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War on God

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Jeffery has a new sword, a fresh army and boundless desire. Now he sets his sights on the only obstacle in his way.

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-Jeffery pinched the bridge of his nose between his eyes, trying to ease the sinus pressure in his head. The voices had come back again and his mind was still recovering from their latest assault on his sanity. He had not lost consciousness, but looking in retrospect he almost wished that he had.

-He took in a deep breath and slowly let it out; at least he now knew for sure that Lucifer had not been behind them. Jeffery opened his eyes with determination; he knew that there could only be one source left, god himself. And very soon that threat would be dealt with.

-He shifted in his chair and it moaned in protest. Jeffery was sitting on a throne made out of three women that had been sown together to form a chair. Two of them were down on all fours side by side, their backs forming the cushion of the seat with their head in front facing down. The third one formed the back of the chair. She was sitting on the lower backs of the other two, her ankles attached to their shoulders forming the arms of the chair. Her arms were tied behind her back and anchored to the ground.

-Jeffery caressed the back girl's bare thigh with his hand as he thought over what to do next. His generals were out collecting more hell demons. It was all they had done for weeks, hunt down and dominate ever creature in hell.

-Jeffery glared over at Lucifer's corpse, impaled on his own spear. It would certainly have been easier had Lucifer surrendered as Jeffery had offered. But there was no changing it, at least his corpse served as an example of Jeffery's power. Still, the demons of hell were reluctant to follow a new leader.

-Jade approached with another group of demons and monsters that she led by chain. She brought them before her master and shot them all a fierce glare. One by one the hideous creatures bowed in submission to their new master. Jade then freed them of their shackles and moved them in with their brethren.

-She walked up to Jeffery and knelt before him. "Master," Jade said, "we have lost track of Raven. Shall we hunt her down and discipline her for you?" Jeffery sighed contemplating the new situation. He had noticed that Raven often disappeared without explanation. He guessed that, as a human, she required some time to herself.

-"No," Jeffery replied, "Raven is free to come and go as she pleases. She has earned that much after giving me so many nice presents." Jeffery indicated the thousands and thousands of demons spread out before him. Raven had captured many of them; she seemed almost desperate to prove herself to Jeffery, in her own quiet way.

-Hellen and Kikki arrived with their own contributions to the army. Another two dozen beasts joined their fellows as Siren arrived empty handed. She knelt before her master apologetically. "Forgive me master," she said, "I am afraid we are running out of demons to catch."

-"Don't worry about it," Jeffery said dismissively, "we already have more than enough, I'm just waiting for Scylla to finish her task. What you and your sisters do until then is your choice. Catching me demons was just a way to keep you four busy."

-Siren nodded appreciatively and rejoined her sisters as they awaited their one eyed sibling. Jeffery had already asserted his dominance over the beasts that stood before him and the rest of hell would eventually fall in line. Back on earth his demons continued to ravage what was left of the planet.

-Everything was falling into place; all that remained was for Scylla to bring her master his new weapon. Jeffery looked up at the dark, swirling sky. When he had first arrived there were dozens of people falling from the sky, new arrivals. Now there were so few human souls entering hell that Jeffery could have counted them on one hand. Either humanity was shaping up, which was unlikely, or there were less and les humans to kill up on earth.

-He leaned back in his chair, against the back's breasts and she squirmed. She mumbled something through her sown lips but Jeffery paid no attention. He heard a commotion and looked to see Raven appear, she looked weary but that was to be expected. She was only human and Jeffery was surprised that she had lasted so long without rest.

-She dragged a human behind her and threw him at her master's feet. Jeffery glanced down at the human and looked back up at Raven with a quizzical expression. "What is this?" Jeffery asked.

-"A gift," she replied as she grabbed the human's hair and pulled his head back to reveal his face. Jeffery expression changed from confusion to shock as he looked into the eyes of one of his school year tormentors. The face was twisted in terror but Jeffery knew who it was.

-"Hello, Jason." Jeffery said with a wide smile. Jason began to scream in horror and Jeffery let out a maniacal laugh as he stood from his fleshy throne. Jeffery circled around his former tormenter trying to decide his fate. He was still trying to make up his mind when Scylla finally approached with a cloth wrapped item in her arms.

-Jeffery walked away, leaving Jason to contemplate his doom, and walked over to his general. She knelt down and offered one end of the cloth to her master. He reached under the tattered cover and gripped a handle. Slowly he removed the weapon from its shroud and felt its weight as he stared at it in awe.

-The sword was nothing like his previous, human looking weapon. This one was over six feet long; the black blade itself was four feet and nearly a foot wide with a flat surface. Its double silver edge came to a shallow point, there was no guard but just past the top of the grip there were semicircular etchings in the metal. The handle was two feet long and two inches wide. It was made out of dark wood and had a copper spiked pummel.

-Jeffery twirled the blade in his hand effortlessly despite its obvious weight. He smiled at Scylla, "beautiful," Jeffery said with satisfaction. He turned around to face Jason once again and the boy's eyes went wide at the sight of the blade. Jeffery chuckled at the pathetic creature that had once caused him so much misery.

-"It was fun killing you once," Jeffery said, "killing you again is going to be so sweet." Jason began to beg and plead for his life but Jeffery wasn't listening. He drove the blade into Jason's stomach and the begging stopped.

-Jeffery slowly pushed the blade deeper into Jason's gut and lifted him off the ground. Jason tried to grab the sides of the sword to support himself as his blood ran down the mettle. Jeffery looked his old acquaintance in the eye, waiting for the life to leave them for the second time.

-Jason remained alive for far longer than he should have and Jeffery remembered that Jason was already dead. Jeffery knew he couldn't kill him, but that was even better. He swung the sword and tossed Jason to the ground. The boy held his gutted stomach and curled into a fetal position.

-Jeffery raised his sword and roared. He had christened his sword in the blood of an old enemy. He had his weapon, he had his army, and now he would drink the blood of angels. He let out another roar and his army answered, he was their god and they were ready.
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