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Beginning of the End

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Jeffery wages his war on heaven with everything he has, the armies of earth and hell combine and march on the gates of heaven, but are they enough?

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-Jeffery took his new blade and slashed at thin air. The sword's edge cut through reality itself and a green rift formed. Jeffery looked back at his generals who waited eagerly in front of the massive demon army.

-"I'm going on ahead to get our demons on earth," he said, "when this turns white and expands, come through with the army but keep them in line until we consolidate our forces."

-He turned, stepped into the rift and disappeared with a flash. He reappeared out of no where back on earth at the dark castle. His demon army let out beastly cheers and Jeffery looked them over. They formed a sea of freakish monstrosities as far as the eye could see and for a moment Jeffery felt a hint of nostalgia.

-Jeffery struck the air again with his blade and created a white rift, much larger then the previous one. With a waving invitation he led his army through the portal and appeared on the other side where hell demons were already arriving. Thousands upon thousands of creatures dropped from the sky. Some of them fell on each other and scuffled as their numbers grew beyond counting. His generals broke up the fighting and did their best to keep order as Jeffery looked over his new surroundings.

-They stood on a beautiful field of green grass and flowers that seemed to go on forever. There were calm ponds and dirt paths that seemed to be a part of nature rather than an intrusion on it. Birds flew through the air and sung in the widely spaced trees while squirrels and rabbits scurried around busily on the ground. It was a perfect paradise, and it made Jeffery sick to his stomach.

-"Jade," Jeffery said, looking over his shoulder to his general, "take to the air and find our way." She nodded and unfurled her wings. With one strong flap she was air born and quickly out of site. Jeffery then turned to his other generals to organize their ranks, this was going to be his last battle and he planned to do it right.

-Several hours later Jade returned and landed near Jeffery and his war council. They were standing around a circular table similar to the one in the castle. Jade stepped forward and placed her hand on the edge. As she closed her eyes and focused her mind a 3D image appeared above its surface. It was a long and heavily fortified wall with large golden gates at its entrance. Behind its border there was a vast shining city with a citadel at its heart.

-"The wall has archers that prevented me from getting closer," Jade explained, "they were dressed like angels but they didn't have any wings. From what I could see of the wall it has no end. The city beyond is filled with even more angels, they seemed rather disturbed by my presence."

-"I see," Jeffery said as he regarded the information and tried to think, "the archers aren't angels, they are muses, a kind of low level angel. This isn't going to be the kind of battle we're used to fighting. There will be close combat, we may be outnumbered and up against foes with powers comparable to our own. Our weapons will prevent their wounds from healing up but don't take chances, make sure your attacks are instantly fatal. If we focus our attack to one spot they will easily surround us, and at the same time we can't spread our forces too thin. So I think some team work will be needed for this fight."

-Hours later, Jeffery led his vast army over the fields of Elysium. They approached the gates and stopped out of range of its defenders. On the wall the muses sounded trumpets of alarm and quickly readied themselves for battle. More of them seemed to arrive as Jeffery's forces got into position. He had explained the strategy to them and they knew their roles.

-Jeffery pointed towards the gate, "first wave, attack!"

-Hundreds of lesser demons rushed forward, they were cannon fauder but they had a purpose. The muses on the wall fired a volley of arrows into the sky that came down into the oncoming force. Nearly a third of the creatures fell to the ground, turned into pin cushions by the holy defenders but still they charged.

-The muses fired off a second volley and took down even more of the aggressors before the beasts reached the wall. They used their claws to dig into the wall and climb up but very few made it to the top. The archers continued to rain down arrows into the demons and slaughter them, but the demons were nothing more than a diversion.

-"Jade!" Jeffery shouted, and his general led her winged warriors through the sky to the battlefield. Each of them carried a higher class demon. They were much strong and bigger than their first wave brothers but still light enough to be carried. Instead of another demon, Jade carried her sister Kikki. They soared through the air while the defenders were busy dealing with the demons already at the wall. By the time they noticed Jade's attack wing it was already too late. They brought down a few of the aerial attackers but it didn't help.

