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I Wish You Luck

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Gerard tries to learn more about Olivia.

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Olivia laid in Gerard's arms completely content. Neither of them spoke because they knew they didn't have to. She was in love... She didn't know if that was good or not. She knew she'd never wanted or cared for anyone like she did Gerard.

"You seem like your in deep thought" She heard him say. She sat her chin on his chest and looked up at him.

"Just thinking about you" She said truthfully.

"Good thoughts or bad thoughts" he said as he played with a piece of her hair.

"Good, of course" She smiled and kissed his chest.

"Let's never leave the bed okay" He laughed.

"I agree. Let's stay right here until we head back on tour" She felt his hand on her hip and looked up to see him smiling.

"How did I miss the ballet slippers on your hip" He said touching her tattoo.

"We never stayed un dressed long enough for you to notice. You like it" She asked innocently.

"A lot" He pulled her closer against him.

"Okay what's your favorite color" She asked sitting up in bed.

"What" He laughed looking up at her. She had the sheet wrapped around her and her hair was all tousled. He wanted her all over again.

"What's your favorite color" She laughed.

"Red, what's yours" He said propping himself up on pillows.

"Hot Pink, not regular pink. Hot Pink"

"Why am I not surprised" he rolled his eyes.

"You know you are one of the strangest people I have met" He smiled when she looked upset.

"That's a good thing sugar" She smiled then. He called her sugar. She liked that.

"Favorite band" She asked him.

"Iron Maiden" He said quickly.

"Yours" he asked.

"Journey" She said happily. He shook his head

"Journeys good, didn't peg them as your favorite though".

"I'm full of surprises" She said then climbed on him.

"Can you make love to me again" She asked as she kissed his neck.

"I think I can handle that" He smiled and pushed her back on the bed.

Later that night Olivia watched as Gerard slept. She smiled then stretched. She needed to pee and grab something to drink. She grabbed his t shirt and slid it on then tip toed to the bathroom then headed toward the kitchen. She poured milk and sat on a stool. She couldn't wipe the smile off of her face. She and Gerard had spent the entire night making love, and she couldn't be happier. She popped up and looked for something to eat she was starving.

"Hungry" She heard Gerard's voice and jumped.

"Scare ya again" He laughed and walked up to her. He'd pulled up his boxers but that's it. She ran her hands up and down his chest then kissed his chin.

"I am really hungry, you hungry" She turned back to the fridge.

"Starved" she turned and looked at him. He looked starved but not for food.

"Let me re fuel first" She laughed and pulled out sandwich meat.

"How about some grilled ham and cheese sandwiches" She asked.

"Sounds great" He said taking a seat and watching her.

"So when did you get the tattoo" He asked as he watched her make their food.

"Right when I moved here. Zack, the boyfriend I moved here with, Had a friend who did it for me for free" She looked over and saw he was thinking, but she didn't know what about.

"So Zack was in the home with you? Did you love him" He asked. He knew he shouldn't pry. It was better left not knowing, but he couldn't help it.

He saw her grin a little "I loved him. He was my first love". He didn't like the guy one bit.

"You said he still lives here. Do you ever see him" He wanted to know.

"We have lunch from time to time and catch up. When he has a art showing I go. Why do you want to know. You jealous" She handed him his sandwich and sat across from him.

"No, just asking about him. That's all" He shrugged and ate.

"So you did ballet" He asked wanting to know more about her.

"Yes I did. Dancing was always my escape from the orphanage" She said wanting to change the subject.

"Tell me about the home" He asked. He really barely knew her past. He could tell she didn't want to talk about it.

"Some things are just better left alone" She said and he could see how tense she was.

"I just want to know you Olivia. I mean I told you about my drug and drinking problem. I will tell you anything you want" He said and watched as she stood up and went to the sink.

"I just don't like talking about it. Don't push me on this" She said facing a way from him. He knew he was pushing her to far. Hopefully some day she would trust him enough to tell him everything.

"Okay, I won't push this. But when your ready to tell me I'm here" He said and continued to eat.

They hadn't made love anymore that night and when he woke up the next morning he was alone. He sat up and looked around her room. She had tidied it up and his clothes were folded at the end of the bed. He pulled up his jeans and went to look for her.

She was on the back patio with coffee. She looked like she was in deep thought. He didn't know if he should go out and talk to her or not. He decided to take a shower and give her some time instead. By the time he was showered and dressed she was gone. She didn't leave a note or anything.

"Well damn" He spooked her by wanting to know so much. What the hell happened to her. Now he really wanted to know. HE had the day to himself since she was gone and so was Jade. He thought for a second and knew what he was about to do was wrong and it would piss her off but it was a risk he would take. He walked up to a little art gallery in Soho thirty minutes later. He walked in to the front door and was greeted by a young women.

"Hello I was looking for a guy name Zach. He shows here" He hoped he had the right place. The younger women smiled.

"He's up in his apartment working. Could I tell him who's here to see him" She asked.

"Yes my name is Gerard".

"Okay just take a seat" She walked over to her desk and picked up the phone.

Ten minutes later a tall lanky guy walked in. He had a flannel shirt on and jeans. His dirty blond hair was long and pulled back into a pony tail. He looked pissed that he was interrupted.

"You wanted to see me" He asked trying to hide his annoyance. Gerard knew the feeling.

"My name is Gerard and I know an old friend of yours. I wanted to see if we could talk" He saw Zach's face change. He was interested now.

"What old friend" He asked crossing his arms.

"Olivia Clark" He said and Zach smiled.

"Sure come on back" He followed the other man until they entered an office type room.

"Take a seat" Gerard sat down and didn't say a thing until Zach asked.

"So how is Liv" He said leaning against the desk.

"She's good. I was hoping you could tell me a bit about her" He saw Zach tense up then relax.

"You dating her or something" He asked.

"Yeah I am actually. And well she is pretty hard to get info out of. I ask her about the home and she tenses up and changes the subject. As A man I want to protect her from anything that happened. But I don't know what I am protecting her against" He hoped the other man understood.

"She went threw a lot. Made her a tough little thing. I only know because I was there for most of it but honestly I don't know everything. She is secretive. I just left it alone when we were together. I understand you wanting to help her, protect her. You can't protect her from memories that will never go away. It's just how it is. She's an amazing women. I loved her, still do. Your a lucky guy. The only advise I can give it to just stick by her. Even when she's trying to push you away. Just be patient with her" Zach studied Gerard. He was in love with her. He could see that as clear as day.

"I wish you luck. Brother" Zach slapped Gerard on the back as he ushered him out.

"Thanks for talking to me" Gerard said then left the gallery.

After he watched Gerard leave Zach called Olivia. "Hey hun. Look your new boyfriend was just here. Yeah he was asking questions about your past. Just look out for yourself okay. He's in deep and he wants to know you. Yeah just keep quiet. Okay talk to you soon" He hung up the phone and hoped Gerard didn't pry to much. He wouldn't like what he found.
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