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The Past is the Past

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Olivia paced the living room and thought of things she could do to distract Gerard from questioning her anymore. She was glad Zack had given her a heads up. If Gerard dug any further into her past he could see things she didn't want him to see. Her stomach fluttered at the thought. She looked threw the fridge then the freezer to see if there was anything to cook. She could make a romantic dinner for them. Jade wasn't coming back for a few more days so they could just spend those days together. She seriously needed to hit up the grocery store because the fridge was empty. She looked threw the phone book for take out and called for some Chinese. She sat at the table and waited for Gerard and the food.

Her thoughts led her back to the home and the night they told her she would be going to a new family. She was fifteen and wondered who would want a teenager. There names were Jodie and Josh Mitchel. Normal enough names. When she saw then they looked like the all American family. Jodie was a cute petite brunette, with big blue eyes and short layered hair. He was tall blond, handsome. They were in their middle to late 30's. She was a designer he was a Doctor. It seemed like she had finally lucked out. She didn't know how wrong she was.

"Hey you look all lonely sitting in the dark kitchen" Her thoughts were interrupted by Gerard's voice.

She looked up and saw him standing in the kitchen doorway. God he was beautiful, she didn't want to ever lose him.

"Sorry I was thinking. I ordered food for us. I was gonna light some candles and make it all romantic but I got lost in thought" She walked up to him and kissed him lightly on the lips.

She laced her arms behind his neck and drew him closer to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and sighed. He had wanted this all day. Just to hold her.

"We can still make it romantic. I'll light the candles, you set the table. We'll have a nice dinner. What did you order by the way" He asked breathing her in.

"Chinese" She felt him smile against her hair.

"Good choice" he laughed and kissed her head.

Twenty minutes later the candles were lit and the table was set. The food had just arrived and was nice and hot. She put the foot on the nice china to make it look even more romantic. He pulled the seat out for her she thanked him and watched him take his seat.

"This is nice, and we did it in like twenty minutes. Were pretty awesome" He said winking at her.

"I think so. So what did you do today? Sorry I disappeared" She looked up to see any sign of guilt in his eyes.

"Went to visit a friend, got some lunch with Frank, stopped by to see Jade then headed home. Where did you go?" He asked.

"Went to see Bree, I needed girl time" She smiled. She had went to see Bree, she needed to unload to her friend. Of course Bree didn't know everything, just that she'd been threw alot.

"Women and their girl time. I thought you would have wanted to spend the day together after last night" He paused.

"Did I scare you" He asked hoping he hadn't.

"No, but last night gave me alot to think about. And I mean girls have to dish about their sex lives" She laughed he shook his head grinning.

"I'm glad you had something to report".

"I didn't give to much away, don't worry" She smiled and squeezed his hand.

"I want you in my bed Olivia, every night" He said seriously.

"I want that to" She said honestly. She wanted that more than anything. She wanted to belong to him and Jade, not just be the nanny.

"It's just hard with Jade. I've never had to do this before. I don't know how to go about it" He wanted her to live with him completely. Not just be the nanny. He didn't know if it was moving to fast for her.

"Is this going to quick for you" He asked hoping she was on the same page as he was.

"No it isn't. I want you completely" She said honestly. She watched as a huge grin broke out on his face.

"I feel the same. Move to my room" Her eyes grew huge.

"We will explain things to Jade, but I want you with me" He hoped she would agree.

" Okay... okay" She smiled and jumped up and on to his lap. She gave him kisses all over his face. They would figure everything out and she would make sure her past stayed in the past.

Later that night after they'd made love she laid cuddled against his side. She was so content and happy.

"So I want you to see the footage of me of when I was strung out. I want you to know me" He said and bent her chin up so he could see her face.

"You don't have to. The past is the past" She said looking away. She didn't want him to see to much.

"I wont make you watch it. I just want you to see where I came from. How much Jade changed me" He said not understanding her. Why wouldn't she want to know him. He laid his head back and it dawned on him. If she didn't look into his past he wouldn't look in to hers. What was she hiding?

"I just think some things are just better left in the past. Let's just be here, now, in this moment okay" She looked up and smiled. He smiled back. It was okay... For now.

When Gerard was sure Olivia was asleep he went to his office and shut the door. He started up his computer and googled Olivia Clark. Random people popped up but he finally hit the money. He clicked on St. Thomas Orphanage and saw her picture pop up. She looked so young, she was adorable. Her eyes looked haunted and un happy. She was under success stories. He didn't think she'd stayed at anyone house for to long. He was pretty sure she had lived at the home until she was eighteen. He was confused. He wrote down the phone number to the home, he'd call tomorrow. He looked up and saw Olivia in the door way.

"Your up late" She said looking suspiciously at him.

"Couldn't sleep" He shrugged and exited out of the website.

"Whatcha looking up" She asked.

"Doing some research on my new comic" He said hoping she didn't suspect he was lying.

"Well come back to bed. I'm cold without you" She said with a smile. She held her hand out to him and he grabbed it.

"Sounds good" He smiled and followed her. He didn't want her to see what he was looking up. She would be upset with him, he knew that much. He got back into bed with her and pulled her against him. Her secrets were safe for another night.

Olivia laid there with Gerard at her back and knew he was looking up information on her. He wouldn't stop until he knew something. So she would tell him about the orphanage, tell him enough at least to stop his curiosity. She would not let her past ruin her future with him and Jade. It took a long time for her to finally fall asleep but when she did her sleep was laced with nightmares.
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