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Hell Has no Fury

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Jeffery has vanquished a dragon but where are his generals, can they survive the challenges hell presents them?

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-Hellen picked herself up and looked around. Her sisters were nowhere to be seen and neither was the master. Never being one to just sit tight, Hellen decided to walk around until she found the others. She started to leave when she heard heavy footsteps coming from behind a nearby wall.

-She turned to face whatever threat would present itself and her eyes went wide when a large hoof came out from behind the wall and planted itself in the dust with a heavy thud. The hoof was followed by a giant Minotaur like creature. Its basic form was that of a man but it had hooves and the head of a bull. Its enormous horns almost looked too large for its body to support. It looked at Hellen and bellowed as black spittle flew from its mouth.

-Hellen gave an impressed whistle as she looked over the hulking form of the bulky beast. "I think I'm in love," Hellen said with a smile. The creature responded with another deep roar and charged for Hellen. At the last second it lunged at her with its claws outstretched but Hellen caught its hands with hers.

-The beast pushed Hellen back, her feet dug into the ground trying to stop her momentum. The dirt and even the stone she was standing one were displaced under the force of the beast's strength but finally Hellen came to a standstill. The creature was nearly twice Hellen's size but it had overextended itself and was off balance giving Hellen the advantage.

-Still, it was taking every ounce of Hellen's strength just to hold her position. The two of them remained locked in a power struggle, one strong arm against another. The beast swung its head side to side, trying to swipe at Hellen with its long horns but she remained just out of reach. Finally Hellen realized that she couldn't overpower the creature; she would have to try something else.

-Their fingers were interlocked but the creature's hands were much larger than Hellen's. She dug her claws into the monster's hands between his knuckles. She broke its skin and the beast cried out in pain as Hellen's claws sank into its flesh. The sudden pain caused the Minotaur to let up just enough for Hellen to take advantage.

-She pulled wide and ripped the monster's arms off at the shoulders. Its muscles and skin tore like tissue paper under Hellen's might and blood splattered on the ground from the wounds. The Minotaur let out a shriek of agony as Hellen twisted her body and then swung her right arm back at the creature. She struck the beast in the side of the head with its own severed arm and sent the monster tumbling.

-The Minotaur kicked at the ground trying to get its footing and attempted to use its head and horns as leverage to get back to its feet. It continued crying out as blood gushed from gaping wounds that used to be its shoulders. Hellen tossed away the severed limbs and triumphantly walked over to the flailing beast.

-She grabbed the bull by the horns and with one great twist, snapped the monster's neck. It slumped to the ground and Hellen let out sigh. She shook the excess blood from her hands and walked away. She knew she had to find the others now more than ever, it seemed that hell was dangerous.

-Scylla wandered around alone, she wasn't sure where the others were or how to find them. She had been searching for awhile now and hadn't found a trace of anything familiar. After the master finished his mission in hell Scylla would have to work on some sort of locaters for her and her sisters.

-She rounded a corner and found herself looking at the back of a giant hulking form. The bulbous body turned around and a small headed creature looked at her with one large eye. The giant Cyclops had short stubby legs and long arms, its small head was lower than its shoulder line and it scratched its bald head as it looked at Scylla.

-"I take it that this is a joke at my expense," Scylla said as she slowly reached behind her back and gripped the handle of her whip. "I'm vaguely offended by that." The Cyclops reached out one massive hand to grab her and Scylla lashed out with her whip, striking it across his palm.

-The thing cried out in pain as it tried to retract its wounded hand but Scylla threw her whip out again and it wrapped around the creature's forearm. She yanked it forward and the beast stumbled down to one knee while Scylla ran up its arm and jumped off its shoulder.

-The Cyclops tried to follow her movements and when he turned his head Scylla lashed out with a back hand slash, squeezing the handle and protruding the thorns on the whip as she did so. The whip tore through the Cyclops' eye and ripped it open. It let out a scream as it clutched at the wound, blood and eye jelly spouting out.

-Scylla landed behind the flailing creature and coiled up her whip as she walked away. The thing was no longer a threat and it wasn't worth killing. Writhing in agony blind would be a far more fitting punishment and Scylla had things to do.

