the master's return.

-She made her way down the stairway that was just large enough to accommodate her. She descended all the way down to the dungeon where Raven had hidden herself. Marrow rarely came down to the dungeon, unless she was hungry. And once again she was reminded why.

-The stench of human filth wafted over her, as tangible to her senses as black smoke. The pungent aroma invaded her nostrils and she regretted not having hands to cover her face with. With all the humans that Raven had been stockpiling the smell was even more repugnant than she remembered.

-Marrow pushed the large door open and poked her head into the room; she didn't want to enter if she didn't have to. It would be hard enough to get the stink of the place out of her fur. Her eyes scanned the room and there were fewer humans than she had expected.

-A young naked woman tied down on her back to a stone table, a few bloodied men shackled to the walls, and then there was Raven. She stood in the middle of the room, half her face was hidden by her shoulder length black hair; the other half was turned away from Marrow.

-For a moment the wolf wasn't sure if Raven even knew she was there. The girl just stood there like a statue. Marrow was about to speak when Raven, without looking at the wolf, did so.

-"Is something you need, Marrow?" she asked in a quiet voice. Marrow narrowed her eyes at the human; she hadn't missed the girl's attitude. "The master is coming home," Marrow said, "be ready for his reception."

-At that news Raven turned towards Marrow, just enough for the wolf to make eye contact. Raven's expression didn't seem any different than usual but it was clear that the news had caused a reaction. The only question on Marrow's mind was whether Raven was happy the master was coming back, or scared.

-Raven lowered her eyes and turned her face away from Marrow again. The wolf did not wish to linger any longer than she needed to so she turned to leave. But before she did she spotted something on the ground, something that shouldn't have been there.

-On the ground in the corner was a single white feather. There hadn't been a white bird in the dark territory for as long as Marrow could remember. The master had warned her to be on the lookout for angels, angels with white wings. But what could Raven have to do with them? Was she working with them, letting them into the castle to ambush the master upon his return?

-In any event Marrow couldn't simply kill Raven over a mere feather, the master would be furious. It was possible that with all the prisoners Raven had brought in, a bird feather might have come along for the ride. Either way Marrow would be keeping an eye on Raven when the master came home.

-The wolf left the dungeon and returned to the throne where she found her wolves awaiting their orders. Like most lower class demons they did not speak English, but they did understand, and obeyed. Marrow looked them over, her steel gaze asserting her dominance over them before she spoke.

-"The master will be returning soon," Marrow said, "go out and round up every demon you can find. I want them here to welcome him home, and of course, kill any humans you find." Her wolves howled happily at the thought of the chaos to come. They ran from the room to carry out Marrow's command and left the large wolf to await her master's return.

-Back in the dungeon Raven stood alone, lost in her thoughts. She stood there for a long while thinking to herself without moving. The master was coming home, just like she had wanted, her plan was working. Soon the master would be back, but not for long. He would regroup his forces and then make his next move. As long as he took her with him Raven didn't care what happened after that.

-Raven walked over to the men chained to the wall. Was it possible that the master wouldn't take her for fear that she couldn't hold her own? Was that the real reason he had left her in charge of the dark castle while he took the other four with him? If so, was he concerned for her safety, or did he simply have no use for someone that couldn't kill his enemies?

-Either way Raven would have to prove to him that she was just as good a killing machine as any of his generals. She walked over to the naked girl tied down on the table. Raven would have to arrange a demonstration for him, but first she would have some fun.

-She let her finger touch the girls toe and traced it up her leg. She put her hand on the girl's quivering thigh and slowly moved it up and stroked the girl between her legs. Raven moved closer to the girl and looked into her terrified eyes.

-"The master's coming home," Raven said softly, "let's celebrate."
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