-"Remember the plan," Jade said as she let go of her sister. One by one Jade's troops dropped their passengers on and behind the wall. Kikki landed on the ground and was met by over a dozen angel soldiers. Unlike the ones she had met on earth these warriors wore armor, like Lucifer and unlike the muses they had wings.

-Several demons fought to protect their general and with their help Kikki made short work of her enemies. She quickly rounded up all the nearby demons she could find and they began working their way to the right end of the wall.

-While Kikki led the inner defenders in the desired direction Jade and her forces began attacking the archers. Having no wings made it easy for her to dispatch them as she threw one after another off of the wall and onto the ground far below where they were torn apart by the lesser demons. She wondered why she wasn't face enemies similar to the ones she had faced on earth.

-Her curiosity was satisfied as Jade noticed a massive army of true angels flying towards her and her comrades. Jade readied her blade and led the charge as their forces collided in the sky. Jade was outnumbered two to one, but she would die before returning to her master in defeat.

-Jeffery watched Jade's situation and knew she couldn't hold out for long. He gave the signal to Hellen and she charged toward the gate riding on Marrow's back with her war beasts right behind her. They slammed into the pearly gates and proceeded to beat against them, trying to break through.

-While Hellen worked on the gates, Jade's situation was becoming more desperate by the minute. Two thirds of her warriors had been killed and the rest were being driven back. Jeffery knew that if the angels were able to get to his main army it would be a serious problem.

-"Scylla, support Jade!"

-A massive shadow passed over Jeffery's forces and a strong gust of wind blew his hair as several giant hell dragons passed over head and joined the battle in the sky. Scylla rode on the back of the largest of the beasts and she personally covered Jade's escape, allowing her sister a short reprieve.

-The few archers that remained on the wall tried in vain to stop Hellen's assault on the gate. Their arrows either didn't penetrate deep enough to be effective or bounced off the creatures' thick hides all together. One of the arrows nearly hit Marrow's face and she ran straight up the wall with Hellen on her back to take care of the harassers.

-They easily knocked the remaining heavenly defenders from their posts and into the hungry jaws of the beasts below. Shortly afterward the gate finally shattered and the creatures entered the kingdom of heaven to wreak havoc. Jeffery saw that the obstacle had been removed and turned to Raven.

-"Ready for some real fun?" He asked. Raven gave him an oddly affectionate smile. Her expression resembled something close to admiration and for a moment Jeffery was almost taken aback by it. It made him feel oddly warm, almost protective of her.

-Jeffery quickly forced those cozy feelings out of his mind and shot Raven a smile. He drew his blade and jumped onto the back of one of Marrow's wolves. Raven did the same and they rode into battle side by side, leading the main force of the army right behind them.

-They charged through the gates and met very little resistance. Kikki had already led the bulk of the defenders away with her diversion. The angels that remained were no match for the overwhelming number of ravenous demons that trampled over them. Jeffery didn't waste his time with the small fries, he and Raven headed straight for the center of the city with Siren riding in front of them using her sonic screams to clear the way.

-Kikki, Hellen and Marrow caught up with their master and several demons escorted them. Jade and Scylla followed from overhead after breaking through the angel air force. Heavens army closed the gates of an inner wall, not nearly as imposing as the main gate but it was an obstacle none the less.

-"Break it down!" Jeffery screamed as he prepared to defend their position. Hellen got off of Marrow's back and began beating against the gate with her halberd and several of the beasts that had followed assisted her. The rest of the army spread out through the city, the strategy had only gone as far as breaching the gate. Now it was a no holds bard of chaos and carnage.

-Several angels happened upon Jeffery's group and they attacked without hesitation. Like the ones they had encountered on earth, these angels showed no emotion, they fought and died in silence and it made for a dispassionate battle. Still, Jeffery tried to enjoy himself as much as he could.

-He and his demons tore the attackers to pieces, allowing Hellen to work uninterrupted. Jeffery cut down one angel after another with his blade, often slicing them in half. Jade dropped angels from the sky by slicing through their wings and Scylla's giant black dragon swallowed them whole. Kikki used her staff to bat angels into the sky were they were skewered on the spikes that covered the dragons body. Raven sliced through the angles with her two blades as if she were dancing and Siren blasted several of them at a time with her sonic screams

-Hellen punched the stone wall again and again with her bare hands, the cracks slowly forming under the might of her fists. More and more angels converged on their position and it became increasingly difficult for Jeffery's demons to hold their ground. He let out a roar to call more of his forces to him and they came from all over the city. All around Jeffery the battle raged but the angels were coming out of the wood work and there was no end to them. Jeffery decided Hellen wasn't making enough progress so he thought about a different approach.

