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Go to Hell

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Jeffery takes his army to the pits of hell, but how will the home of the damned greet them?

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-"You see my friends," Jeffery said as he circled around the chained angel, "thanks to our dear friends at the Vatican I've learned a few little secrets. When a human dies their soul goes to heaven, or hell depending on their disposition. But angels don't have souls, do you?" Jeffery asked as he grabbed the angel's face and looked into its eyes.

-"That's why you bastards don't show any emotion, you don't feel a damn thing." Jeffery pushed the angel's face away in disgust and continued. "And since they don't have souls, when they die they just rot in the sun. They simply cease to exist, however," Jeffery said with a smile, pausing for dramatic effect, "if you defile one, if you taint it with sin, then it gets a one way ticket to the pits of hell. And since it isn't dead when this happens, others can tag along."

-Jeffery turned towards the angel and held out his hand in an offering gesture. "Ladies," he said with a grin, "defile away." His five generals all looked at the angel like wolves that had been thrown a piece of meat. Hellen ripped the angel's chains off and threw him on his back while Scylla positioned herself over his face, her thighs squeezing the sides of his head.

-Hellen produced her phallus and roughly forced herself into the angel's anus. Jade guided the angel's penis into herself as she got on top of him. Kikki and Siren got on opposite sides of him and forced his hands up into their vaginas. All five women proceeded to thrust, and grind and gyrate on the angel's body while they moaned in ecstasy.

-Jeffery watched the show with a big smile on his face. He briefly considered summoning the female angel and brutally raping her. He might even have Raven join him for some fun, but he only really needed to defile one angel for the time being. He might need to go back to hell another day so he would keep the girl as a trump card.

-Still, there was no reason for Raven to be left out of the fun. She had after all been left alone in the castle for a long time and still she had defended him without hesitation. Jeffery walked up behind her and put one arm around her waist while the other came up to cup her breast as he kissed her on the neck. She let out a contented sigh and pressed her body back against his as they watched the angel being raped and sodomized.

-Scylla rubbed her clitoris back and forth over the angel's nose. He was stubbornly refusing her his tongue but she wasn't about to let that stop her fun. Behind her, Jade pressed her hands on the angel's chest as she pushed herself down on his penis again and again with vigor. Behind her, Hellen thrust her hips forward with powerful force as the large phallus ripped open the inside of the angel's anus. His healing powers repairing the damage only to be ripped open again a moment latter.

-On the angel's left side Kikki coiled her tail around the angel's arm and grabbed onto his wrist as she forced him up into her body. She then forced herself down on his arm all the way to the elbow as she let out a mixed cry of pain and pleasure. Across from her, Siren was forcing herself down on the angel's arm at and inclined angle. Each thrust was more forceful than the last until she finally came down so hard she broke the angel's forearm.

-All the girls let out blissful cries as they climaxed, covering the angel in their bodily fluids. They caught their breath and slowly stood up, removing themselves from the angel. His arm healed itself and so did his bleeding rectum as he lay silently on the ground. Despite what had just been done to him his face still remained unmoved.

-A moment passed and Jeffery was about to order the girls to have another go at the angel when a portal appeared in the floor below the prisoner. It looked very similar to the portals Jeffery had used on Emily and the female angel. The only notable difference was that this one was wreathed in flames.

-The angel immediately dropped into the fiery chasm and Jeffery quickly moved forward and placed one arm in the ingress. He looked at his generals and smiled. "It'll stay open as long as something is half way in," he explained, "ladies first."

-Jade and her sisters stretched their legs to limber up after their satisfying warm-up. They had had their fill of vice, now it was time for some violence. They leapt through the portal with Marrow close behind. Finally it was only Jeffery and Raven.

-Jeffery looked over his shoulder and smiled at his only willing human servant. "You coming?" He asked with a teasing smile as he flipped into the portal with Raven jumping in after him just in time. Her plan had worked, he hadn't left her alone.

