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Jeffery attempts to draw out the forces of god, and he's more than happy to use Jesus to do it.

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-Jeffery paced back and forth like a lion stalking a gazelle. He flexed his claws in anticipation as he tried to decide what to do with his prey. Jesus stood erect and staring straight ahead, as if he were at attention. Although his expression seemed relaxed, there was defiance in his eyes.

-Jeffery looked over at the citadel in which the remainder of heaven's army sought shelter. His demons beat against the doors and the walls but it refused to yield even to Hellen's might. Jeffery knew that getting in by force would take too long, so if he couldn't go in then he would have to draw them out. And so, Jeffery returned his attention to his hostage.

-"So, I got the boss's son eh?" Jeffery said with a smirk, "why don't you be a good little punk and tell me how to get in that building?"

-Christ didn't even look at Jeffery, he continued to stair straight forward without saying a word. It irritated Jeffery but he didn't let it show. He would make the man talk, one way or another.

-"Your daddy didn't help you when you got crucified," Jeffery continued, "but I'll make that look like a tea party. I don't know how much suffering it will take for him to come and save your sorry ass, but I look forward to finding out."

-He stepped behind Jesus and kicked the back of his knee, making the man collapse. He grabbed Jesus' hair and pulled his head back. The man cringed in pain but refused to cry out. Jeffery smiled, he liked a challenge, and he would enjoy breaking the man.

-"So what will it be?" Jeffery asked. "What would be poetic? Shall I crucify you? Nah, you've been there and done that already. So what would be fitting for the father of all hippies?" Jeffery regarded Jesus for a moment and then a mischievous grin formed on his face. "Jade, Kikki, Hellen, show the son of god some free love."

-Jeffery struck Jesus on the back between the shoulders to knock him down on his hands and knees as the three girls surrounded him and removed their clothes. Hellen stood in front of him while Kikki and Jade took up positions behind him. Hellen's large penis emerged from her vagina and Jesus looked up at her grinning face.

-Jade ripped off Jesus' clothes and Kikki took her staff and roughly shoved it into the man's anus. He opened his mouth to cry out and Hellen grabbed his hair and forced her phallus into his mouth to silence him. While Hellen and Kikki thrust their instruments into their victim, Jade positioned herself under the man and wrapped her thighs around him.

-Jeffery crossed his arms and admired his girls' handy work while periodically checking the citadel for signs of activity. His remaining generals watched with envious eyes as their sisters enjoyed shaming the son of god. Jesus for his part was helpless to stop the assault.

-The three girls continued to brutally sodomize and brutalize Jesus while all he could do was take it. Hellen ejaculated down his throat again and again until the man was choking on her seed. Jade used her legs to thrust him inter her while she crushed his penis with her constricting vaginal walls and Kikki continued to shove her five foot staff up Jesus' anus.

-Jeffery knew that Jesus couldn't die again, no matter what his girls did to him. He thought back to all the Christian idiots that worshiped the man who was now being used as a sex toy. Jeffery had always hated those people; he only wished that they could see their holy messenger now. Shamed and violated by three women.

-He looked back at the citadel and saw that his wish had been granted. At the top of the stronghold thousands of faces peeked out at their savior. They wore no armor, only robes and they didn't have wings or weapons from what Jeffery could see. They were most likely human souls, like Jason and Jesus were. They were basically civilians and could not be killed, but that didn't mean Jeffery and his minions couldn't enjoy them a little.

-He made a hand signal in the air and his flying demons went to the windows to snatch up the onlookers. Jeffery thought it foolish for his prey to allow him an opening but was soon shown why. The demons were repelled by an invisible barrier of some sort that thwarted their efforts.

-Jeffery snickered with annoyance at the new obstacle. He looked back at his prisoner. He stepped toward the small orgy with haste and Kikki and Hellen pulled away from their play mate. Jade released her loving embrace on the son of god as Jeffery grabbed the man by the back of the neck and pulled him upright.

-"That's all the pleasure you get, asshole," Jeffery whispered into Jesus' ear, "next comes the pain. Unless you tell me how to get through that barrier and into the citadel so I can finish what I started."

-Jesus remained defiantly silent and Jeffery growled with frustration as he threw the small man through the air and into a wall. Jesus slumped to the ground like a lifeless puppet and Jeffery marched after him with a gun like instrument in his hand.