-"Siren, blast it!"

-His general promptly followed the order, after swatting another angel across the side of the head with her trident. Hellen moved out of the way and Siren let out a powerful sonic blast that shook the stone walls until they started to crumble. Jeffery and Raven protected her while she continued to assault the wall and finally the barrier shattered.

-Jeffery and his forces charged through the opening and were met on the other side by more angels. The defenders of heaven formed their own wall of spears and blades that stopped Jeffery's forces in their tracks. The hole in the wall was a bottle neck that limited the number of demons that could enter through to the other side. The angels capitalized on that fact and hit the attackers with everything they had while their enemies were vulnerable.

-Scylla and Jade took what was left of their forces over the wall to give their comrades a chance but they were met with more winged attackers. Jeffery made it through to the other side with Raven and Siren at his side. They tried their best but the angels were just too many. Jeffery looked back at Raven.

-"Go back and tell Hellen to make another hole further down," he shouted, "Siren you go with her." his subordinates nodded and shuffled their way against the flow of demons and made their way back out to deliver the message. Jeffery continued to fight but once his generals left him the angels saw their chance.

-They moved in, killed the demons near Jeffery and surrounded him. Rather than be worried, Jeffery let out a maniacal laugh as he looked around at his predicament. The angels attacked him from all sides and he cut them down one after another with his great sword.

-His demon warriors tried in vain to force their way through to their master as Jeffery fought for his life. He did the best he could, killing angels faster than they could drop to the ground but he couldn't get them all. Several angels managed to land glancing blows on him. The wounds healed up but were quickly replaced with more and they were taking their toll.

-Sweat rained off of Jeffery's face and he was starting to breathe hard, even he couldn't fight off an entire heavenly army by himself. He was quickly being overwhelmed but rather than fall back, Jeffery pushed on. He moved even faster and forced himself into a frenzy, his body was showered in the blood of the angels as he killed as many as he could.

-The angels finally stopped Jeffery's advance and they moved in on him until he didn't even have room to move. It looked like he was in trouble, until Kikki came pole-vaulting over the wall and landed on top of his attackers.

-Jeffery smiled at his energetic general and with her assistance reasserted his position. The wall shattered in two other places and more demons poured through to take the pressure off of their master. Hellen and Siren led the charge as their deformed companions ripped the angels apart and devoured them.

-Confronted with the sudden rush of demonic reinforcements the angels were forced to retreat again. They ran and flew away as fast as they could with the demons right on their heels. The stragglers were overtaken and torn to shreds by the pursuing creatures. Those that survived were forced back towards the center of the city.

-Jeffery watched as the angels entered a large citadel guarded by a large angel with six wings, and a man that looked very familiar though Jeffery had never actually seen him before. The man looked meek but appeared to have an unspoken inner power. He had long brown hair and a short beard. Jeffery looked the man over and smiled to himself as he charged toward them.

-The last of the angels made it inside and the large angel ushered his companion inside before entering himself. Jeffery and his forces rushed toward the doorway as it slowly began to close but it was clear that they would not make it in time. Jeffery decided that if he couldn't go in, they had to come out.

-"Scylla, get the guy in the robes!" He commanded. She pulled out her whip and lashed it out through the doors. The whip extended, as if it wanted to find its target. It wrapped around the man's ankles and he fell to the ground. The large angel tried to grab the man but Scylla yanked on her whip and pulled her prey through the doorway just as the gigantic, stone doors closed.

-Jeffery walked confidently over to the small man with a big smile on his face as his army surrounded the building. Scylla took back her whip and looked down at the man trying to understand why her master had wanted someone who seemed so insignificant.

-The man got to his feet and looked Jeffery in the eye without fear. It was something Jeffery would have to fix. Jeffery chuckled as he put his hands on the man's shoulders. "Well what do you know?" Jeffery said, "Looks like I found Jesus."
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