-Kikki jumped and spun out of the way of another sonic blast as it came her way. She landed on the ground and lunged at her opponent yet again. She brought down her staff at the thing but the demon caught her weapon with its pitchfork and twisted it, spinning Kikki's staff out of her hands.

-Kikki didn't know what was going on, and she didn't really care. She had woken up to find herself separated from the others and with a hell demon and the two had been fighting since. The demon she was fighting was about her height and had the basic form of a human. Its features were distorted, as if it were an image in a rippling pond, but its pitchfork was real enough.

-The creature was able to shoot out some sort of sonic blasts from its mouth but Kikki easily avoided them. Even so, the creature was still a tough opponent. Kikki had landed several solid blows but the thing just wouldn't go down and had even returned some of those blows upon Kikki.

-But true to form, Kikki had no intention of backing down. She rushed at the creature again, it made a wide swipe with its pitchfork but Kikki ducked under it and dashed forward. She planted her hands onto the ground and drove her feet forward into the creature's stomach. The impact sent the monster flying into a wall and slumping to the ground.

-Siren picked herself up and shook off her disorientation. She was getting tired of the creature she was fighting, the damn thing moved like a monkey. She took a deep breath and let out another super sonic scream but yet again the creature avoided it. It jumped high into the air and flipped forward as it came down at Siren.

-Siren brought up her weapon horizontally to shield herself. The creature came down at her and grabbed her trident in its own hands while simultaneously kicking off of Siren's chest. Siren tumbled to the ground without her weapon and the creature twisted in the air and threw it back at her.

-The trident caught Siren's right hand and pinned it to the wall behind her. The creature rushed at Siren once she was trapped but Siren pulled the trident loose with her free hand and took a swing at her attacker. The monster ducked down and spun around with one leg extended out, sweeping Siren's feet out from under her.

-Siren rolled back up to her feet as the creature dove at her again. Siren sidestepped the attack and grabbed her opponent's long thin tail as it passed her. Using all her strength, Siren swung the creature by the tail and threw it into a pillar. The stone cracked and toppled over from the impact, landing on top of the monster.

-Siren let out a sigh, the thing had been far more trouble than it was worth. She turned to leave but then heard a sound from behind her. She turned in time to see the pillar flying through the air right at her. The chunk of stone slammed into Siren and knocked her on her back.

-Siren got to her feet and shook her head trying to get her senses back. She glared at the creature she thought she had killed as it stood defiantly waiting for her to attack. Siren readied her weapon; this was going to take longer than she had thought.

-Scylla heard the sounds of a battle and headed for it like a moth to a flame. She knew it would probably be one of her sisters fighting a hell beast just as she had but what she found was not what she had expected.

-She watched in disbelief as Siren and Kikki attacked each other. Scylla knew that the master's higher creations could not fight each other without his specific instructions so there had to be another explanation. Neither of them were talking to each other but they didn't seem possessed. It was clear they hadn't noticed her yet so Scylla took the initiative.

-She lashed out with her whip and the end split in two. The separate strands ensnared Siren and Kikki in their grip as if they were alive. The whip wouldn't hurt Scylla's sisters with its thorns retracted but it would stop them from killing each other until Scylla could figure out what the problem was.

-Now both of her sisters became aware of her presence. They looked at her with surprise on their faces. "No fair," Kikki whined, "I want to kill it, find your own monster!" Scylla cocked her head to one side trying to understand Kikki's meaning.

-"What are you doing?" Siren asked in protest, "don't tie me up, kill that thing!" Scylla looked back and forth between her sisters, neither of them seemed to recognize each other but they both knew who she was.

-"You idiots," Scylla said, realizing what had happened, "Kikki, Siren, you've been fighting each other!" Her two sisters stared at her in disbelief for a moment and then looked back at each other. Their images slowly returned to normal in each other's eyes once they realized what had transpired. They stopped struggling and Scylla released them.

-"Well now that that's taken care of we can find the others," Scylla said with relief. She wrapped up her whip and was about to go in search of the master with her sisters when a nearby wall exploded. A hell demon flew through the hole and landed with the rubble. On the other side Hellen stood with a balled fist. She was panting and sweating, behind her there were nearly a dozen dead demons and twice as many more creatures charging toward her.

