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Home Sweet Home

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Jeffery returns home at long last and prepares for the next faze of his plan, but there are forces acting against him.

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-Jeffery stood tall at the head of the leviathan with his arms crossed. His imposing figure stared out upon the remains of America. It had been a long trip back but there hadn't been a fleet left in the ocean to oppose him. If anything it had been boring.

-Jeffery watched as Siren's dorsal fin cut through the water towards him. When she was close enough she erupted from the ocean, her mermaid like tail separating in mid air as she landed at her master's feet. Her tail fins transformed back into feet, her dorsal fin folded down on her back. She stepped forward and bowed before Jeffery.

-"Scouts report no danger whatsoever, master." Siren said. Jeffery nodded, he had expected as much. There would have been little point in attacking him now; the dark territory had already spread across most of America. Killing Jeffery to stop him from returning now would have been a mute point.

-The other four generals stood diligently behind Jeffery as they approached their home with their winged prisoner tied down in chains. Very soon Jeffery would use him to open the door. After that he would wage war on the kingdom of heaven, and even god himself. Everything was going perfectly.

-Jeffery grabbed his head and nearly doubled over in pain. The voices were back yet again, echoing in his head and screaming in his mind. Was it god trying to stop him, or the souls of his victims trying to get revenge? Either way Jeffery felt himself close to blacking out again, but that realization filled him with anger. He had had enough.

-"Not this time!" Jeffery growled through clenched teeth. He fought the voices in his head with all his will. Whatever they were, ghosts or god, he wouldn't let them overwhelm him again. He balled his fists and screamed in defiance, "get out of my head!"

-For the first time the voices stopped, Jeffery had finally won. He let out a sigh of relief as he fell unconscious. He had stopped the voices but the strain had been too much for him. Still, he knew it meant he was getting stronger.

-When Jeffery opened his eyes again his head was resting on Jade's lap, her hand stroking his forehead. Kikki was lying next to him with her cheek pressed against his hand. Hellen, Scylla and Siren knelt around him, all with looks of concern on their faces.

-"I'm getting real tired of that," Jeffery said as he slowly sat up. He looked around and realized they had arrived at shore. The girls helped him up and he took a moment to clear his head. Then he turned his attention to the chained angel. Jeffery marched over to the prisoner and grabbed him by the throat. He lifted the angel into the air, his chained restraints snapped like strings.

-"I'm sick of your boss poking his nose in my affairs," Jeffery said as he tightened his grip. "How do I stop it?" He asked. The angel simply stared at him blankly. Jeffery tightened his grip on the angel's neck until he was on the verge of death but it was clear that he had no intention of answering the question.

-"You're lucky I need you alive," Jeffery said as he drove his fist into the angel's head, knocking him out cold. Jeffery tossed the angel to the ground and hopped off the sea creature. His generals followed him as a few demons dragged the angel into the dark territory.

-After a short journey Jeffery and his escorts reached his old castle. There, thousands of demons roared in celebration at the return of their master. Jeffery waved at his army with a smile on his face. Very soon they would fight, kill and die for him but for now he would let them relax. There would be plenty of killing later on.

-Jeffery and the others entered the throne room to find Marrow and Raven waiting for them. Marrow's tail wagged at the site of him and Jeffery patted her on the head. He looked at Raven and she met his gaze. "I missed you, master," she whispered.

-"I missed you too, Raven," Jeffery said as he lightly brushed her cheek with the back of his hand, "Marrow, Raven, this is Siren, my newest general in charge of our navy." Siren nodded to the wolf in human and the returned the courtesy.

-"And now for some entertainment," Jeffery said as he gestured towards the door and two demons dragged in their captive. Marrow bared her fangs at the enemy of her master but Jeffery raised a hand to calm her as the demons tied the prisoner down to the floor in shame.

-Jeffery looked down at the angel, the impetuous creature that had dared dream of opposing him. Jeffery wasn't sure what awaited him in heaven but if the ill thought out attack on him was any indication, heaven wouldn't stand a chance. The angels that had been sent after him thus far had proven totally ineffective and for so few of them to take on his entire army had been down right foolish.

-Perhaps it had been a failed assassination attempt on Jeffery himself, or maybe they were merely testing his strength. In any event Jeffery had not been impressed. And now he had the means to strike back, he only hoped that what was to come would be more of a challenge.

-Jeffery turned to address his troops when a commotion caught his attention. The doors to the terrace burst open as a female angel and two others forced their way in. All three of them headed straight for Jeffery. But his generals weren't about to let that happen.

-Marrow bit the head clean off of the one closest to her. The other angel threw himself at the Jade and her sisters, sacrificing himself so the girl could reach her goal. Jeffery stood ready to defend himself but just as the angel was almost to him, Raven stepped between them. She took out two knives and slashed at the angel's throat with one hand, spun around and plunged the other blade into the angel's heart.

-Raven looked the angel in the eye without a glimmer of emotion as she pulled her knife out and let the Angel Fall to her knees. The angel's wounds began to heal in there own, but it stopped her long enough for Jeffery to walk over and grab her by the throat.

-Jeffery looked over to the other angel and saw that his girls had him contained and were awaiting his order. He looked at the female angel in his grip. Her eyes were like those of a corpse, showing no emotion at all. No fear, no pain, not even anger, nothing.

-"Kill him," Jeffery ordered. Hellen threw the angel against a wall and she and the others stood behind Siren. The angel got to his feet and faced Siren as she took a deep breath and let out a high pitched scream so loud it made the angel's head explode from the sonic vibrations.

-Jeffery lifted his would be assassin off the ground by her neck and looked her over. She was a pretty little thing, but he would take little pleasure in violating a woman that would not scream. Still, she might prove useful later on but he didn't want to just leave her unsupervised. He pulled out an old toy, a toy that looked like a remote control for a TV.

-He opened up the portal to the other dimension and tossed the angel into it. He doubted that she would truly appreciate it as much as Siren had when she had still been human. Still, it would keep her out of his hair until her master was lying dead at Jeffery's feet. He closed the portal up and turned his attention back to the angel chained down in front of him.

-"Now, I'm sure you're all wondering what's going on," Jeffery said to his troops, "the answer is simple, we all get to go to heaven but fist, we have to make a little pit stop, in hell."
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