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Judgment Day

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Jeffery launches a final assault on god's stronghold, but not before having some fun with the locals.

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-Jeffery sat back with Raven by his side and watched with amusement as his minions descended upon the human captives. The final assault would begin momentarily so letting his loyal monsters have some fun was the least that Jeffery could do for them. And it would serve to demoralize the enemy while bolstering the resolve of his own troops.

-The human souls screamed in a panic as they tried to flee but there was nowhere to go. The demons snatched them up or tackled them to the ground. They tore off their robes and molested them, men and women alike the demons showed no preference. The women were raped the men were sodomized and even the children were violated.

-The creatures inserted their deformed penises into any orifice they could find. Those without such appendages used tentacles, tongues and any other part of their body that they could cram into their victims. They handled their human sex toys like rag dolls. Many of the humans were torn apart due to the rough treatment but the demons did not care. Some of the smaller, more frenzied beasts violated the angels' corpses and gory lumps of severed flesh.

-Jeffery looked down at his captive angel, bound and on her knees by his side. She looked on with a blank expression, incapable of feeling pity for the humans before her or anger at the demons that did the deed. She did little to entertain Jeffery and although he felt a fleeting desire to ravage her himself, he needed her intact for what was to come.

-Jeffery also shot a glance to Jesus, the son of god. Chained and nailed to the side of a building and forced to watch the horrors being done upon those that called him their savior. His kingdom was in ruins, his subjects dead or wishing they were and very soon his father would be nothing more than another corpse. The look of defeated agony, of dread and sorrow on his face pleased Jeffery to no end.

-The human victims that didn't have their mouths full of some demon appendage screamed in agony as they were violated by one creature after another. They were passed around by the monsters that deposited their seed into the human receptacles over and over again. Some of the larger beasts ripped their love toys into pieces during their climactic spasms while others filled their human vessels with sperm until the victims burst.

-No matter what the injury the humans were incapable of dying, being dead already. But they were also incapable of regenerating like Jeffery's generals. They remained dismembered and mutilated but even in that state the demons continued to enjoy them. Jeffery had succeeded in turned heaven into another hell.

-After hours of brutal sex Jeffery had finally had his fill. He called Jade over to him and his general tossed away the young boy she had been enjoying, allowing him to be engulfed back into the orgy. She came to her master's side and knelt down to receive her orders.

-"That's enough fun for now," Jeffery said, "get them ready."

-Jade nodded and looked to her sisters. They instantly understood what to do and got to it. Hellen, Kikki, Scylla, Jade and Siren all began collecting the human slaves and placed them away from the demons. Some of the creatures continued to violate the angelic corpses and gory lumps of flesh but the girls quickly disciplined them.

-In less than an hour the army was once again ready for battle, the ranks were formed the beasts were mounted and Jeffery stood at the head with his generals and a bound angel at his side. Jeffery marched forward, angel held out at arms length in front of him and the army fallowed.

-They reached the edge of the barrier, and passed it. One by one the demons crossed the threshold and charged for the citadel. Hellen stepped forward and threw all her weight into one mighty punch. The front double doors surrendered to her might and the way was open. Jeffery stood at his generals' side and saw what awaited them.

-Inside the great hall the six winged angel stood at the forefront of the building's defenders. The army of angels and armed human souls rushed out to meet their enemies. Jeffery and Hellen were nearly overwhelmed until their demon allies jumped in and fought with everything they had but the holy army blocked the way with their own bodies, preventing Jeffery's forces from pushing forward.

-They fought each other to a standstill and Jeffery realized it was getting him nowhere. During the fighting Jeffery signaled for his forces to fall back. He and Hellen went back out the way they had come and the majority of the demons followed. The less obedient creatures were quickly overtaken and slain by the angelic defenders who gave chase to their fleeing enemies.

-The angels fallowed Jeffery's troops out of the citadel and halfway to the inner wall before Jeffery turned to stand his ground. The moment that he did the rest of his army wrapped around the flanks of the pursuing force and cut of their escape. The angels had fallen into Jeffery's trap, having left their defendable position they no longer stood any chance at all.

-The angels were surrounded, outnumbered and outmatched but still they fought. The human combatants were tossed into the air and snatched up by the dragons to be carried off for later. The demons bit and clawed and tore at the angels and Jeffery found himself facing their leader.