-"Move!" Siren said as she stepped forward. Hellen jumped away and Siren let out a scream that ripped the bodies of the creatures apart. The walls of the hall they had been charging down collapsed, burying the rest of them and sealing off the way Hellen had came.

-"This place is fun!" Kikki said with a cheerful laugh. Hellen looked over her shoulder and let out a sigh as she walked over to join her sisters. The several small cuts on her body healed up and she wiped the sweat from her forehead.

-She looked at her three sisters and looked around the area as if searching for something. When she failed to find it she looked at Scylla. "Where are the others?" Hellen asked. Her sisters looked at each other and shrugged. The four of them continued on together, they were slowly regrouping.

-Jade flew low over the fiery landscape searching for the others. She had already fought off several small winged beasts and had avoided a confrontation with a dragon the size of a mountain. Jade was proud but not stupid. Still she had not found a trace of her master or any of the others.

-She landed on a rocky mound to rest her tired wings, she had been flying around since she had arrived and if she was lucky the others might just find her if she stayed put a moment. She took a deep breath and relaxed, but the moment she did so she cursed herself for letting down her guard.

-She turned around to see what had managed to sneak up on her during her lapse of concentration. Her eyes fell upon the unexpected form of an angel. At first she thought it was the angel she and her sisters had used to open the door but this one was different, different from all the angels she had met so far.

-His wings were black and looked burnt, his armor was tarnished but what stood out the most were his eyes. All the angels that Jade had faced so far had had blank expressions, like a mindless automaton. This angel's eyes were focused, intelligent and they looked at Jade with contempt. He pointed a long spear at Jade and she drew her sword.

-Marrow skulked through a cave angrily. She was grateful that the master had taken her along this time but things had quickly taken a turn for the worst. She was alone in a strange environment fighting off wretched creatures and it was proving difficult to find her master.

-She was following the familiar scent of the master but she knew he was still a good distance away. She didn't like being alone and would have even welcomed Raven's company but even the human was far off. She continued following the smell of the master when she detected another scent, an oddly familiar one.

-Marrow exited the cave and came out into a larger area littered with bones. A humanoid creature came into view and at first marrow thought it might be one of her comrades but that hopeful thought was quickly cast aside when she got a good look at it.

-She quickly realized why it smelled familiar; it had the head of a wolf. It looked like the matting of a man and one of Marrow's pack. Marrow remembered the master once telling her of such creatures when he had entertained the idea of creating one himself, they were called werewolves.

-The creature noticed Marrow and let out a deep growl. Dropping to all fours it charged at her and she snapped at it but caught only air. Though only half Marrow's size, the werewolf was faster and more nimble. It darted to the left and then jumped into Marrow's side, biting and clawing her.

-Marrow yelped in pain as she caught the sent of her own blood. She slammed herself into a wall, crushing the werewolf between her body and the rocky crag. Using the jagged rock to pin the werewolf, Marrow reached down and caught one of the beast's legs in her mouth. She pulled the thing off of her and repositioned her bite on the werewolf's midsection.

-The creature desperately sank its teeth into Marrow's neck trying to make her release it. Marrow growled as she increased the pressure of her jaws until the monster's spine broke but the creature still struggled. Marrow bit down even harder until her teeth sliced through the werewolf's midsection and its upper torso fell to the ground. It tried to crawl away from Marrow who stood firm with her mouth open and panting, the werewolf's intestines hanging from her teeth like spaghetti strings.

-Marrow walked over to her helpless victim and finished it off by crushing its head in her jaws. With her wounds quickly healing Marrow let out a loud, long howl of triumph. She licked the blood off of her fur and was about to continue her search for the master when the master found her.

-Jeffery stood smiling with Raven by his side. "You howled?" Jeffery asked. A noise caught his attention and he diverted his gaze as he saw Kikki, Siren, Hellen and Scylla come into view. "Ah good," Jeffery said happily, "but where is Jade?"

-Jeffery and the others heard the sound of wing beats and he turned expecting to see his general. Instead what he saw was a black winged angel, with Jade in his arms. The angel slowly landed and then tossed Jade's bloody body before Jeffery, she wasn't moving.
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