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Take on the Throne

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Jeffery finally faces off against god himself, but is he any match for the creator of all existence? Is Jeffery's rage more powerful than god's will, and what does Raven have up her sleeve?

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-A dozen archangels attacked an enormous hell dragon. Compared to the beast the archangels were little more than mites but they still threw themselves at the creature. They plunged their spears into its body, turning it into a pin cushion. Blood sprayed from the wounds and the dragon roared in pain as it ripped the attackers to shreds with its talons and swallowed them whole.

-Nearly a dozen of the archangels were slain in the struggle but eventually they brought the beast down. Its lungs filled with blood and in its final death throws the creature swiped several of the surviving archangels out of the sky with its whip like tail. Having smote its enemies, the dragon dropped its heavy head to the ground and breathed its last.

-Jeffery watched the carnage with indifference. It had taken a concentrated effort of archangels, god's elite to bring down one hell dragon. In Jeffery's book that was a good trade, especially since he had nearly a dozen more beasts patrolling the skies overhead. The monolithic monsters discouraged the heavenly defenders from taking to the air, forcing them to stay on the ground where the demons could deal with them.

-All around the battle was going well. The few angels that remained were quickly losing ground to the demons thanks to Jade and her sisters. The citadel was all but empty and the way was clear for Jeffery to meet his maker. He casually cut down any foe that stepped in his path as he made his way into the large building.

-Once inside Jeffery encountered more resistance but they were no real match for him. Raven and Hellen found their way to his side and went about removing the nuisances from their master's way. Jeffery stood before the massive door inside the building. He looked over the golden designs covering the cloudy blue finish. It was lavish and showy, exactly as Jeffery had expected.

-He stepped forward and drove his fist into the over decorated doorway. The barrier shudder but did not give. Again Jeffery struck it and again it withstood the attack. He growled with irritation at the inconvenience and looked over his shoulder to see that Hellen and Raven were keeping the angels off of him. He could see that more of his forces were pushing their way into the building which meant they were winning the fight outside.

-Jeffery turned his attention back to the door. He felt the rage building in the pit of his stomach. He had conquered hell, marched it to heaven and had laid waist to god's kingdom. There was no way a stupid door was going to deny his will. If physical force wouldn't do the trick, Jeffery would have to use something else. He closed his eyes and focused on his pain, his anger, his boiling bloodthirsty rage that fueled his being.

-"You can't wrath!" Jeffery screamed. The invisible force of his fury crushed the stone around him into dust and he focused his power upon that which impeded his progress. The door blew apart under the force of his outburst, along with most of the wall. When the splinters and rubble settled Jeffery stood before a large chamber.

-Inside the large round room stood dozens of heavily armed and adorned archangels. They stood around a narrow stairway that led up to a throne on which a single man sat, a man wearing white robes and a long white beard, a man that Jeffery knew was his enemy.

-The archangels charged out at Jeffery but he did not move a muscle. When the attackers were almost upon him, Jeffery gave them a cocky smirk. His generals rushed ahead of their master to defend him, leading several dozen of his stronger demons. The two groups clashed in a loud, bloody melee. Though the elite angels were much stronger than the creatures the girls were used to fighting, Jade and her sisters still held their own.

-They clawed and cut and stabbed and bit at each other, creating a bloody mess that Jeffery calmly walked through. Any who tried to stop him were attacked by demons, allowing him to walk through the chaos untouched. He walked up the steps to meet his foe. He tightened his grip on his sword in anticipation of the kill.

-God remained seated on his throne and watched Jeffery with the harsh eyes of an old tyrant. Jeffery stood before his creator and locked eyes. Jeffery could see the anger on god's face, the rage that stirred just below the surface. Jeffery had destroyed the earth, hell and now even heaven was in ruins. It was no surprise that god was upset, and Jeffery couldn't have been happier.

-The two of them simply starred at each other, neither moving nor talking while the battle below the raged on. Jade and her sisters fought with god's personal protectors. Hellen took on three of them at once, delivering crushing blows to the smaller creatures. Kikki jumped all over the room, smacking any enemy that got within reach of her staff. Siren threw her trident and pierced the neck of one of the archangels, pinning it to the wall. She then turned and screamed a sonic blast into a group of the winged warriors.

