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Change in Management

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Jeffery takes on the devil himself, but is he really a match for the prince of darkness?

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-Jeffery rushed over to Jade's side, she was badly wounded but still alive. He reached into a satchel and pulled out a large, black object that resembled a heart. He placed it on Jade's chest between her breasts and it extended numerous tendrils that attached themselves to her skin in several places and the heart started pumping.

-After Hellen's close call Scylla had created a kind of life support system for herself and her sisters. The heart pumped a mixture of blood and the immortality serum that would keep Jade alive until her body healed itself, and that left Jeffery free to deal with other matters.

-Jeffery stood up to face the angel that had delivered his general. The angle looked different than the rest, almost more human. He was certainly less concerned with his appearance than the others had been. His gold armor was tarnished and scratched, his wings were black and looked singed and unlike the other angels that had used swords this one carried a long spear. His hair was long and almost as dark as his expression. "This is certainly the last place I expected to find an angel," Jeffery said.

-"I was the first angel, the greatest of god's creations," the angel said, "but father grew fearful of my growing power, he knew that I would one day become his superior and so he cast out of his grace. I have emotion, but without a soul I have none of the human weakness such as pity or a conscience."

-"Let me guess," Jeffery said, "Lucifer?" The black winged angel nodded an affirmative and picked up his spear. He extended it out to the side, leaving him wide open to an attack. He was practically daring Jeffery to attack him, and that pissed Jeffery off. "I must say I'm disappointed," Jeffery continued, hoping to provoke his opponent into taking the initiative, "I was expecting horns and a pitch fork."

-"You humans always did have vivid imaginations, just one of the unique gifts that you take for granted," Lucifer replied, his voice was calm and as cold as ice. His eyes looked at Jeffery with contempt, as if Jeffery were some sort of pest that needed to be eradicated. But if that was all Jeffery was, then he would be the biggest pest he could be.

-"I am no longer human," Jeffery said proudly, "I am your superior. And I'm willing to overlook what you did to Jade, but only because she will live. Now if you don't mind I need to borrow your army. We have the same enemy so I see no reason for you to object."

-Lucifer's eyes narrowed at Jeffery with annoyance. "The denizens of hell are mind to command," he answered, "you may have power, but you're still just a frightened little boy afraid of being bullied by someone stronger than you."

-That little remark sparked a reaction in Jeffery, he lunged at Lucifer and planted his right fist into the devil's left cheek and sent the prince of darkness falling backwards. Lucifer quickly regained his bearings and swung his spear upwards, narrowly missing Jeffery's face. Jeffery drew his sword and went at the devil with everything he had.

-Jeffery threw a flurry of blows at Lucifer but the devil blocked and deflected them all with poetic grace and skill. Despite his lack of success Jeffery's rage and anger spurred him on and he continued his assault. He finally dove past Lucifer's left side and droved his elbow into the devil's back, sending him stumbling forward. As he did so Jeffery spun around and took a swipe at his opponent, just bellow the armor.

-Lucifer continued his forward momentum attempting to avoid the blow but the blade still managed to graze him. Jeffery's sword cut into the devil's flesh and drew blood. Lucifer let out a sigh as he took the pain and slowly turned to face Jeffery again but his calm demeanor changed when his wound failed to heal itself.

-"Something wrong?" Jeffery asked with a smile, "a little something I had Scylla coat my blade in. It aggravates the wound so it can't heal. And that means your ass is mine!" Jeffery cried as he lunged for Lucifer again. The devil decided to retreat realizing that Jeffery represented a real threat. He turned and with one flap of his wings took to the air.

-Jeffery ran up the side of the nearby cliff and leapt into the air after Lucifer. He went higher than the devil and then came down; grabbing his sword in both hands Jeffery drove the pummel into the Lucifer's back between his shoulder blades. Lucifer dropped like a stone and Jeffery came down after him, weapon ready.