-They dropped through to the other side and fell a short distance. Jeffery landed on some form of molten rock and caught Raven in his arms. She smiled up at him and he put her down, the ground did not seem to burn her feet any more than it did his. Jeffery looked around but his generals were nowhere to be found.

-He looked out across the expanse of endless fire and lava. It was a sight to behold with countless unspeakable monstrosities crawling over the landscape. Most of Jeffery's demons resembled the creatures they were derived from but the things that approached from the fiery abyss were truly nightmarish.

-All around them were the tortured remains of human souls. Their immortal forms had been tormented in his unholy place since the dawn of time. The sounds of screams and agonized moans filled the air so thick that for a moment Jeffery thought the voices came from within his head again.

-Always one to admire good workmanship, Jeffery took the time to inspect the damned victims in detail. One such man was nailed down to a stone slab, large iron spikes driven through his palms. He laid on his back while a serpent like creature the size of and anaconda slithered its way up the man's anus, and out his mouth. The creature seemed to have bitten its own tail, forming a ringed doughnut with its body that continually made its way through the man's body again and again.

-Jeffery and Raven made their way through a labyrinth of tunnels and caves. They came to one particular hallway that was lined with human torsos attached to the walls. Hooks connected to chains sunk into their hollow eye sockets, pulling their heads back. Their mouths propped open by more hooks and filled with an eerie flame that lit the interior of the passage. Their arms were nailed to the walls, struggled in vain against their restraints.

-Jeffery held his arms wide, taking in the sight. "Now this is my kinda place!" he exclaimed, "I'll have to remember to have Scylla make me some of these for the castle when we get back home." Raven looked at him with an amused smirk; only he could enjoy himself so much in hell.

-They moved through the corridor, passing a man who was lying on his back tied down to a large wheel, his stomach cut open and a rat like creature inside eating his viscera. It popped its head up as Jeffery and Raven approached but quickly lost interest in them and went back to its meal.

-They came out into a large opening and a dozen or so hell demons charged at them. Jeffery drew his sword and Raven readied her daggers. The demons rushed at them, snarling and screaming with vicious intent. Jeffery decapitated one almost casually with a backslash as he moved passed the creature. Raven went to work slashing the throat of one creature after another.

-They had killed most of the troublesome creatures when the earth began to shake. The ground in front of them erupted and a gigantic dragon unearthed itself. The beast was truly enormous, its head alone was the size of a bus and could easily swallow a man whole. The thing looked at Jeffery and Raven as though they were bugs, and that pissed Jeffery off.

-"Take care of the rest of these guys," he said as he marched towards the dragon. Raven wanted to protest the seemingly suicidal decision but the master's word was law. She continued to slice the demons to pieces, keeping them off of her master's back while he took on the big fish.

-Jeffery marched towards the dragon, sword in hand. The beast reared its head back and then lashed forward with its jaws open. Jeffery saw the thousands of teeth headed for him, and ran towards them. Raven watched wide eyed as her master jumped right into the dragon's mouth, its teeth clamping shut like a vise.

-Jeffery had made it into the dragon's mouth which had more than enough room to accommodate him. By jumping forward he had overshot the dragons bite and avoided being chomped by its teeth. Now he needed a way out of the stinking fleshy tomb he was in.

-He moved to the back of the mouth and dropped down the dragon's throat. As he fell he plunged his sword into the lining of the esophagus, the blade slicing through the soft tissue with ease. Dark blood gushed out of the wound as Jeffery continued to move down the dragon's throat, cutting as he went.

-On the outside Raven watched as a long laceration formed on the front of the dragon's neck. The creature opened its mouth and let out a gurgled scream of pain. It spat out large amounts of dark, oozing blood and then the neck wound burst open, and Jeffery emerged from the beast. The dragon's head swayed back and forth a moment longer before collapsing to the ground behind its killer.

-Jeffery walked towards Raven, trying to wipe off the blood and gore from his armor. He took a deep breath and sheathed his sword. "Let's find the others."
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