-Scylla remained outside with the dragons but Marrow burst into the fray and ripped apart any angel she could bite down on. Jade managed to find the strongest of the bunch and duel with it one on one. Raven for her part was much less frenzied than the others. She made quick, absent minded slashes at any enemy that got too close but she was more focused on Jeffery than the battle.

-Within a few moments the fight was over. The last of heaven's defenders were dead. The screaming ruckus of the battle settled into silence as the demons and monsters looked up to their master and waited. Raven stood at the foot of the steps, Jade and the others standing right behind her.

-Jeffery extended his left hand out to the side, his fingers spread wide. His army understood the signal and immediately began to clear out. They emptied the great hall and waited outside of the building, patiently awaiting their master's return. Jade and her sisters stood at the forefront, ready to rush in should their master call for them. Jade felt something was wrong and when she looked around she realized what it was.

-"Where's Raven?" Jade asked. Her sisters looked around but were also puzzled by the human's absence. As much as they hated to admit it, Raven's place was with them, at the head of the army. Jade was about to take to the air to find her when they all got their answer.

-Raven stood just inside the citadel that their master had ordered everyone to clear out of. Simply by standing there she was disobeying the order but even that didn't bother Jade as much as the look on the human's face.

-Raven looked into Jade's eyes with the cold stare of a spider that had just caught a fly. It gave Jade a knot in her stomach and before she could decide on a course of action, Raven raised a hand and a wall erupted from the ground, sealing the entrance way to the stronghold. Jade blinked in surprised as an enormous stone shell rose from the ground to envelope the rest of the building.

-"Hellen, break through that wall!" Jade commanded as she took to the air to try and find a way in. Hellen and the rest of the army lashed out at the barrier that now separated them from their master. Hellen beat her fists against the rock until her knuckles bled but she couldn't make a scratch. Not even the hell dragons managed to crack the stone dome.

-Raven walked slowly down the hall back toward the chamber where the master and god were about to do battle. She knew that Jade and the others would not be able to break through her wall. Thought she held no ill will against them, she knew they wouldn't just sit back and let her defy the master's orders. Soon she and the master would have to come to terms. But before that happened she wanted to watch his private battle.

-She concentrated and she shimmered for a moment, and then disappeared from view completely. Not even the master would be able to see her as she was. She confidently walked into god's chamber and saw that the two of them were exactly as she had left them. God sat on his throne and Jeffery stood before him, blade in hand. The two of them stared at each other for the longest time until god broke the silence.

-"You certainly are becoming an irksome little pest," he said, his voice sounding restrained as if he were trying to control his temper. "Of all my countless creations, never before has there been an anomaly such as you. You have upset the natural order, upset my design and killed my servants. And now you dare come here in the hope of killing me."

-Jeffery saw the rage in god's eyes and he smiled, overjoyed at the irritation he had caused his god. "I'll do more than kill you, asshole," Jeffery said, "but first there's something I want to know. What's the deal with those damn voices I keep hearing in my head? Why didn't you try to hit me with them when I attacked your kingdom?"

-"Your ailment is not of my doing," god answered, "you and your abominations are beyond my power. Everything about you is not of my design; you were supposed to die when that bus hit you."

-"Oh well, fuck it," Jeffery said with a casual shrug, "Let's just kill each other." Jeffery swung his sword at god's head but the creator of the universe was too fast. He ducked under the blade and it sliced through the back of his throne.

- God sprang forward and slammed both of his fists into Jeffery's chest, sending him flying through the air and into the far wall. The sound of the impact echoed through the room and despite being hit so hard that his body was embedded in the wall Jeffery retained his grip on his sword. He fell out of the human shaped hole he had made and dropped to the ground in a heap.

-God slowly walked down the steps to Jeffery. He held out a hand and a lightning bolt formed in his grip. The struggling bolts formed into the shape of a sword. Dozens of electric strands danced about, forming and dying out as god slowly walked toward Jeffery. The static hum of the weapon added to its menace, as did the look of malevolent intent on god's face.

-Jeffery picked himself up and readied his blade. The attack had caught him by surprise but in a way he preferred a fight over an execution. God swung down at him and Jeffery raised his blade to bock the attack. The lightning blade met his own, and passed right through it and Jeffery's upper torso as well.