-The six winged angel faced Jeffery with its spear held out to keep Jeffery at a distance. Its eyes were focused, much like Lucifer's had been. Jeffery knew not to take this opponent lightly, but he wasn't intimidated. It would take more than an archangel to protect god.

-Jeffery knocked the spear to the side and engaged the enemy. As an archangel it was better suited for battle and far more skilled than the trash Jeffery had been dealing with. It held its own against him blow for blow. All around them angels and demons were killing each other but they didn't care. The only thing either of them was focused on was killing the other.

-Jeffery threw a flurry of blows at the archangel but it blocked every one. Despite Jeffery's inability to land a solid blow he was pushing his foe back. Jeffery kept up his offensive and his enemy could not find an opening to counter. The faster Jeffery attacked the more desperate the archangel's situation became and the harder Jeffery pushed himself as he grew excited at the thought of spilling the warrior's blood.

-Jeffery gritted his teeth in a maniacal grin as he pushed even harder. The archangel realized it had to change its strategy and it leapt backwards just as Jeffery was striking at it again. Jeffery hit air and was almost thrown off balance but he used the momentum to spin around and swing down at the archangel again, forcing the warrior to jump backwards a second time before flapping its wings and taking to the air. The one place Jeffery could not reach it, or so it thought.

-Jeffery glared scornfully at the archangel as it looked down at him from above. No doubt it was devising a strategy that would utilize its advantage of flight. Jeffery had long since grown tired of the angels' annoying habit of staying out of reach, so he had prepared for such an event.

-Jeffery groaned in pain as two massive wings protruded out of his back. The black, leathery appendages spread open and with one mighty flap, launched Jeffery into the air straight at his target. The archangel was caught off guard but managed to swing down at Jeffery to deflect his sword. Jeffery's blade was knocked out of his hand but that didn't even slow him down. Jeffery knocked the spear out of his way with his bare hands and drove his knee into the archangel's stomach. With it stunned he then grabbed the back of the archangel's head and brought it to his own. Jeffery slammed his forehead into the bridge of the archangel's nose and then struck it with his knee.

-Jeffery then tightened his grip on the back of the warrior's head, spun it around and launched it back down to the ground. Jeffery dove down after his prey and they both plummeted down to the bloody battlefield where the two massive armies were still engaged in battle.

-The archangel struck the ground like a meteor and before the ground had finished shaking Jeffery landed on top of it. He stomped down onto the archangel's stomach and blood sprayed from its mouth. The impact formed a crater in the ground, the marble stone cracked and shattered under the force of the blow.

-When the dust settled Jeffery reached down and grabbed onto the archangel's breast plate. His fingers dug into the mettle, bending and gripping it as Jeffery lifted the lifeless heavenly warrior up. Its limbs hung limply to its sides, its head laid low with its eyes closed.

-Jeffery smirked and tossed the archangel away like a piece of garbage. He walked over to reclaim his sword and when he picked it up Jeffery spun around with it raised to block the archangel's downward stroke. Jeffery looked the warrior in the eye, it had been playing possum, hoping to catch Jeffery off guard but it had failed miserably.

-"Nice try," Jeffery said as he put his other hand on the blade to better brace it. He then pushed up and then down, pinning the archangel's weapon and hands behind its back in a bear hug. Jeffery pressed the flat edge of his sword on the archangel's wrists while he tightened his grip. The other warrior was helpless but it gave a cocky smirk of its own.

-"A poor maneuver on your part," the archangel said, "the moment you release your grip on me, I shall strike you down."

-Jeffery's smile turned darker as he tightened the embrace even further. He twisted the sword so the blade's edge pressed into the archangel's flesh. The warrior's expression changed dramatically as it realized what was happening. Jeffery pulled the blade toward him and the archangel cried out in pain as its arms were cut through.

-The archangel's forearms fell to the ground along with the broken spear. Its bloody stubs flailed as Jeffery's blade dug into its back. It slowly cut through the archangel's armor and into its flesh. Jeffery looked into the defender's eyes as the blade severed its spinal cord and finally finished cutting the archangel completely in half. The upper torso dropped to the ground on its back, its wings weakly flapping as Jeffery placed a foot on its chest.

-"If you're the best god had to offer," Jeffery said in triumph, "I for one am not impressed."
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