-"You've used up what little patience I had left," Jeffery said as he aimed the weapon at the man and fired. A barbed projectile embedded itself into the flesh of Christ. Jesus looked down at the object protruding from his chest and removed it with a bewildered expression on his face.

-Jeffery walked over to him and grabbed his shoulder. The seemingly small maneuvered caused Jesus to scream out in agony and drop to his knees. The second that his knees hit the dirt he let out another scream. Jeffery smiled with satisfaction as he watched the son of god writhing in excruciating pain.

-"Hurts like hell doesn't it?" Jeffery asked as he circled the little man, "Scylla made it. The stuff increases the sensitivity of your nerves ten times over. It'll make what I'm about to do to you more painful than you can imagine. Feel like answering my question yet?"

-Jesus still held his tongue and Jeffery shrugged. He grabbed Jesus by the throat and threw him against a wall, the second the man's skin touched the stone surface he let out another scream. Before he could collapse to the ground Jeffery threw two daggers into Jesus' palms and pinned him in place.

-Jesus wailed in inhuman agony as Jeffery walked over to him, fists clenched. Jeffery struck Jesus across the face with a backhand and split the man's cheek open. Jesus let out another cry of pain and Jeffery went to work. For over an hour Jeffery used Jesus for a punching bag. Again and again he drove his fists into the captive's stomach and ribs; he kicked, punched and cut the son of god until he wore himself out.

-Jeffery whispered into Jade's ear as he caught his breath. Jesus hung in disgraced misery but Jeffery had to give him credit, the man was holding up rather well for the boss's son. But Jeffery would not be denied, not by Jesus nor god himself.

-Jade returned with several human prisoners that the demons had managed to overtake during the initial attack. A few of them had been roughed up but most were still intact. Jeffery grabbed one of them at random, a young girl, and brought her before her beloved savior.

-"You know I really can't understand your reluctance," Jeffery said, "I mean its clear your dad doesn't give a rat's ass about you. He let you die once before and now he isn't lifting a finger to stop me from torturing you, he could at least hit me with another shot of those voices but instead I'm having the time of my life. But if you insist on enduring that's up to you. But I wonder if you're as willing to witness the suffering of others."

-Jesus looked up at the frightened girl as Jeffery readied his weapon again. He pointed it at the girl and gave a questioning look to the man. "You already know what she'll go through," Jeffery said, "it ends whenever you choose."

-Jesus was still reluctant and Jeffery started to squeeze the trigger. "Wait!" Jesus cried. "The information won't do you any good." Jeffery grabbed a hold of the man's hair and looked into his eyes with rage.

-"Why don't you let me be the judge of that?"

-"Only...those escorted by an angel can set foot inside those walls. Even I can't go in otherwise."

-A big smile slowly formed on Jeffery's face and he released his grip on the man. He holstered the weapon and let the girl return to the other captives as he summoned Jade over to him. He whispered in her ear and handed her something. She nodded in acknowledgment of whatever order he had given her before she departed to carry it out.

-Jeffery sat down on a piece of rubble to await the return of his general. It wouldn't take Jade long to do what he had asked, but he didn't want to get bored. He looked at Hellen and indicated the human prisoners with an offering hand gesture. Hellen and her sisters smiled as they set their sights on their new play mates.

-"You said you would not hurt them!" Jesus cried weakly. Jeffery looked at the man as if he had forgotten about him and shrugged nonchalantly.

-"And I won't," Jeffery said, "my girls are just going to have a little fun with them."

-Jesus watched helplessly as Hellen and the others tore the clothes off of the human captives and began raping and sodomizing them in a large, violent orgy. Jeffery sat back and watched his entertainment with a satisfied smile on his face. As the human victims cried and moaned he shot a glance up at the gawking humans that were still safe inside the barrier. Jeffery winked at them as they observed their soon to be fate.

-Jeffery's generals continued enjoy their human toys until Jade finally returned, with a companion. Jade led her bound friend over to her master and presented him with the gift. She delivered her package and then moved to join her sisters, picking out a young boy to play with.

-Jeffery got up and walked over to the new arrival with a smile on his face. He flicked the female angel's shoulder length blonde hair and wrapped his fingers around the back of her neck. "I knew there was a reason I let you live."
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