-Jeffery screamed in agony as the lightning passed through him. It didn't actually cut him, but the electricity wracked his nervous system with unbearable pain. He tucked his arms to his body in an instinctive attempt to protect himself. He knew that if he couldn't block the attacks, he would have to dodge them and that was much more difficult.

-God reached down, grabbed Jeffery by the neck and lifted him off the ground. He squeezed Jeffery's throat, cutting off any remarks the dark lord might make. Jeffery clutched and god's wrist but was unable to free himself. He raised his sword to strike down his enemy only to be thrown across the room and into another wall.

-"How can you hope do defeat me?" god asked as he approached Jeffery, "when I created you? I am stronger, faster and far wiser than you could ever dream of being."

-"Yeah," Jeffery said as he slowly rose again, "but I'm sadistic!" He threw out a hand full of small black balls. God held his lightning sword out in front of him and it destroyed several of the tiny orbs like a bug zapper but most of them hit their target.

-The moment the black beads touched god's skin and clothing they hatched like eggs and dozens of tiny insect creatures burrowed into his flesh. God groaned in pain as the creatures ate his their way into his body and chewed away at his insides. He closed his eyes and began to glow as he forced the parasites out of his body. One by one they dropped out of the very holes they had entered though and dropped to the ground

-Jeffery dashed forward while god was distracted and swiped at him with his sword. God managed to block the attack with his lightning sword. Jeffery was surprised just long enough for god to come around and strike him again across his right thigh. Jeffery let out another scream and stumbled away trying to put some distance between them.

-Jeffery's mind raced trying to understand why god could block but he couldn't. Lightning was lightning, it shouldn't matter who was attacking. Jeffery's eyes narrowed as he came to understand the trick. It wasn't just lightning; it was energy, and Jeffery and energy to spare.

-God brought his weapon down at Jeffery again. Jeffery raised his own to defend himself and this time it stopped the attack. God blinked in surprise and was Jeffery's turn to advantage. He slammed his shoulder into god, knocking him off balance and then kicked one of god's legs out from under him. As he fell Jeffery drove the bunt of his sword into god's face.

-When god stood back up he touched his lip and angrily spit blood onto the ground. To Jeffery's surprised god's blood was white and seemed to sparkle like liquid diamonds. It looked like the opposite of Jeffery's darkness, not that it discouraged him. If anything the fact that god could bleed pushed Jeffery even further and he launched a frenzied attack at his opponent.

-The two of them continued to battle on even ground for over an hour. Neither one of them let up for a second, both of them taking punishing damage from each other. God's robes hung in taters, stained with his blood and revealing numerous cuts all over his body.

-Jeffery wasn't faring much better. Though his wounds weren't as obvious to the naked eye all the lightning jolts to his body were taking their toll. The tingling pain from each strike lingered in his limbs and slowed him down considerably. The contest was becoming one of stamina rather than power. Both combatants were breathing hard and weakly holding their weapons as they faced each other. Jeffery decided on launching one final attack with everything he had left

-He struck at god several times, each blow being blocked. Jeffery maneuvered god over to the wall and then he put his plan into action. He turned to run and god followed him just as Jeffery had hoped. Jeffery stopped and took the hit he knew was coming. God's weapon passed through Jeffery's back and the pain nearly made him pass out, but he endured.

-Jeffery spun around swinging his sword wide and high. God tried to move away but there was a wall was on one side and a blade coming at him from the other. He couldn't back away due to his forward momentum from chasing Jeffery which meant one thing, he was trapped.

-Jeffery's blade embedded itself in the wall and for a moment time seemed to stop. Jeffery looked at the surprised expression frozen on god's face as his lifeless eyes stared back at him. After a moment god's body fell to the ground, but his head remained resting on the flat side of Jeffery's sword.

-Jeffery smiled and gently pulled his sword loose from the wall, carefully balancing the severed head. Jeffery laughed and flicked the head into the air, and batted it with the flat side of his sword. The head flew into a far wall and splattered like a pumpkin. Jeffery began to chuckle to himself and that chuckle slowly grew into a maniacal laugh as he headed for the exit.

-He made it several steps when he heard someone unsheathe two blades behind him. Jeffery let out a disappointed sigh but did not turn around. He stared straight ahead and coldly said, "And you...Raven?"
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