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Olivia tells Gerard about her past!

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"Daddy" Gerard smiled as he watched Jade run up the sidewalk. He caught her to him when she launched herself into his arms.

"I missed you baby" He said breathing her in. He'd missed her so much.

"I wuv you daddy" She said squeezing him.

"I love you too" He smiled and kissed her hair.

"Where Livy" She said sliding out of his arms.

"Inside, waiting for you. She made cookies" He smiled as she squealed and ran inside. Olivia turned and smiled when she saw the little girl run into the kitchen.

"Livy" She screamed and jumped into her open arms.

"Did you miss me" Jade ask happily.

"Of course I did. I made you cookies" She smiled when Jade jumped up and down.

"Let them cool off then we'll get milk and sit down and you can tell me and your dad how your week was" She brushed her hand over Jade's hair.

She'd missed Jade so much. She hugged the little girl one more time then watched her race over to Gerard for more kisses. They ate cookies and listened to her chat about her week with her Nanna. It was nice to just be there with both of them, Olivia thought. This is what she was risking if he knew the truth.

That night she was packing her suitcase. They were going back on tour in the morning and she couldn't be happier. She would be with her friends again and she got to watch Gerard perform. Not only that but she doubted he would have the time to check up on her. He would be to busy. She heard a light knock and turned to see Gerard standing there.

"Hey, you almost done packing" He asked walking up to her and hugging her to him.

"Just about. You tired" She asked leaning into him.

"A little, I know I wont be getting much sleep on the road" He kissed her hair then turned.

"Come up when your done" He walked out and shut the door. She smiled. She threw the rest of her things in the suitcase then ran up to his room. He was reading, already under the covers. She smiled and jumped on the bed.

"How tired are you" She ask as she began to pull his shirt over his head.

"Not to tired" He smiled and pulled her down onto him.

The next morning they got up and out without to many issues. They were greeted at the bus by everyone. Alicia jumped on Olivia and the two women started talking and walked away arm in arm. Gerard was happy to see them get along so well. Olivia needed a good friend.

"Alicia loves her to death" Mikey said slapping Gerard on the back.

"Good Olivia loves her too" Gerard smiled and watched Frank grab Jade and tickle her.

"You seemed more relaxed brother" Mikey laughed.

"I feel more relaxed. IT was a nice break" Gerard tried not to look at Mikey. He knew what his brother was thinking.

"I'm so happy that you broke your Vowl of celibacy. It shows all over your face" Mikey laughed and punched Gerard's arm.

"Shut up" Gerard said shacking his head.

"So things are going good with the two of you" Mikey asked seriously.

"Yeah things are good. I'm happy" Gerard smiled. It was the truth.

"Good, I'm glad you found her. Jade loves her to" Mikey looked over at Jade who had just jumped from Frank to Olivia.

"She loves Jade to. I see it every time there together. I just hope I can keep Krystal out of the way" Gerard didn't want to think of Krystal. She hadn't shown up anymore. He knew she'd be back, she always came back. But for now she was gone and he could breath a little better knowing.

They had made it to the first venue and the show had went smoothly. Gerard laid in his bunk and listened to the chatter going on around him. Olivia was up chatting with Alicia and Jamia and Jade had fallen asleep hours before. He opened up his notebook and looked down at the phone number he had written down days ago. HE had gotten so distracted but them leaving that he hadn't called the home yet. He needed to call soon. He'd do it tomorrow. He grabbed a pencil out of his bag and began to draw.

Olivia scooted in an hour later and found him asleep with his notebook on his chest and his pencil laying next to him. She smiled and picked up the pencil then picked up his notebook. She looked down at what he was drawing. It was Jade. She touched the picture then looked down at Gerard. He was such an amazing man. She watched him crack an eye and smile.

"You gonna stare at me or join me" He laughed and pulled her down.

"I liked watching you sleep" She smiled and kissed him. She felt him take the notebook out of her hands and sit it beside him.

"What you were drawing was beautiful" She said as he tucked her against his side.

"Jade is beautiful it's not hard to draw her" He smiled and touched her hair. It was times like this when it was hard to think she had secrets from him.

After Gerard fell asleep Olivia opened his notebook and looked down at the number written on the page before Jade's picture. She punched it into her cell phone and crept out of the bunk. She called the number and an answering machine for St. Thomas answered. She snapped the phone shut and sat it down. He was checking up on her just like she thought. He even had the homes number. She was gonna have to tell him something so he would stop. Why couldn't' he just leave it alone. She sat down on the couch and sighed. She wanted to be angry with him, but it was hard to. He just wanted to know all of her, she wanted to know all of him to. She just wished she didn't have so many demons.

The next morning she asked Alicia to watch Jade so she and Gerard could grab some breakfast. She would tell him some of the things that happened at the home, enough to hopefully stop him from digging up any more information.

"Hey Alicia said she was taking Jade this morning, that we needed some alone time" Gerard walked up and grabbed Olivia's hand.

"Yeah I wanted us to get breakfast before your interview. Is that okay" She asked hoping he didn't mind.

"Of course it is. I'll get the van and we'll head to that diner we spotted this morning" They walked towards the van and headed out. They settled into a booth and ordered their breakfast. While they waited they fell into normal conversation but Olivia wanted to change the topic to her past.

"So I know that I've been secretive with my past and I know it's frustrating you so I wanted to tell you about it" She saw that she'd caught his attention.

"Okay. I don't want you to feel like you have to tell me sugar. I want you to want to tell me" HE said seriously.

"I do want to tell you" She paused then looked out the window.

"I was a quiet little girl. I didn't talk the first year I was there. I was upset they took me away from my parents. They were bad parents but they were mine. I started imagining that my parents were good parents and that the social worker and the home were the bad people who took me away. I ran away from the home when I was twelve to find my parents. My mother was on a street corner drugged up and selling her body, and my dad was dead" She stopped for a second not knowing if she could keep going. She felt Gerard's hand on hers and she continued.

"The police found me and took me back. After that I realized my parents were the bad people. I didn't make friends easily. It was hard with everyone coming and going. I never really had foster parents. I was a problem child they said. So I was at the home always. I made a friend finally, her name was Vanessa. Her father was in a gang mother was no where to be found. She was a bit of an outcast at the home. So was I so we got along" She smiled remembering her friend.

"We became so close. We understood each other. I woke up one morning and she was gone. I begged them to tell me where she was and they told me her mother had finally showed up. She took her away from the home. From me. I was lost after that. I was fifteen and alone again. I was finally fostered by a young couple" She paused thinking about the Mitchell's then shook it off.

"I was returned six months later and by that time Zack was there. He was a year younger and an angry kid. We made friend then it turned into something more" She smiled, she watched him roll his eyes.

"Your more to me then any man, don't ever doubt that" She leaned forward to touch his face and the food came. They ate in silence for a while until he broke it.

"So you left at eighteen with Zack and that's it" He asked looking her in the eyes. He knew there was more.

"Yes and you know the rest" She smiled. She hoped he didn't read her to well. "I want to see you dance some day" He said smiling.

"Maybe you will" She smiled knowing he saw straight threw her lie.

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