-Lucifer righted himself and landed on his feet, swinging his spear to strike Jeffery as he continued his decent. Jeffery managed to avoid the bladed tip, but the pole struck him in the side breaking two of his ribs and sent him tumbling to the ground. He rolled over onto his back but before he could get up Lucifer's spear tip touched his throat.

-Lucifer stood over Jeffery in triumph, Jeffery was beaten, his generals too far away to help him, his fate was sealed. Lucifer raised his spear to deliver the final blow and Jeffery tightened his grip on the sword that still rested in his right hand. Lucifer brought his weapon down and Jeffery raised his own, shielding himself with the swords flat side and supporting the tip of the blade with his left hand.

-The tip of the spear struck the center of Jeffery's sword and for a split second Jeffrey wondered if his blade would break. But the weapon held and Jeffery pushed his left hand up and the side of his sword guided Lucifer's spear to the ground. Jeffery stabbed out with his blade and it found its mark in the right side of Lucifer's stomach.

-The devil released his grip on his weapon as Jeffery twisted his blade and opened the wound he had made even wider. He withdrew the blade and Lucifer stumbled backwards clutching his stomach. Jeffery got to his feet, sword in hand, and waited patiently. Lucifer's blood drained from the wound, his hands doing little to stop the flow of his life. He quickly lost his strength and dropped to his knees.

-Jeffery cautiously walked over to Lucifer and brought his blade up under the devil's chin. "Where is it?" Jeffery asked. Lucifer looked up at him, his eyes full of anger and his breathing was becoming more labored. He looked away, avoiding the question but Jeffery put the tip of his sword to Lucifer's neck and pressed the issue. "Tell me!" He yelled.

-"Where is what?" Lucifer asked. Jeffery reached out with his left hand and grabbed Lucifer's wound, squeezing the injury with his fingers. Lucifer let out a shallow gasp which confirmed Jeffery's suspicion, with emotion came pain. And if Lucifer felt pain, then Jeffery had leverage.

-"Don't play with me!" Jeffery said as Lucifer's blood flowed over his hand, "you know why I came here, tell me where it is or I'll make this last an eternity. You may be good at causing pain and torment but I'm betting you're not used to being on the receiving end."

-Lucifer let out a sigh, conceding defeat. He slowly reached into a pouch on his hip and presented its contents to Jeffery. The victor took his spoils but he wasn't done with Lucifer yet. "Now then," Jeffery said, "you can either choose to die here, or you can swear fealty to me and live. It would certainly make the transition of power go more smoothly, besides I could use someone like you...just stay clear of Jade for awhile."

-"I have only ever served one master," Lucifer answered, "and that was a long time ago." He hung his head and awaited the final blow. He still could not believe that after everything he should meet his end at the hands of a mere human.

-"Oh well," Jeffery said, "have it your way." He raised his blade and finished the job. Lucifer's head left his body and rolled away as the rest of his fresh corpse fell to the ground. It seemed a somewhat anticlimactic end for a being so shrouded in myth and legend, someone who had been made out to be the incarnation of all evil and god's nemesis.

-Still, Jeffery wasn't sure what he had expected, an explosion or the collapse of hell would have been somewhat theatrical. Lucifer had simply been a fallen angel that Jeffery had killed, no different than the rest. And now the vast forces of hell were his to command, they just didn't know it yet.

-He looked at his sword and saw that it was badly cracked where Lucifer had struck it, the weapon would no longer serve him. He looked at the prize he had won from his battle, the true reason he had made the trek into the depths of hell. It was a spear head, old and of human making. It was the one thing that could kill god, the lance of Longinus, the spear that had pierced the body of Christ and caused his death. What had killed the son could kill the father.

-Jeffery returned to his generals who faithfully awaited him. Jade was back on her feet and looking good as new, she tossed the heart that had kept her alive back to him. Jeffery smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "You gave me a scare," Jeffery said.

-He tossed his prize to Scylla and said, "Make me a new sword and throw that into the mix, I've got someone to kill".
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